Rep. Crenshaw Writes Anti-Cancel Culture Children’s Book

Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw just did something that will probably start book-burning parties in liberal states.

Crenshaw just finished penning a children’s book.

The topic… the dangers of cancel culture.

Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame

Now, in an effort to be completely transparent and so the liberal horde does not call me a hypocrite, I am never in favor of any member of Congress or White House official penning a book while still in office.

I believe these people are paid to represent We the People, period.

If they have time on their hands, it should be spent addressing issues, not writing books to cash in on their political celebrity.

Now to the story…

Crenshaw was approached by Brave Authors to write the fourth book in a series of children’s books.

This cancel culture is getting rammed down kids’ throats in schools, so, with the frustration parents are experiencing on this front, Crenshaw saw this as a great way to address those concerns.

On the new book, Crenshaw stated, “You’ve got reach all audiences.

“Parents are increasingly frustrated by their school’s curriculum.

“They can go find left-wing progressive and woke children’s books out there.

“It’s pretty hard to find exclusively conservative-themed children’s products.”

On Brave Books, he stated, “I think the way they do it is pretty cool, using a variety of different conservative authors who write about different themes within the same sort of universe.”

One of the problems with cancel culture is that intent is rarely taken into consideration.

Far too often, people take something out of context to suit their narrative, as is now happening with Dave Chappelle, and once happened with Crenshaw himself when Pete Davidson commented about him on SNL.

Crenshaw stated, “The reason immediate forgiveness made sense in that case was because of intent.

“And intent is a really important question that I don’t know if people ask these days. Did the person intend you harm, or did they just make a really dumb joke that just didn’t land right?

“Are they being canceled and yelled at because of something they did or said that was maybe clumsy and maybe stupid—and maybe they should apologize for—but they didn’t mean any harm toward anybody?

“Cancel culture often jumps to that conclusion: that the person is intentionally bad, intentionally meant that microaggression … and it’s just not true.”

The irony in all of this is that even though Crenshaw takes a somewhat delicate approach in explaining cancel culture, the left will probably cancel him because of this book.

Source: Fox News

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    1. Our educational system is down the drain. Our young children are being “INDOCTRINATED” to hate our country. This madness has got too stop and it’s got to stop NOW!!!

  1. GOOD FOR YOU. 100% Support as have small greatgrandchildren that parents read to every night.

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