REPORT: Marines Will Be Kicked Out for Refusing Vaccine

The deadline for active-duty and reserve Marines to take the jab is quickly approaching.

Active Marines must be fully vaccinated by November 28 and reservists must be vaccinated by December 28.

All of them have been informed that if they do not meet that deadline, they will be booted from the service.

You’re Done!

The order for the vaccine is considered a direct order, so anyone disobeying it will be disciplined, according to a message posted by the Marine Administrative Message (MARAADMIN).

It reads:

“Marines refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, absent an approved administrative or medical exemption, religious accommodation, or pending appeal shall be processed for administrative separation [in accordance with] this MARADMIN and supporting references.

“General Court-Martial Convening Authorities (GCMCA) retain authority to take any additional adverse administrative or disciplinary action they deem appropriate.”

Exemptions can be requested for administrative, medical, or religious reasons.

So far, the Marines have not given any religious exemptions.

As we have seen in other branches, Marines awaiting a decision on their exemption or those that have not been vaccinated are now considered undeployable.

As we saw with the Navy recently, the Marines may try “recoupment of any unearned special or incentive pays and advance educational assistance.”

Currently, eight percent of Marines have not taken the jab, and 17 percent were not fully vaccinated.

If the former number holds true, there will be roughly 23,000 Marines kicked out of the service, possibly with a dishonorable discharge, which would utterly destroy their lives.

This is Joe Biden’s America… digest that.

Source: Breitbart

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42 Responses

    1. It is horrific that this White House Administration, is making the people that protect this country, will not be given the respect to make a decision about their own bodies with the vaccine. This is also the Administration saying “my body my choice”. Women should have the right to make a decision on abortion BUT NOT THE VACCINE…

      1. and murderers babies body is the one torn apart thats horrific women walk away to do it again but all will stand before the judgement seat of CHRIST better not vote democrat christian or you’ll be partaker of their evil deed just as guilty as them.

    2. The armed forces mandate to force our men at arms to take unproven vaccines into their bodies is illegal, unconstitutional, un-American and inhuman. To enforce this illegal order and to discharge American Patriots and heroes from their service also depletes our countries ability to defend our country. If you even have a vague understanding of the Constitution… defense of the nation is a primary responsibility of the federal government! To knowingly limit the ability of our armed forces to defend us is treason abd those responsible for this order are so guilty. Also, officers under those officials who carry out these orders are also guilty of treason as it is, under the Military Codes, their responsibility to not follow those orders and to bring the appropriate charges against those ordering them to carry these order out.

      1. This whole thing is disgusting! When will people
        wake up to the fact that persons want to bring down the United
        States and having control over our bodies and voting rights is just the start.

    3. Screw General Mckenzie and all the rest. U have to have unity and teamwork to be a cohesive team, not diversity, fire all top military leaders who are for diversity.

    4. not like it was years ago, now they side with the left, freaking idiots. biden should just crawl in a hole and, you know.

    5. You have to remember who the Commander in Chief is. Joe Biden he’s the one forcing the jab wonder how much he and the Democratic communist party are making off of this here?

    6. I realize times may have changed. When my Marine unit shipped out for Vietnam we were given vaccinations regardless of preference (medical exceptions I suppose). The reason for the vaccinations needs little or no explanation. Imagine Covid sweeping through a combat unit. Enough said.

  1. Looks like those wonderful Marxist (government) is also getting their way in leaving us true Americans without our servicemen to protect America which is what they want. When are we going to stand up to these idiots.?

  2. Biden and his insane administration is leaving the American people totally at the mercy of foreign intruders.. Time to kick these crazy dictators out.

  3. I thought the Marines still had sound leadership. I was incorrect.
    The real Marines must have retired.
    From a Vietnam veteran.

  4. It’s amazing to me how many people either fail to recognize or completely forgot shot requirements to enter the public school system. Because of those old mandates diseases like polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria and others have been eradicated in our western culture. Think about this for a moment and ask yourself: Is that what the Taliban want? I think NOT! Wake up generation X and others like the millennials or you may not reach 50!

