REPORT: FBI Raids Apartment of PV Founder James O’Keefe

Several days ago, it was reported that the FBI had raided the offices of Project Veritas (PV), as well as the homes of several of its journalists.

The FIB was reportedly looking for information related to the disappearance of the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter.

Reports broke late last night that investigation has continued, with the home of James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, being raided during the early morning hours.

Weaponizing the FBI

Project Veritas is a news agency, whether the DOJ wants to admit it or not.

As long as the organization did not steal the diary itself, it did nothing wrong here.

Secondly, why is the FBI involved in a case about a stolen diary?

Not only is the FBI involved, but it is also being extremely aggressive in this investigation.

To that point, an early morning raid was scheduled at the home of James O’Keefe only two days after the company’s office and other journalists’ homes were raided.

One neighbor described it, stating, “They asked for James.

“I thought they were banging on my door. I opened the door.

“They told me to close the door and I closed the door.

“That’s exactly what happened. It was still dark.”

It appears as though they are trying to pin the theft of the diary on PV, but the diary itself was never published because O’Keefe was unable to authenticate it.

O’Keefe stated, “Now, Ms. Biden’s father’s Department of Justice, specifically the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, appears to be investigating the situation, claiming the diary was stolen.

“We don’t know if it was but it begs the question.

“In what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the President’s FBI and his Department of Justice? A diary?”

The diary has some rather disturbing passages that would destroy Joe Biden if they are true, but as stated above, PV could not authentic the diary, so it never published the book.

The investigation was initially opened by Bill Barr at the request of the Biden family, which is yet another reason to dislike Barr.

This was clearly a political favor being done over a diary… a diary! Can any of you imagine calling up the FBI and asking them to investigate the disappearance of your child’s diary?

You would probably still be hearing the FBI laugh at you.

Source: New York Post

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39 Responses

  1. Obama’s weaponizing of federal departments against American citizens is continuing. Must be Dem policy.

    1. The FBI have become a criminal organization. This Administration and all of the Federal Agencies are corrupt. They no longer serve the people, they serve themselves. FU.K YOU JOE BIDEN. I HOPE YOU DIE VERY SOON. God Bless America….

      1. If they took anything other than the diary authorized in the warrent sue the hell out of the FBI and esspecially the individuals involved. One lossin court for a bunch of money and the ground troops will soon gain a good understanding and following of the constitution. Also what crooked judge signed this.

      2. Lol, it was so cool. Now mind you I live in California, in the Palm Springs area and NO, I am not one of those funny boys that go too Pride parades, I’m normal. Anyway as I was driving I saw this pickup truck at this gas station with a FLAG that SAID “FU.K BIDEN.” I’m telling you, the vast majority of CITIZENS here are turning Red.

    2. This is political intimidation of Americans and freedom of speech and we all should be in an uproar and letting this tyrannical government know where we stand. Knowing Project Veritas and O’Keefe they/he did their investigation legally. This bullying of American citizens, like what happened to the Jan. 6th victims, and I call them victims, has got to stop. Biden and his thugs are out of control.

  2. Maybe all Americans should call the fbi & tell them we’ve got a million illegal aliens running around our country and to deport them. At least they could earn they pay doing something good for the American People.
    FJB !!

  3. To have the FBI search people’s home for the illegal presidents daughters diary is really telling us something very terrible was done to her. My oh my would that be a big surprise?

  4. lets see, you have isis out there, there is antifa and blm rioting and burning buildings, they just found a church out there that was making bombs ( I will not say what church but there not from this country) you have dems stealing elections. it seems to me that there are more important things they should be doing. the fbi has become the dems special police force and it needs to stop, you have to get rid of all the top players. have to go now fbi is knocking on door.

