REPORT: Dem Donors Want Buttigieg as the 2024 Presidential Nominee

We all know the Democrats are in trouble in 2024 if they leave the presidential ticket as is.

For that reason, Democrat donors are now starting to look for some fresh blood to put on the ticket.

Shockingly, the name that keeps coming up is Pete Buttigieg.


Buttigieg could not run a small city, let alone a country.

As our transportation secretary, he has proven that while he may be a smooth talker, he is completely incompetent.

He was so bad at his job, in fact, that amid the supply chain crisis, Buttigieg was on a leave of absence and nobody even realized it.

Even so, donors are apparently looking to Buttigieg to be the savior of the party.

Fox News’ Joe Concha, on Buttigieg possibly getting the nod in 2024, stated, “But, in the end, we know the scuttle bug is behind the scenes.

“Donors really really want people to just forget the vice president–they want him to be the nominee in 2024 at the top of the ticket.

“Because you look at the president’s poll numbers. Barely more than one-third of the country approves of this president’s performance. 28% approve of Kamala Harris.

“That is not a winning ticket. Particularly, when you see inflation and you see the supply chain crisis we just talked about and you see crime and you see the border and you see Afghanistan, and you see education where Democrats are the anti-parent party, that’s the perception.

“I wouldn’t want to defend those records right now. 

You can see Concha’s interview in the video below…

What do you guys think? How much of a chance would Buttigieg have in a presidential election?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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36 Responses

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    1. This is a scam. This is the seventh ad using the exact same wording that I have seen in the past three days. The only difference is the name of the person posting this ad and the web address to respond to. Don’t trust it! This is probably a phishing scam or some other type of scam to get your personal information. Is this person trying to use your name for illegal activities? Is it on person using numerous fake names? This scam has accellerated in frequency during the holiday season.

      1. Site REALLY NEEDS moderators to delete/block the scammers here.
        SAD thing is they must be getting bites from their efforts.

  2. that Idiot couldn’t run a Kool Aid stand let alone a country. he has NEVER done anything in his sorry worthless life.

    1. If anything we true Americans have learned in this long year is to not put any trust in a RAT. People already need to 🤮when his face or voice is seen or heard. If he runs you better get more machines in than in the 202o race because we will fight like hell to keep more scum in our government.

  3. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, the DEMACRACK’S are all raddle snake’s PRESIDENT TRUMP 2024

    1. Well, look what the Dems have put in office for now: Biden and Harris the most corrupt and incompetent people they could find and control.

    He took “paternity leave” in the middle of the supply chain crisis and NOBODY MISSED HIM!!
    What if we were facing down China and one of his/her kids came down with a cold?
    Would he just up and leave like he did during the supply chain crisis?
    WHO THE HELL KNOWS or cares????
    Sorry Pete, you need to get YOURSELF a catchy little slogan like China Joe.

  5. The left is lost and no one is looking for them
    Give me a break Buttigieg he couldn’t run a funny farm, just another phoney liberal with no hope or plan For our country bring him on
    He couldn’t beat our weakest Republican much less our best President ever Donald J Trump 2024 and the return of America!!!!
    We are with you Mr.President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Whomever the Dems put up for the presidential candidate in 2024 is guaranteed to lose unless we have a repeat of the fraudulent vote rigging they performed in 2020.

  7. Buttigieg failed miserably during the last democratic president nomination campaign. He will undoubtedly do the same in 2024.
    There is a lot of time for change between now and the next presidential election. Many possibilities will shine and fade in the meantime.


  8. I’ll probably hate myself in the morning, but here’s some help for you Dems. If you really want to win, bite the bullet and find someone named Brandon as your next presidential candidate. Biden is a senile old man, Harris will just snort and cackle, nobody can say bootedgedge twice in a row without getting tongue tied, and for obvious reasons Obama won’t make a comeback. Those are your top choices, and that’s just sad. Boo Hoo! But Y’know what? Why don’t you give the rest of us (the human ones, remember?) a break, and all of you do something constructive, like step in front of a train, or jump off a bridge, or go to the zoo and climb into the hippo enclosure? We’ll miss you for sure, but I’m sure we can get over it! So have a merry Christmas, and leave the rest of us the hell alone. Thanks. We’ll bury your trans crap and CRT with you, so you’ll always have it. We don’t need it anyway.

    1. They have already signed their fate, with FAUCI’S death poke !!!! I can hardly wait for it to take affect !!!! LMFAO !!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE VACCINATED SHEEP !!!!

  9. Nothing short of a civil war will solve OUR problems, LET’S GET IT ON !!!! FJB !!! The liberals have to be eradicated, they have brought this on themselves !!!! LOCK AND LOAD !!!!

  10. Pete Buttigieg Cant even do the job of transportation secretary and they think he can run the whole country? He’ll finish what Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Communist Party has already started and that is the destruction of the USA. The last thing for which we need is another Democratic loser running the country. They’d be better off putting Goofy or Elmer Fudd up to run for the DCP in 2024 I don’t care who they put to run for any office I will never vote for a Democrat ever again.

  11. I am from a city in Indiana not too far from South Bend where this idiot was Mayor. If anyone thinks this idiot can run a country, please check out his job as Mayor. You will change your mind quickly. I guarantee it.

  12. Check this out, you lame, liberal, do nothing Democraps:

    Donald J. Trump brings Gov Ron DeSantis into the Fold at the top, then gets Chris Christie to buy in 100%, then he gets Tulsi to join a REAL PARTY. That’s a formidable BUNCH … They can GET it DONE and Make America Great Again.

  13. YES, YES, I want him to run ! ! ! . . . I will make it that much EASIER, for our “President”, to be RE-ELECTED.

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