Washington State Fires Football Coach for Refusing State Vaccine Mandate

The vaccine mandates instituted by Democrats have cost yet another high-profile state employee this job.

This time, Washington State Head Coach Nick Rolovich was the casualty.

Rolovich refused to take the vaccine, reportedly for religious reasons, but he was apparently denied his exemption request.

No Jab for Me

As a state-funded university, the mandate put in place covered employees of Washington State University.

Rolovich also happens to be the highest-paid state employee, raking in about $3 million per year.

He had been the only coach in the PAC-12 not to receive the vaccine.

However, he had been wearing a mask on the sidelines during games.

Rolovich had finally seemed to get the program turned around, coming to the school two years ago after a successful run at Hawaii.

In a pandemic shortened 2020 season, Washington State had gone 1-3, but after a bit of a rocky start, emulating the 1-3 start to last season, Washington State has ripped off three consecutive wins.

The team is now 3-2 in conference play, having beaten Stanford last week, and 4-3 overall.

A veteran state trooper also made news this week after resigning with more than two decades of service for the same reason.

As more of these deadlines approach, this will be a far too common theme, especially when the military deadlines hit, all of which are fast approaching.

Source: Breitbart

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12 Responses

  1. I want to know if anyone has asked the immigrants “What are their opinion of President Biden and the job he’s doing” after all they came from Communistic Countries surely they don’t want to help make this country into what they left??????

    1. Don’t be too sure of that. They Love Biden. Come to this Country and do nothing as there is little work. Biden has gotten rid of a ton of jobs. They don’t plan on doing anything except living off the backs of Americans. This is the way its always been. Trump won’t let them in as there were not enough jobs. Biden doesn’t have a full string of fish, so anything that this Administration does is just fine with him. His string are pull and he does exactly what Obama wants done. Oh they will make it exactly what they left. Why not. No need to become a Citizen. No need to find a job. Our Immigration Laws are so lenient that they will have no trouble blending in and as long as nobody can tell where they are, they will get lost in the shuffle and the Taxpayer in the States will come out a loser no matter what. Joe Biden isn’t capable of doing anything. Someone is pulling his strings and the rest of the Administration just wants Voters even if they speak no English. even if they can’t pay for their kids nor schools, or housing. They will get it all for free off the back of the American Taxpayer. Its just like when Obama was President. This is his 3rd Term. Like it or not. This is not good for America.

  2. Your time is running out !
    My patience is wearing thin !
    I Joe will be the Overlord of peasants!
    You will obey, you will comply .refuse and the consequences will be dire !
    I screwed the American voters , your voice can’t be heard !!!
    Build back better means buy more guns
    Prince Hunter is next to sit the throne !
    He has Daddy’s approval!

    1. Look at what is happening in Australia, they have a lock down that closed every thing and it is only getting worse. after they took their guns can’t work, can’t visit anyone and can’t buy food.

  3. Total MORONS at it again, they fire our American citizens but embrace these illegals and give them anything they want without having to take the vaccine. SO STUPID BECAUSE THE LEFT DOES NOT HAVE ANY BRAINS WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!

    1. The vaccine does nothing to ward off the virus. It’s only purpose is to kill, maim and register americans. The 1st round of clotshots didn’t kill enough so they are coming up with a booster to kill off the rest. That’s why the elite WH people , the demo-rat billionaires and the new imported demo-r
      at voters are exempt from this killer.
      ME….I will never put that poison in my body!!!

  4. I think that those that can should get the vaccine, however, I am not in favor of a mandate. It is like when your kids are teenagers and you tell them they have to do something, they rebel. If the current admin had just ask and promoted the vaccine and not made it a mandate, I would guess many more would take it. It stands to reason that the more that take it, the faster we will get to herd immunity,

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