REPORT: Biden Upset with Staff for Walking Back Comments

Over the last week or so, Biden staffers have had to rewrite the words that have come out of the mouth of Joe Biden.

It has been a talking point on the right since he first took office.

Reports are now surfacing that Biden is starting to tear into his staff for undermining him and feeding the narrative that he is not competent for office.

Well, Joe…

It seems as though every time Joe Biden opens his mouth without a script in front of him, those words get changed within hours, sometimes minutes, by his staffers.

This week alone, there are several walk-back campaigns taking place.

Biden’s staff has been scrambling to clean up comments on everything from Russia to gun control.

Biden is reportedly getting fed up with the “fixers” in his office, with NBC News reporting, “The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command.”

After the report came out, White House spokesman Andrew Bates tried to push back, stating, “The breathlessness of paragraphs 1 & 2 versus the denial being relegated to graph 28 tells you what you need to know about this story. And as we’ve said before, no clarifications of the President’s remarks are ever issued without his direct approval.”

Jesse Watters also covered this during a recent segment on Fox News…

The report also claimed that Biden is frustrated for not getting “credit” for the economy, but I would disagree there.

The economy is trash, and we are giving him all the credit he wants for that.

The report added that Biden is getting more and more upset with members of his own party, who he believes do not go on TV enough to defend him and the policies of this administration.

Some Democrats have already pushed back, noting that the White House has not really put a clear plan out there for anything, so they really have nothing to back, support, or explain.

It would appear that Joe Biden has not only lost the country, but now he is losing the White House.

This is an administration in complete disarray right now, and, sadly, we still have more than two years of him living in the White House.

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. Just let him HANG.himself. he’s so far list in Binden land STOP COVERING UP AND HE’LL FALL ON HIS FACE THEN ITS OVER. very sad that his own wife hates him so. Much she’s letting this fool make a bigger idiot. ITS TIME FOR JOE TO PUT HIM IN RUBBER ROOM

  2. Living proof of what a shell of a man can do when backed by the military industrial complex , the media and the DOJ .
    We were warned about this exact scenario by Eisenhower during his transition of power.
    Joe is the worst President of my life !
    His 2 term stint as Obama’s house boy has warped his memories and values !

  3. Joe and Vladimir are suffering from the same problem.
    Their bosses have the same idea.
    They are to destroy each other’s economies to make way for the new German 4th industrial revolution and the GREAT RESET of the WEF.

  4. He is very dangerous to our country in his frame of mind, should not be allowed to make any work issues
    anymore. Get them out of office before “they” totally destroy what is left of America. Can’t we do an insurrection or something to save our country?

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