  5. It’s time for Christian America to corporately pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked way; then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land!
    Blessings! $

    1. I completely agree. I don’t believe in a theocratic government, but I believe if we Christians and Jews heed 2 Chronicles 7:14, G*d will keep His promise.


  6. Looks like there is a drastic need for better leadership in the pentagon for our troops. I am shocked that the Marine Corp would do such a dastardly thing to our boys and girls in the corp!

  7. Those who refuse have every right to refuse! They should not be given a dishonorable discharge!!!
    What will the top military officers and the president do when the vaccinated have disabilities and health problems from taking it?
    This is wrong on several reasons and every military person who has future problems from taking it should be able to sue Biden personally since they can’t sue the Pharmaceutical Companies. They are using the military and private citizens as guinea pigs for a vaccine that no one knows all the adverse reactions to.

  8. being 72 years old and living in america when it was america…………i have no words…….the squatter needs to be thrown out……impeachment is to good for this creep………send this whole administration to a commie country and let them thrive there with all the millions they have taken from hard working Americans

  9. This is General Silly Milley, Beijing Biden, Osama Binbama and George “the Devil himself” Soros’s plan to weaken the US. They are all compromised and beholding to the CCP.

  10. The acting CoC must be courts martialed as the civilian “leader” of the military. This: “If the former number holds true, there will be roughly 23,000 Marines kicked out of the service, possibly with a dishonorable discharge, which would utterly destroy their lives.” is BS! But, on the bright side it will give trained mercenary/soldiers of fortune support to the upcoming revolution, and subsequent cleansing of the federal government…….

  11. What a lot of bs, I am a retired Air Force veteran and if this type of garbage came out while I was on active duty I would have left the service. I always thought that the US military’s job was to defend the country, not cave in this the crap that the left is trying to cram down our throats, this is disgusting.

  12. If all these mandates are unconstitutional where are all the law suits that should be filed. And where in the Hell is the Supreme Court? Can’t they step in and stop this?

  13. This is bull++++ the military put their lives on the line for Americans and this is how the Biden administration repays them! This is completely wrong.

  14. When Biden mandates Congress members and their staff along with illegal immigrants invading our borders and all employees of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson who are exempt then Marines should follow lawful orders! Until then Biden can JSTFU!!!😷😡🇺🇸

  15. This stolen administration is blatantly flaunting treason in our faces. Number 1 the shot they are calling a vaccine is not a vaccine at all. This virus that has a 99.6 recovery rate is not the real problem, according to hundreds if not thousands of medical scientists around the world the jab is the real problem. Some are estimating many millions that have taken the jab will be wiped out due to kidney failure, heart failure, respiratory failure. Each additional jab they create will lessen your chances for survival. Yes our military is complicit.
    These are the smart, brave men that choose to be among those sheep that follow.

  16. Biden has broke every law in this country I know to mandate that I am Marines get the job or else is unconstitutional. They put their life on the line for us to save our country and all Biden‘s doing is ruining it he’s not here to protect the United States I don’t think he knows what the Frick he’s doing.!! We should all have a choice and we don’t know down the line what these facts are going to do to us . I do not trust the government and I will not choose to take a shot just because they say so. God bless everyone who has protected the United States and continue to stand up for your rights

  17. It seems that Marines do not fall under the rules as set forth in the constitution, just because some gutless officers want to please this worthless Commander and chief, they want to trash the rights these marines have as US Citizens. An article published yeasterday made it clear that the vaccine will increase the possibility of getting incureable cancer and other health compromising illnesses within 2 years of getting the vaccine. so you cowards, respect the constitutional rights of the members of the Marine who refuse to get vaccinated , the whole story sounds like cowardly officers stepping on the rights of the individual marines by threatening them with dishonorable discharges and other punishment if they refuse to take those politically forced vaccinations sanctioned by the imbecile in the White House

  18. Replace those stubborn “Jar Heads” with real people, like political “Deep State swamp creatures, Democrats, Bureau crats, invaders cross dressers and other empty suites, and protect Americans from that pesky Constitution.

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