REPORT: Kamala Staffers Don’t Want to be Labeled ‘Harris Person’

Over the last few weeks, numerous staffers have left Kamala Harris’ office.

This has happened amid declining polling as reports of an office in utter chaos.

The White House continues to deny any problems, but Harris staffers are telling a far different story behind the scenes.

Don’t Label Me

When politicians are crashing and burning, it is not uncommon for staffers to abandon ship.

After all, they have the rest of their careers to protect and they cannot be associated with a complete failure.

By quitting, they can claim their advice was ignored or a score of other reasons as to why they left, but they need to show they were not part of the disastrous policies that led to the downfall.

It now appears that is what is happening in Harris’ office.

A new Axios report claims that staffers are bailing now because they don’t want to be labeled as a “Harris person” in the future.

Fox News Peter Doocy hit Psaki on this during the most recent press conference.

Psaki tried to play all this down, stating, “Working in the first year of a White House is exciting and rewarding but it’s also grueling and exhausting.

“If you look at past precedent, it’s natural for staffers who have thrown their heart and soul into a job to be ready to move on to a new challenge after a few years and that is applicable to many of these individuals.

“It’s also an opportunity as it is in any White House to bring in new faces, new voices and new perspectives.”

We cannot help but look back at the media and Democrat spin when Trump staffers were leaving during the first year, as they all claimed the ship was going down, but now that Dems have the Oval Office, the spin is entirely different.

That is hardly the story coming from sources inside Harris’ office,

One source stated, “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment.

“It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated.

“It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like shit.”

I cannot wait to see the books that come out regarding Harris and this administration.

Something tells me the Trump books will read like a child’s bedtime story compared to the horrors of working under Harris.

Sources: Daily Caller, New York Post, & Fox News

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16 Responses

    1. The ONLY thing that Kamala knows how to do is to be on her knees with her mouth open yelling “NEXT!!!”

      1. I think you are on to something
        It is truly ashame to see what is going on
        These people are the best thing that shows you elections are important and when you put these kind of people in office our very survival of our country is at stake

  1. They did not abandon ship! They just changed lane until election tie and then guess who is back as a Dem? Don’t believe them at their word because they lie!

  2. What are the odds that the cabinet uses the 25th amendment to retire Biden. I believe Harris will sign on to that

  3. Beyond incompentent harris is Constitutionally ineligible to be pres., or, v-pres. Neither of her parents were American citizens, she is NOT a Natural Born citien, as are several others seeking the top job, Like kaley, jindal, rubio, cruz and others, America is being “communisted” by failure of the democrats to follow the Constitution..

  4. Of course the democrats will put a spin on it but is is very telling of what is going on in this administration

  5. No one likes Harris and hardly anyone likes Biden. I can’t imagine that anyone likes Pelosi and Schumer. So these are the people that our country have elected to run things. Pitiful. Where have we gone wrong? Obviously, it is in electing career politicians.

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