Andrew Yang Officially Quits Democrat Party

One of the more prominent names in the Democrat Party, albeit also among the least successful, is leaving the party.

Failed presidential and mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is calling it quits.

Rumors have been around for weeks, but Yang made it official this week that leaving the party is “the right thing to do.”

Moving On

Yang’s quirkiness got him national headlines during the presidential election.

One of his bigger claims to fame was guaranteed income, but the gimmick never worked.

After getting his 15 minutes and leaving the presidential race, Yang took another shot, running for the Mayor of New York.

He went from immediate favorite to an also-ran within months, failing to win the Democrat nomination.

Now, in an effort to keep his name in the headlines, Yang is making another move, leaving the Democrat Party.

He stated, “Throughout my twenties I remained a staunch Democrat, though like many others I was drawn primarily to national races.

“I co-hosted a small fundraiser for John Kerry’s campaign at a bar when I was 29 – I think we raised maybe $3,000.

“I thrilled to Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 and, to a lesser extent, his re-election in 2012.

“In 2016, I donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign – everything he said struck me as true – but then voted for Hillary Clinton against Trump,”

He concluded, “And yet, I’m confident that no longer being a Democrat is the right thing.”

Yang has had zero impact on the political world, yet he stated, “Breaking up with the Democratic Party feels like the right thing to do because I believe I can have a greater impact this way.”

Other than a draw as a name for politicians, I am not sure what that impact will be.

That is actually where the most significant impact will be felt, in fundraising and his checkbook.

To me, this seems like a calculated move to keep his name in the headlines… the typical narcissistic behavior we regularly see from failed political candidates.

The DNC has not yet commented on Yang’s departure from the party.

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. I liken anyone who was a Democrat, and has the good sense to leave the party, to the Apostle Paul, who saw the light on the road to Damascus! Hurrah for Andrew Yang!

    1. But his agenda, or platform was ‘Guaranteed income’. Sounds fishy. Possibly a wolf in sheeps clothing? Become a republican, but carry this platform with him?

  2. Wont Be Missed
    NO money, NO liars, No thieves , NO abortionist will ever be missed

    In fact unless a man or woman is truly sorry and comes to Jesus Christ in repentance and ask forgiveness, confessing thier sin and being sorry for what they have done , they shall not , repeat shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven

    Bible is very clear : NO money , things, items , will ever take some one to heaven , in fact just the opposite
    Love of money will take them to hell with the sin they choose

    Sin separates mankind from God , nothing else and the love of Sin

    so Demo Rats will have to choose and pay for thier sin .

  3. Remind him, once a democrat always a democrat, the democrat party is like the Mafia, once in, always in, there is ony one way out, ask hillary!

  4. I actually liked Andrew Yang even though I consider myself a moderate republican
    He lost me though with his idea of universal income.

    Aside from that he did seem to have his head screwed on pretty good. Unlike the “Bernie Sanders”
    progressive wing of the party. I can’t believe anyone would vote those nut cases in. We need
    moderates from both parties. Not the far right religious zealots; nor the absolutely insane progressives.

  5. I never heard about A. Yang until the last presidential election and I immediately liked him, he was my favorite. Its true I didn’t pay attention what’s going on with him after he quitted from the run but as I’m not a Democrat myself, I’m glad he quit democratic party. I hope to see him in the politic again. Good luck to you Mr. Yang!!!!

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