  5. Time to dismantle all the federal agencies and start from a sound foundation of integrity under constitutional letter of law not dress wearing Hoover’s and political pundits

  6. The FBI needs to be raided!!!! They have a bunch of stuff. Hunter’s laptop for starters!!!!

    1. The FBI is supposedly made up of some of the best and brightest people our country produces. Yet all that participated in these raids to find the diary broke the law and broke the oath they swore. Regardless of party affiliation or personal feelings these agents rejected their responsibility to preserve and protect. According to the rules set by the FBI and each agents oath, regardless of their rank, those participating were obligated to refuse to participate in these raids and to report those who gave them the orders. Those FBI agents who participated broke the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution of The United States of America. All of them have lost the privilege to preserve and protect and must be investigated and prosecuted along with whoever gave the orders. Unfortunately, the FBI has demonstrated that they are now operating more like the Soviet KJB than the honored law enforcement agency that they claim to be. There actions are not a blemish on the record of the FBI, but an indelible stain!

  7. When the Crime leaders lead , all the law s are off , only when convienent

    Justice is same law for all , same standard for all , start with the idiots Team of fools , then go to the crime familys in the house , then you have room to go to america

    Justice will come from God , True God, Holy God , and then there is no place to hide

    Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven , no other way , and then all left behind for not believing in the payment for sin, and damnation will have to pay for thier own sin.
    Choice : heaven or Hell , God or Eternal Separation , Godless will suffer
    Join the Goal ,

    Axe the Vax

    Join the walk out

  8. There must be some terribly damaging stuff to biden in that diary. No agency in our government should be so politicized that they would target anyone without actual and credible information. The dems are dangerous to America.

  9. Someone with enough money needs to file a lawsuit against the DOJ and FBI. It would appear no laws were broken so what business does the FBI have in raiding a private citizens home. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Out government agencies are beginning to act like the Nazi SS.

  10. I’m sorry that all this is happening and there is not a darn thing we can do to stop this. At least in the short term. For the long term every one of the 13 RINO’s that voted in favor of this bill should lose their jobs. Quickly as we can get it done.

  11. This is disgusting using the FBI to look for a dairy, going after parents because they don’t like to garbage the schools are teaching, what is next looking cross eyed at the administration sure glad the FBI is being used for such terrible crimes


  13. Typical Biden pulling strings as he thinks is is our ruler, not a president. The FBI agents and the SAC should all be terminated, as they should know that what they are doing is NOT proper.

  14. Obviously incriminating evidence in said diary. I hope whoever has it uses it to the best advantage of the American people.

  15. BARR BETRAYED EVERYONE IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BY REFUSING TO DEPOLITICIZE THE 7TH FLOOR OF THE FBI! WE KNEW IT AT THE TIME, HE WAS A BUSH JR RINO! “No evidence” of voter fraud, yet every election audit has shown THERE WAS FRAUD, AND WE CONTINUE TO SEE FRAUD! The corrupt Pelosi nephew, NEWSOM, defeated his recall by USING “MAIL IN BALLOTS”, WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS “ABSENTEE BALLOTS”! If we allow the Feds to take over the election process, we will never have a fair vote again! The FBI are the DEMS “political police” and the DOJ wants to make all “AMERICA FIRST” supporters and concerned parents “INSURGENTS” AND “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”! Meanwhile, demonstrators who were arrested on Jan 6th are still being held, without access being given to their defense lawyers to evidence the government has that could clear them! AMERICA HAS BECOME A DICTATORSHIP, AS “MANDATES” ARE DECREED BY BIDEN WITHOUT GOING THROUGH CONGRESS, BLOCKED OUR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS OF THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL VOTE! I LIVE IN Taiwan, a dangerous place to live, but I have no desire to return to an America which is under totalitarian rule, with every Federal Agency, even the CDC and OSHA used to demand UNCONSTITUTIONAL OBEDIENCE FROM THE PEOPLE! I have no plan or desire to die here in Taiwan, so I am looking at other places to go! Like Czechoslovakia when the Nazis invaded, BIDEN will allow the democratic, independent nation of Taiwan to be sacrificed, “for the greater good”! YOU ALL HAD BETTER BE AWARE THAT 60% OF THE WORLD’S HIGH END CHIPS, FOR YOUR PHONES, COMPUTERS AND CARS COME FROM TAIWAN! BIDEN WILL BE GIVING THAT TO CHINA! I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THAT!

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