REPORT: Biden to Add Increased Red Tape and Fees for Oil Industry

The Biden administration is once again proving it is completely tone-deaf as to the plight of the average American.

Biden is reportedly going to make yet another move to try to buckle the oil industry.

Reuters has reported that the administration is about to introduce more red tape and fees to the oil industry that will ultimately raise prices even more.

Back on His Word

Joe Biden said he would do everything possible to lower gasoline prices.

Biden even authorized tapping into our national reserve to release 50 million barrels to increase the flow of oil, a move that has generated more criticism than praise.

That release will take about two weeks to complete because of pipeline restrictions, but what do we do after that?

This is nothing more than a limited fix, as we still have a significant decrease in supply domestically, which is a significant contributor to rising gasoline prices.

Even if we do see relief from the release of the barrels from our reserve, it will be a mere flash in the pan compared to the measures being taken by this administration to get the oil industry to buckle.

Reuters reported, “One source said the report will discuss royalties and fees that drillers are required to pay for drilling on federal land, as well as non-competitive leasing – a controversial process where leases not sold at an auction can be sold directly to interested companies during the following two years.”

If these royalties and fees are raised, those costs will be passed down to consumers.

When you consider that roughly 25 percent of our entire domestic supply is generated through federal leases, that will have a fairly significant impact on pricing.

Donald Trump had this country on the road to energy independence.

More importantly, the energy policies of the previous administration made us completely oil independent, meaning we no longer had to rely on OPEC to set the market, which is one of the reasons gasoline prices were so low during the previous administration.

A 20-gallon tank could be filled up for under $50, but today, that same tank is hitting your bank account for three figures.

In states like California, that price is significantly higher, as it could cost more than $300 to fill up a tank with premium.

Joe Biden’s America… it is not a pretty picture for the average American.

Source: Breitbart & Reuters

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20 Responses

  1. The Democrats have gone completely bananas. Even died in the wool Democrats have to believe stumbling, bumbling, joe has been left out in the rain to long.
    Bought 15 gallons of gas the other day. Cost 65 dollars.

    1. Biden either has no common sense or he is doing this deliberately to destroy the economy of our country. If that is the case then it proves he is anti-American and a pure Communist/Marxist. No one in their right mind would do this to the American people but someone who is a Communist/Marxist would.

      1. It is deliberate don’t kid yourself. This communist China Joe is making money hand over fist with all the deals he sold himself out to other countries! He could give a rat’s a** about America! The damn dumbo crats are invested heavily into electric transportation and want to sink everyone with half a brain that sees right thru their malicious acts! We can NEVER give up, we must stand and protect our country!!!


  2. This entire administration is a flat out joke. There is not one leader in this bunch of incompetent morons that realizes the impact their ridiculous policies have on each and every American, except those in power and the rich. They stole the election to destroy America. Every person that filled out a fraudulent ballot and destroyed a Trump ballot should be arrested and sent to prison. Nancy Pelosi should already be in prison for not protecting the Capital Building on Jan 6th. She alone is responsible for the Jan6 protest. Lying, rich, corrupt beyond comprehension.

    1. Yes they do realize what they are doing! They are making us pay for their criminal behavior of reckless spending.

    2. Jim we Agree to that!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNITED WE STAND !!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is ridiculous. Biden and his administration have done everything they can to hurt America. Biden’s policies are not what the people want. What a freaking disaster!

  4. This whole damn Biden administration and their radical left criminals need to be put 6 feet under and that is not under the prison.

  5. Anything Biden can do to Screw YOU and the rest of america

    Get A clue
    Wake up
    Stand up against evil biden the thief, crime leader
    more of the same failures by a idiot own has nothing but morons following him

  6. Biden is not the problem; his handlers and AOC are the power behind the throne. He’s just a bumbling old fool; reading off cue cards and teleprompters. He’s not even ALLOWED to answer press questions on his own.
    To save America in its’ traditional form; we’d have to outlaw Leftism.

  7. Time for this administration to go. At all cost. If American people can’t see that Dems are not intentionally trying to destroy our country, then they are willing party to it.

  8. biden should drop the hammer on his own head ,my his dead good for nothing brain will start to work

  9. “Joe Biden said he would do everything possible to lower gasoline prices”. If he is not lying, he has to be the stupidest person in the world. Closing down gas pipelines in America and giving his blessing to pipelines from Russia to Europe, shutting down drilling in the U.S. on Federal lands, stopped offshore drilling, stiffens regulations on American oil companies, begging OPAC to increase drilling after taking over the U.S. Presidency that had become the number one energy producer under Trump. Add that to all the other moranic things he has done as President he is the stupidest lying fraudster in history.

  10. I filled up my pickup. $72 where before is would cost me $47. Biden does not care about the average American. We had it made under Pres. Trump. 2020 election was rigged. Lets Go Brandon.

  11. Biden does not care what he is doing to the nation, for a guy who said he would unite the country he is doing a piss poor job it his is a lousy president who thinks he can do whatever he wants and no-one will care

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