REPORT: Biden Snubs Johnson Amid Afghanistan Withdrawal

Close your eyes and imagine…

You are the president of the United States and a massive withdrawal has gone completely sideways.

You are taking heat from both sides of the aisle.

Do you refuse to take the call from a top ally who can help, or do you give them a shout to see what can be worked out?

Virtually everyone here would agree you pick up the phone, but not Joe Biden.

The Snub

Reports are flying around the internet now that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was trying to reach Biden for some 36 hours to no avail.

Not only that, but there are also reports breaking that the UK was completely “in the dark” regarding the United States’ plans after Kabul fell (more than likely, this is why Johnson was calling).

The Times of London has reported that “senior [U.K.] military commanders have also not been party to key discussions between the U.S. and the Taliban, so were left in the dark about when they could be forced to pull out.”

Johnson was trying to reach Biden for roughly 36 hours, but I guess he was not aware that Joe was on vacation and not taking calls.

According to reports, Johnson reached out to Biden on Monday morning, but Biden did not get back to him until Tuesday night, after returning from Camp David…

Meanwhile, our allies have taken matters into their own hands, doing what we should have been doing days ago…

Instead, when asked about plans to put more ground forces in play to help the evacuation, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated, “We have not seen any great impediments to the safe passage that the Taliban have agreed to facilitate.

“Americans are getting through those checkpoints and they are getting onto the base — the airfield, and they are being flown out of Kabul. I won’t speak to potential future operations that may or may not be conducted.

“What I can tell you is the operation we’re conducting now, and that is to keep that airfield open and running and Americans are getting through the lines. They are getting onto planes.”

John Noonan, a national security adviser to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), is actually on the ground in the area and says that is 100 percent not true…

The dishonesty from this administration is astonishing, as is the fact every member of the media is not calling them out for it.

Joe Biden is trying to sell us rotten tomatoes and sour cream by telling us its strawberries and whipped cream.

More and more people are starting to see the deception, including media outlets, but there are still far too many people defending this man and the atrocious actions of his administration.

If this debacle is not an impeachable offense, they need to rewrite the rule book.

Sources: The Times of London, New York Post, & Washington Examiner

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18 Responses

  1. what are we waiting to get rid of the parasite of biden, harris, pelosi

    we are suffering from inertia

    accusations accusations and the old demented man with harris another do nothing parasite and pelosi
    is running the country

    all 3 running usa to the sewer

    what is usa citizens waiting we are the laugh of the world

    i am confident these comments are not going to be published !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I feel no shame but I do feel anger , mad , pissed off and many other negative emotions which I do not like . I say impeach the twig , Yes he is a twig from a tree and no more than that . Sorry twigs for putting such a low life as Bidet in with all of You.

  2. How long will it take people to realize it’s not just Biden but most of the Democrats that are against America. Know who your enemies are. They put incompetent Biden in office on purpose by cheating the election. Used him as fodder if it all blew up in their face. He’s expendable.

  3. What does it take for everybody to understand we have communist , islam collaborator , enemy of America & the world , for a fraudulently “elected” , illegitimate , career organized crime criminal , treasonous “president” ? !
    But I am sure the perpetually profoundly stupid dem. voters would STILL vote for their criminal , meanwhile , as he would cut THEIR throats too !

    1. Apparently they have different gas pumps or grocery lines, or hardware stores or dealerships or lumber yards than us that are busting our humps payin the bills these fools are running up past the moon now! 6 times past the moon to be specific! Thats laying flat not end to end!

  4. I for one am fed up with the talk talk talk and biden still desacrates our white house! Kick them all out! We’d be better off with nothin than these fools doing all they can to destroy us!

  5. they’re calling Jan an insurrection???they don’t know what one is….maybe we should really open this corrupt administrations eyeballs..then remove them, one by one!

  6. Refreshing HUH? That is what Johnson said about Biden when he “won” the election . How refreshing is it now ? Now that this empty suit has sold the free world down the road . How long are these dim wits going to stand up for this idiot anyway? Even a rat is smart enough to know when to leave a sinking ship. Guess these people aren’t as smart as a rat , just resembles them a whole lot.

  7. I’m to angry to even find words. As a military mom I’m ready to blow, this idiot called President Biden and his insane entourage( Pelosi, Schumer, not to mention Harris and the rest ) need to be impeached for selling out
    the USA. To think that we pay those creeps is even more maddening.

  8. Biden road into office on the bac of the liberal media, does anybody remember history, everyone of them lied long and loud to get this senile man elected, they hated Trump so much the left wing would do anything, even if meant carrying water for one of lowest politician, why do you think his record as a senator was never brought into light, well America what did you think would happen, that this man would suddenly grow honest, that he would instantly know right from wrong, in this case American voters got what they earned, I don’t blame Biden and his cronies I blame YOU.

  9. Why does this surprise anyone? Biden was involved with the extraction of Saigon in the mid ’70’s. He didn’t learn then and he still hasn’t learned anything. And yet people believe the lies that keep flowing from his mouth. Sadly, they don’t bother to see what is in front of them and actually listen and hear what is really going on over there. And now to think, this administration and it’s leader, Biden, want the Americans who are still there and trying to evacuate to pay $2K to get on the flight back – there are no commercial flights coming out of Kabul.

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