REPORT: FBI Leadership ‘Fired Up’ About Russia-Trump Secret Channel

As if we needed more proof that former FBI Director James Comey and his top leadership weaponized the FBI against Trump in 2016.

Again, the Sussmann trial has provided a key piece of information that proves Comey needs to be brought to justice.

Testimony during the Sussmann trial now points to FBI leadership for trying to push the link between Trump and Russia even though they knew it came from a Hillary operative.

Not an Option

If the testimony during the trial was truthful, it seems that agents were given an endpoint and then told to make it work.

In this case, they had a premise of a link between Trump and Russia, so just figure out how to make it stick.

Joe Pientka, the supervisory agent for “Crossfire Hurricane,” and FBI Special Agent Curtis Heide, revealed how excited FBI leadership was to prove the case against Trump.

In a message to Heide, Pientka stated, “People on the 7th floor to include Director are fired up about this server.

“Did you guys open a case? Reach out and put tools on?”

He added, “If not I will call Dan as Priestap says its not an option—we must do it.”

The “7th floor” is a reference to the powers that be in the FBI.

Comey, per former FBI General Counsel James Baker, was well aware the information had come from Michael Sussmann, who was working for the Clinton campaign at the time.

Now, I seem to remember Comey denying having his hands directly involved in the case while testifying under oath on the Hill, which would contradict his testimony, possibly putting Comey up for charges of also having lied under oath.

Deputy Director Andy McCabe was also aware that Sussmann was the source of the information, so he too could be looking at some possible charges here.

Baker had also testified that after “maybe a month and a half,” they knew there was nothing to the allegation, yet FISA warrants continued to be signed off on by FBI leadership.

If you question Comey’s guilt, just notice how quiet both he and McCabe have been throughout this trial when they have never had a problem making comments about the matter.

This is literally the weaponization of the FBI to take out a presidential candidate on false pretense, and Durham better make them all accountable for their actions.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

    1. Purge? Shut down the whole pack of treasonous traitors. Time to clean that rotting pest infested White House and start at the very top position.

  1. Hopefully, COMEY will chirp like a CANARY, and they all fall down.

    1. Comey is such an egomaniac he’d never “sing”, nor admit any wrongdoing!

      Whilst naming names, don’t forget, ol’ “Fly Under The Radar, Rod Rosenstein”, who uncannily dodges certainly being in cahoots with that heaping group of EVIL SLIME.

  2. They say all these people are guilty but, no one ever goes to jail! Clinton, Comey McCabe will probably never see jail time! But if it was you & me, we would already be in prison!

  3. I wonder if anything will happen to all of the clowns who were so hate-filled that they totally disregarded our Constitution and the law to go after Trump. We have sat furiously by for years knowing what happened but knew that the lamestream media was in on this who scam and never divulged any of the evidence to their viewers. It is time to get the truth out and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe then, we can return to some sort of truthful reporting and accountability. Prison is essential for all who participated in this nation dividing scheme and divisive act.


  5. I knew that was all put together for Hillary’s sake. So I will not feel sorry for any of them as they stand on the firing line. I would like to know how much Hillary paid for Comey to turn his head and look the other way. I remember him standing there professing her innocence or that it wasn’t severe enough to arrest her. Makes me sick! Now we not only need to get in office but we need to clean house on the FBI!

  6. were is my comments about these illegal comey,mccabe, hillery and sussman. jail time for them all.

  7. All the people that investigate he clinton or foundation usually end up dead. veryone needs to think about that.
    The government either doesn’t want to or haven’t hug up enought dirt to answer that question.

  8. Why NOT biden and his group of liars , cheets, thieves, criminals

    well , pay to play , MONEY solves all
    and when you and the mobster leaders work for the same group , TLC , WHO, WEF < devo club , black eye club

    this is what happens , one sided law
    not true law , NO justice

    just flat crimes against humanity

    and the all love their money , control , Extortion friends

    1. 💯 correct. The corruption in this government is just unbelievable, any normal human being that did this would’ve been prosecuted along time ago and put in prison for life!

  9. Yup, the biased reCAPTCHA censors are at it again. My comment is being blocked by the biased fraudsters.

  10. “This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.” This means the liberal biased censors are at work controlling what opinions are posted.

  11. Does this really surprise anyone? The top levels of the FBI were up to their eyeballs in the whole mess. That would include the acting AG at the time, Rosenstein. They should all be held accountable for their illicit actions. But, I doubt anything will happen. They lied to Congress, they would surely lie in court as well.

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