REPORT: Biden Considering Vaccine Mandates for Businesses Under 100 Employees

You would think after Democrats got their clocks cleaned during the 2021 elections, they would back off, right?

Not Joe Biden.

After getting what should have been a wake-up call, Biden is now reportedly considering MORE mandates.

Hurt Them All

OSHA just released a new workplace rule that will require vaccine and testing requirements for all businesses with more than 100 employees.

To avoid a late-year unemployment problem, he has delayed the mandate from going into effect until January 4.

There is already pushback on that front, with virtually every red state preparing to sue to block the mandate.

At last count, some 19 states were preparing or have submitted lawsuits on this front.

Even so, rumors are starting to float that Biden is about to unleash on smaller businesses, requiring a mandate in all businesses under 100 employees.

It was OHSA itself that hinted the new rule could be put in place soon.

The statement read, “OSHA is confident that employers with 100 or more employees have the administrative capacity to implement the standard’s requirements promptly, but is less confident that smaller employers can do so without undue disruption.

“OSHA needs additional time to assess the capacity of smaller employers, and is seeking comment to help the agency make that determination.”

Fox Business reportedly reached out to the administration for clarification on the timing of such a rule, but the White House did not respond.

Source: Fox Business

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40 Responses

  1. Most are intelligent enough to get the vaccines etc. Biden goes
    on and on about it etc. and it is getting old!We are not babies Joe!!
    We will do what we want to do with our bodies and you cannot
    stop us!Me? I will not take any of the shots. It is up to the individual
    as what they want to do etc. Get off the band wagon Joe. We are

    1. LETS GO BRANDON, LETS GO BRANDON, LETS GO BRANDON. Oh hell, I’ll just say it, “FU.K YOU JOE BIDEN.” That’s better

    2. Lol, ever since last Tuesday when Republicans won ALOT of elections the Democrats are totally losing their useless minds. They realize now just how bad the American people feel about them and it’s going to be an interesting next 12 months before the midterm election. I just hope they don’t distroy this country before then.

  2. This biden/harris administration must be eliminated! Not only will the courts rule against him, but the American people must voice their opposition loudly and clearly. This is not about the betterment of all – this is nothing short of an attempt to control (same with the masks).

    As for children getting the vaccine, the “science” says that there is no need for it, and it’s akin to child endangerment and abuse for anyone to follow-through on this unless there is an existing ‘medical’ reason to give them the vaccine.

  3. This is definitely Revelations 13!! Everyone read it, and take it home to the young ones!!

    1. Yes Charlene, VERY CLOSE ! No Man Knows The Day or Time of His Return, But We Shall Know the Season ! WE ARE THERE ! Jesus Christ Is The Way, The Truth, and The Life ! NO MAN Comes to The Father, Except Through The Son ! ………………. R U Ready?

    2. Not….. To understand The Book of Revelations, You MUST first understand The Book of Daniel!!! Daniel’s “gift” was the ability to “Interpret” visions & dreams. Many “things” must happen BEFORE we even reach REV 13…. Revelations is the ONLY BOOK that is written in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!!!! (with a few “in-sets” OR “commercials”). Like REV 12: 7-10….(That’s a short commercial that took place aeons ago but; will repeat itself again).

    3. Revelation means to “REVEAL”!!!! There is a “BLESSING” that comes with “UNDERSTANDING” what is written in this BOOK!!!! (REV 1:1-3).

  4. America is a free country. We call our own shots! And most of us know that this is just a power play to try to see if they can scare us enough to control us. Most Americans do not like, respect or trust biden or the dems behind him.

  5. We The People have every God given right to decide what we do with our bodies. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that gives the President or ANYONE in an office they were “elected” to the authority to mandate ANYTHING on us their employers. They need to be given the reminder that they wok for us, we do NOT work for them.
    The best reminder of this occurs at the polls on election day when they ALL are voted out of office. Civil Disobedience is NECESSARY!

  6. The globalists want everyone except the Illuminati to take the covid vax, in order to cull the population to under 1 billion people, ideally 500 million. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor is still spewing out radioactive waste products at millions of kilotons a second since March 11, 2011, and is considered an Extinction Level Event. The Illuminati and their gofers believe that the less people in the world vying for the same resources the better, which will increase the Illuminati’s chances from extinction. The gofers of the Illuminati (Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Swalwell, Roberts, Kavanaugh, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, Pope Francis, etc.) think they’re part of the Illuminati. Little do they know that they’re not and are very much expendable and on the Illuminati’s extermination list, when they’ve outlived their usefulness)

    1. Could not have said it better. Should China become the controller of our lives, the people you identify (and more) are expecting protection. Boy, are they in for a rude awakening should that happen. They will be “farmed out” to do the bidding of the nasty Chinese government leader the same as the rest of the Americans. People like Soros and his ilk may fare better. But who knows!!??

