Rand Paul Shines Light on Failed Missile Strike

Over the last few days, some very disturbing reports have surfaced regarding the missile strike conducted by the United States after the Kabul attack.

We thought something was fishy when the administration would not release any names killed in the attack, but then things got much worse.

Within a few days, we knew innocent civilians had been killed, but now it appears likely no ISIS-K members were killed at all, something Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) touched in this week.

Killing Civilians

When the strike was first ordered, I had suggested it was a low-level operative simply to flip the news cycle.

However, we found reports almost immediately that the details this administration was providing were not exactly truthful.

It was then revealed that a child had been killed, as well as several members of her family.

All the while, most mainstream media outlets remained silent.

That changed this week after an extensive investigation by the New York Times.

That report revealed no evidence of a second explosion, as General Milley stated, and the reported ISIS-K planner was actually a man working to provide aid with an NGO working in the area.

Senator Rand Paul touched on all of this during a recent appearance with Laura Ingraham…

I still need someone to explain to me why this is not all over our headlines as well as creating global outrage over the fact Joe Biden may have taken out an entire innocent family.

Source: Breitbart

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23 Responses

  1. I think they have all gone MAD. They found someone they didn’t think we would find out about, and they took a family out instead to make them look good that when the 13 servicemen were taken out, they replied right away. Shameful.

  2. Comrade Joe has never done anything right in 50 years. He is an incompetent buffoon who will go down in history as the dumbest POTUS that ever lived. What a Moran!

    1. It is starting to look like Biden will go down in history as the moron who destroyed America. And I believe that’s what he wants.

      1. Sounds like a democrat plan to me, ie destroy America, like Odumma wanted to do with is “remake America” plan. The democrats seem intent on making America a 3rd world nation, rather than the greatest nation

  3. Incompetent Joe is a
    Murderer !!!
    Between the death and destruction he caused at the Southern Border and now abandoning Americans in Afghanistan to a certain death, he should be tried for treason and spend the rest of his useless life in the Federal Penitentiary.

    1. He somehow has become president without winning an election! The obscufcating of the facts does not change the truth, only allows, because of political imposition on the part of the liberal powers to place Biden illegally in the office of President. Now the entire nation is suffering, perhaps eve a slow death of the democracy.

  4. This corrupt, inhumane, disaster causing administration has completely wreaked every wonderful thing nation’s around the world admire us for. Biden is a criminal and a hoodlum in the peoples white house. How are the people standing for any of it??

  5. When Trump sent a drone to kill a top Iran general, he was loudly detested by the MSM, even called a war criminal. When Biden sends a drone to kill a US supporter and his family, crickets.

  6. Biden and Milley are war criminals guilty of killing an entire family of innocents. Both men should be tried and found guilty of war crimes.

  7. Biden is not in mental for physical condition to lead the USA. He needs to be impeached or be mature enough to step down. We as a country can not continue in this leadership.

    Thank you,

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