REPORT: Marine Commanders Copy and Pasting Religious Exemption Rejections

Religious exemptions have been few and far between for service members.

Even though every case is supposed to be weighed upon its own merits, that does not appear to be happening.

Breitbart is now reporting that Marine Corps commanders have been caught simply copying and pasting denials, a clear violation of the spirit of the directive.

Blanket ‘No’

Each and every exemption request is supposed to be decided upon its own merits.

It appears, however, that instead of considering each request, they are just getting denied, with a form letter being sent out for the rejection.

Mike Berry, general counsel for First Liberty and Marine reservist, stated, “They’re all identical, every single one of them.

“It’s evidence that they’re not evaluating them on an individual basis, which is what the regulations and federal law require, and it’s like somebody just issued a template, and they’re just rubber-stamping them.

“These don’t address the specific circumstances of their request.”

Now, there is nothing wrong with using a form letter as a base, but the fact that the specifics of each request are not being noted is a problem.

Per the Marine Corps policy on vaccines, “The burden of proof is placed upon the Marine Corps, not the individual requesting the exemption” and that “commanders making final determinations on requests will consider, with appropriate annotation on the determination, the elements of mission accomplishment that form the basis of the compelling governmental interest.”

If further states, “Each request for religious accommodation must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to the full range of facts and circumstances relevant to the specific request. It is essential that commanders articulate the factual basis underlying their decision.”

Breitbart pointed to two examples, one being a Marine worried about infertility and another citing deep religious beliefs, with both having been sent the same exact letter save the date, the Marines name, and the signing officer.

This more or less confirms most of our suspicions that barring medical exemption, this administration will force the jab or kick them out.

Based on the low number of religious exemptions, with at least one branch not having approved any religious exemptions, this seems to be a shadow policy denying our troops even the consideration of a religious exemption.

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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18 Responses

  1. Our country is falling apart and there is not one Federal Agency or military leader doing anything about it or speaking out. I am a Former Marine, Vietnam Veteran and I am SO HAPPY to be the age that I am today. I have 6, yes 6 Great Grandkids and its them who I feel sorry for. Unless something happens this country is doomed and we will have the Democrats to thank for that.

    1. your right ,i really think the commies in the white house want alot of us dead a marind v.n.68-69 india 3/4 0331

  2. Who is overseeing the Pentagon? Why are they able to get away with such tactics without any oversight? Who is in charge? I would like to have names.

  3. This is disgusting, our troops are protecting the SOB so-called President and he won’t honor their wishes. I ditto “Michel fears and feelings regarding my 10 Grandgrand Kids. Hopefully, things will change soon and we won’t worry as much.
    P.S. I had the great opportunity to serve with General Le May as well as work directly with President Kennedy when
    he gave his famous speech in Berlin, just six months before he died.
    The entire political scene is way out of control at this point and I pray for all that have to live thru it.

  4. What a slap in the face for the Marines, but I feel it is wrong to. kick someone out for not getting a shot, since all of this is caused by a president who does not know what is going on is an other black mark against the Biden administration and sending out the same form letter to each request is just plain laziness glad they have been caught

  5. Here it is a holes, restart the draft, the volunteers are gone after watching you.
    I am a former marine , the one thing I could count on was every marine would do what he could for me.
    That s over now, we will get you first

  6. Right at the moment we face some of the most compelling reasons to build unity in our military, BIDEN launches a “PURGE” of all military members to take a “vow of obedience” to him, personally! DRIVING EFFORTS TO PUSH DIVISION AND DEMORALIZE OUR TROOPS IS TREASON! Meanwhile, despite a vow to sue the Administration over the “VAX MANDATE”, the GOP Party Chair, MCDANIELS has shown no evidence that she has filed, and refuses to return phone calls to her office requesting the status! SCOTUS is FAILING IN THEIR DUTY TO STEP IN AND STOP THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL OVER REACH OF POWER BY A PRESIDENT, ONE THAT NO OTHER DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS ATTEMPTED! LIVES AND CAREERS ARE BEING DESTROYED AND THEY STILL REMAIN INACTIVE, WHILE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF MILLIONS ARE ABUSED! THIS OVER REACH WILL EVENTUALLY BE DEFEATED IN COURT, AND WE ARE SEEING RESISTANCE IN SEVERAL STATES BUT THE DAMAGE BEING DONE TO OUR MILITARY IS CRIMINAL!

  7. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) dictates the rules.
    Even for Gen-Xers!
    If a person can not follow orders, they are better off being civilians.
    And the organization is better off without them.

  8. Sad that the military commanders under Obama stopped being Dedicated Americans, protecting this once great nation and our constitution.

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