REPORT: Biden to Impose Travel Restrictions with South Africa

Earlier today, we reported on a new strain of the COVID virus that has shown up in South Africa.

Immediately after the new strain was announced, numerous countries imposed travel restrictions, quarantines, and/or bans.

Even though there is no science on the new strain yet, Joe Biden will issue travel restrictions on South Africa on Monday.

What About the Science?

This may sound like something insignificant, but it could prove to be a major political problem for Joe Biden.

Democrats politicized travel bans early on during the pandemic when Trump shut down travel from China and later Europe.

When Trump issued the bans, there was not enough data to support such a move, but Trump saw the writing on the wall and made a move to block travel in the hopes of containing the spread of COVID.

When he did that, Joe Biden was one of the first to call Trump out, saying the travel ban was xenophobic and racist in nature.

Biden has just now done the same thing.

CNBC is reporting that there will be a travel ban in place on most non-US citizens entering the United States that were recently in South Africa.

Additionally, the outlet is reporting that “Biden will also reinstate travel restrictions on the entry of non-U.S. citizens from the U.K. and Brazil, where new Covid strains have emerged. The restrictions will also apply to Ireland and much of Europe.”

It was only hours ago that Dr. Fauci stated that we should not decide on any travel restrictions until we see the data on this, which we will not have for weeks, according to researchers.

So, Joe Biden is now completely disregarding the advice of Dr. Fauci to implement this travel restriction.

However, Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has backed up the move.

She stated that the agency was “putting in place this suite of measures to protect Americans and also to reduce the risk of these variants spreading and worsening the current pandemic.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki added, “We plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of Covid-19.”

To be clear, this is the right move to make, but the fact that Biden was so openly against Trump doing it just shows the hypocrisy and idiocy of Biden’s statements during the campaign.

The next time Joe Biden steps up to the podium, every question he faces should be on this new policy and his comments when Trump did the very same thing.

Source: CNBC

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24 Responses

  1. FJB !!!! I can hardly wait until election day !!!! Only then will we finally be over the covid farce !!!


  3. A travel ban is not going to make a difference when we our southern border is STILL WIDE OPEN.

    Let’s Go Brandon!!

  4. Now he should protect our borders to keep covid cases from illegals walking into the country and him fly them into different states without vaccines etc. American citizens and legal immigrants should be kept safe. Wake up Brandon!

  5. The Dems have just about destroyed America. The only way to turn this country around to support all American Citizens is by voting out every Dem and RINO in office. I love my country and I love the American citizens. The are many Black Conservative Leaders that I would love to see replace the Dems.

  6. Joe Collins, Larry Elders, & Candice Owens are just a few that I would love to see replace Dem positions. Tlaib and Ohmar need their Citizenship yanked away and returned to the country of their origin.

    1. is ohmar a legal citizen, IMO she is not, a refugee who pased as a citizen by living in America and no one qestioned her citizenship.

  7. How the Entire State of New York constantly votes in people into office who do not care one bit about the people in their state is a big question. The same is true about the people that elect Dems into office in the States of California, Washington, and Oregon is very puzzling to me.

    1. In Oregon state government is controlled politically by the Peoples Republic of Portland.
      Until that is ended we are doomed to being under that unwanted shadow.

  8. The leads on the View I consider to be FUBARS! Whoopi Goldberg needs to get her head straight along with the others on the View.

  9. The Jews of America have a known characteristic of voting Dem. They forgot about what Hitler did to the Jews. The Dems will do the same thing as Hitler did once they have full control. The Jewish people of America that Vote Dem I do not feel they are of the Jewish Faith. They are in my opinion a Disgrace to the Jewish Faith.

  10. Chuck Schumer who lost his father expects us to show empathy for him and his family. Schumer is a traitor to America and a disgrace to the Jewish Faith. Schumer and the Dems all have created the Deaths and tragedis of American Citizens by supporting Violence created by BLM and ANTIFA, including what they all did in Afghanistan.

  11. ” major political problem for Joe Biden.”
    WELL, folks, biden has had several “major political problems” and he still has not been impeached oor sued in a cort of law, SO, what’s the answer to his illegal presidency over reach? And his un-Constitutional v.p..

  12. A travel ban on people traveling from So. Africa is racist and homophobic!!!
    Xiden is going full blown racist in putting a travel ban in place, he should be ashamed!!! What a homophobic jerk.
    Joe Xiden is a communist traitor that needs to be PUT IN THE GROUND!!!!

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