Rand Paul vs. Tony Fauci Ends In KO

Quadruple-vaccinated but still-positive-for-COVID Tony Fauci recently squared off against Senator Rand Paul yet again over Fauci’s COVID lies.

Fauci got absolutely embarrassed.

Rand Paul is furious that Fauci continues to push his simple opinions as science despite not having the data to back it up.

Much like many issues for liberals, Fauci is eager to control the language around the virus, defining everything that comes out of his mouth as “science.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, people trusted that word. Once we realized that’s what they’re calling their controlling baloney, we stopped buying it.

Rand Paul knows this.

He thinks all other Americans should as well.

Dr. Fauci, the government recommends everybody take a booster over age five. Are you aware of any studies that show reduction in hospitalization or death for children who take a booster?” Paul asked.

“Right now, there’s not enough data that has been accumulated, Senator Paul, to indicate that that’s the case. The — I believe that the recommendation that was made was based on the assumption that if you look at the morbidity and mortality of children within each of the age groups, you know 0 to 5, 5 to 11…”

“So there are no studies — and Americans should all know this — there are no studies on children showing a reduction in hospitalization or death with taking a booster. The only studies that were permitted, the only studies that were presented, were antibody studies. So they say if we give you a booster, you make antibodies,” Paul responded. Many scientists “would question whether or not that’s proof of efficacy of a vaccine.”

For some reason, Tony Fauci keeps forgetting that Rand Paul is a medical doctor. Tony thinks he’s talking to the average liberal voter on the streets that’s too dumb to call Tony out on his baloney.

Your run is over, Tony.

America knows you’re a liar. We don’t trust you.

Source: Breitbart

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8 Responses

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  4. Tony Fauci is just another dumb and insane liberal like Biden and the rest of his whole administration and should be locked up forever!!!!!!

  5. Oh, many Americans ar calling Tony out on his baloney. The first and most crap he told or tried to use to deceive the people was that he is Science. Does he actually know what is the meaning of science?
    “Science is the search for the truth” So how does he become the search for the truth? Another baloney told by Tony Fauci.

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