  7. So since this will be a requirement for work Does this make the Employer responsible if any side effects from vaccine shot happens and will workmans comp have to cover it

    1. The pharma compaies are not responsible, maybe you are right that the employer and workers comp is.

  8. Everyone that doesn’t want this experimental chemical (just called a vaccine) should walk off the job. SHUT AMERICA DOWN ! GUM UP THE WORKS ! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTROL OUR BODIES ! And if we all don’t work ,we don’t get paid and government doesn’t get TAXES ! STARVE THE BEAST ! And no deliveries to Whitehouse ,military bases,any government facilities-STARVE THE BEAST ! FCK biden and all the communist’s.ENOUGH ALREADY !

  9. Dictator in Chief should focus on:

  10. What he has not really considered, they tax base will be slim pickings for the federal government. Who is going to pay for all this crap. Certainly not the unemployed

  11. Food for thought : knowing and witnessing the inhumane, destructive, demonic, insane, totally hate-filled behavior
    of the democrats for years now, why would anyone in their right mind willingly accept a vaccine from these monsters, claiming” oh, we just want you to be safe from the covid 19 pandemic”. PLEASE realize what their REAL
    intent is with this “MEGA-LIE”…………….”POPULATION CONTROL”!!

    1. yes and the illegals don’t have to get the vaccinations. The 450k is a bribe for them to vote for Biden.

  12. Too many people are letting Joe off the hook be claiming he has a form of dementia and the he is just forgetting things. That is not true he knows exactly what he is doing, he is lying at every angle, he is and always has been a liar and a control freak.

  13. This senile old Sleepy Joe must really think we LIKE (NOT) wearing masks and are incompetent at getting immunized like he needs to wear diapers. The WHOLE THING turns into a FARCE (of course piloted by Dr Fallacy) because if you’ve been vaccinated…WHY the F*** do you have these stupid masks…..if you want to wear masks the rest of your life, then WHY the CRAM-JAM to get everyone vaccinated???

    ENOUGH already with your stupid mandates and orders…….At least Mr Trump left it up to the sates and individuals, as it should be….not the “reckless endangerment” the Dumbocrats are in such a horror about.

    OK Sleepy……..put away your pencil case and the red toy telephone……Little Man you’ve had a busy day
    AND YES………More people believe Dr PEPPER than Dr Fallacy

    1. Yeah, what happened to states’ rights? How can the federal government dictate mandates for either vaccines or wearing masks? I believe that is a violation of our Federal Constitution. Joey boy and his sidekick Komrad (misspelling intended) Harris are nothing more than dictators in a country that is a republic.

  14. All your comments are great & so true! My theory is that the F…ing Dems, Feebleminded Joe & Laughing hyena want to get rid of Americans! We know too much & cost too much! That’s why they’re letting in all these f…ing illegals, so they can start their own country & have ALL the power! That’s why the illegals don’t have to get the vac, we’ll all be dead in less than ten years! We know they didn’t really get the vac, only a placebo!

    1. Yeah, if only!! And Kamala’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, etc. I am Pro Life but will make exceptions in this case–after the fact!!

    2. Well, the Dems are hot on late term abortions, so can we give SloJo’s Mom a really really late term abortion? It’ll be ok, all the Dems love abortions. And it won’t really matter that his Mom won’t be there, they don’t care about Mom, they just want to kill the baby. They could pull Joe apart with forceps just like a baby, and it won’t hurt a bit, they claim babies can’t feel pain. Just think how wonderful all the Dems will feel knowing how old the baby is in this case. A world record! Just think, this could really take off! The Dems are big on letting murderers out of jail, so all we have to do is change the word “murder” in all the statutes to “abortion”. Murder is illegal, abortion isn’t, so no more jail time for the killers. Neat, huh? And it’s all legal with the changing of one word, am I a genius or what!? Don’t make a fuss thanking me, you’re quite welcome. And this close to Christmas, we could put all the parts in a freezer bag to put Joe under the tree with the other presents, this one addressed to Joe’s wife. She’ll love it.

  15. The GOP should stop talking about the Dems mistakes they made or making to running themselves out of gas. GOP should mind their own business and start campaigning hard now to take back America from the party of Steven A Douglas and John Wilkins Booth. Let them eat jelly beans.

  16. I would rehire all employees as independent contractors. Therefore OSHA cannot enforce this law!

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