Chris Wallace Quits Fox News

“Fox News Sunday” has dropped some bombshell announcements in the past, but this one was truly stunning and completely unexpected.

Today, Chris Wallace announced that today was his final “Fox News Sunday” show.

Wallace will be stepping away from the network to pursue other interests.


For the better part of the last two decades, Chris Wallace has greeted the nation on Sunday morning with hard-hitting interviews.

For most of that time, Wallace offered fair and tough interviews to conservatives and liberals alike.

Like many liberal journalists, that changed the moment Trump got nominated.

Since then, Wallace has turned a cheek to the many atrocities of the left while hammering conservatives.

Wallace gushed over Biden during the early days of his time in office and is just as guilty as everyone else for blatantly ignoring the stories that probably would have taken Joe Biden down during the election.

He wanted Trump out, so he helped lead that cover-up.

Wallace had been given a bit of a pass by conservatives for most of his career because he was fair, relatively speaking, but they have been out for his head for the last five years.

Well, now they have it, with Wallace announcing that he is stepping away from the network.

In signing off for the final time, Wallace stated, “After 18 years — this is my final Fox News Sunday. It is the last time — and I say this with real sadness — we will meet like this.

“Eighteen years ago, the bosses here at Fox promised me they would never interfere with a guest I booked or a question I asked and they kept that promise.

“I have been free to report to the best of my ability, to cover the stories I think are important, to hold our country’s leaders to account. It’s been a great ride.”

Wallace started with NBC News in 1975, then moved over to ABC News, where he would remain until his move to Fox News in 2003.

Rumors are already surfacing that Wallace will be moving to CNN’s streaming platform, but that is all rumor right now and has not been confirmed by Wallace or CNN.

Conservatives will likely bid Wallace good riddance and look forward to someone new greeting them on Sunday mornings that will do what Wallace initially promised to do… hold elected officials accountable.

Source: The Hill

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39 Responses

  1. Thank you God. So thank that Chris Wallace is no longer at FOX NEWS. Chris Wallace is a man with NO morals! He back’s the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT’S that are PUSHING SLAVERY! It’s a FACT the the Communist Democrat’s are indeed pushing for slavery and if you can’t see what they are doing then your just IGNORANT PEOPLE!!

  2. Good riddance! Don’t let the door slap you in the behind. Chris Wallace has been totally in on the far left agenda. It was so obvious when he monitored the debate for the election. I won’t miss him.

  3. It is a big CHRISTMAS gift to us . He should move to fake new CNN,MSNBC & ABC a longtime ago . What take you so long Vallace ????????.

  4. Hurrah!!! His hatred for Trump shone through every time he opened his mouth. CNN can have him along with the rest of the losers they employ.

  5. Good riddance. He is a typical democrat that despised Trump and did everything he could to prevent Trump from being re – elected President from not reporting the truth to twisting the truth trying to make trump look bad.

  6. It’s about time he goes. Whether or not it was his decision or that of Fox we may never know. Nevertheless, it was always evident he disliked Trump and pretended to be fair and balanced! $

  7. Thank Jesus Christ Chris is finally Gone!! He was the Worse Reporter ever. He needs to be arrested also with the Group of Globist & put in jail for life!!

  8. Hallelujah and good adios! Chris Wallace you definitely turned a cheek to the many atrocities of the left while hammering conservatives! You were not a journalist, but puppet for the democratic party.

  9. Wallace is a coward, he would never drill down on a Obama, Clinton or Biden like he has on Trump, he’s no journalist in my view, he’s just another partisan political hack for the democrat Marxist Commies in America, it’s a great day for Fox News!!

  10. Thank God he’s leaving. He was just a democratic implant to sabotage the Republican party. Now he’ll be with his buddies so he can attack Trump and the Republican party and continue to destroy America.

  11. Wonderful news, he and williams are two of the biggest pussies alive, hope he goes to cnn where nobody will watch him….. hard hitting, jornalist, I don’t thnk so, just another token jew who abandoned his “people”, and America.

  12. Even in his last weeks, he never apologized to The American People (his audience) and the Trump Administration for all his misleading messaging he delivered weekly for the past 5 Years. He never really challenged the Democrats on there Scandals. The Truth of so many of his false narratives have come to reality, and yet no apologies. This has a lot to say about a mans Character.
    Wallace will soon be remembered as a Political Hack.

  13. Glad to see him go, I liked his father Mike. Chris is such a liberal and everytime he interviewed a Republican he was rude and condesending, I will not miss him.

  14. All the corrupt and lying Democrats are jumping off lying Biden’s boat in order to save their own as is. But it’s too late for that because the American people already know who and what the guilty ones did to hurt America and its people. I personally believe that all the guilty involved in this conspiracy should be shot or put in prison at hard labor for 25 years plus everything they own should be taken away to replace all the wasted taxpayer money they have wasted on their conspiracy since Trump came into the picture. America is too great a country to let these evil bastards get away with their plan to take away our freedom .

  15. Do you remember his completely shameless handling of the First Debate? WALLACE had already shown his utter disregard for the truth prior to that. I cannot stand to even hear his voice anymore. So for me, ABOUT TIME HE LEFT! HE IS A DESPOT, USING HIS FATHER’S NAME TO GAIN HIS POSITION. I am sure his father is twisting in his grave. This will not damage Fox’s highest rating in the US, and if CNN thinks this will help them, good luck with that! I am sure he will pull a LYING TRICK, and claim to still be an honest “journalist”. He really never was, not since I saw him on TV. “GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH”! Now he can destroy CNN’s ratings and his leaving will only help Fox.

  16. Break out the champagne! GOOD RIDDANCE CHRIS! Go spread you liberal lies some where else! All I can say is: LETS Go BRANDON! LETS GO BRANDON LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  17. Chris Wallace showed his true colors and just what kind of a reporter he was during the debate between President Trump and Biden. When Wallace refused to hold Biden accountable and failed to “ask the tough questions” to Biden he lost the respect of the conservatives. All he had to do is to be a “good journalist” and he failed miserably at this.
    I’m glad he is gone as I could not stand his lies and the way he treated anyone that was not a democrate.

  18. I would think Biden would appoint him his press officer to replace the current press officer, would make fit with all the jerk’s has around him.

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