REPORT: Milley Downplayed George Floyd Riots to Trump

General Milley is already under fire for his phone calls to China, and he is about to get hit again.

According to Woodward’s new book, “Peril,” Milley also downplayed the George Floyd riots.

Milley reportedly told Trump they were nothing more than “penny-packed protests,” even though many cities across the country were literally on fire from the rioters.

Now We Know

Several days ago, reports surfaced that Milley was making backchannel calls to China during the waning days of the Trump presidency.

Considering China was not even on our radar at the time in terms of a strike, we have to wonder why Milley even felt the need to pick up the phone.

Regardless, Milley made the calls and now he is defending his actions, stating that the calls were “perfectly within the duties and responsibilities” of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

More details from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s “Peril” have been leaked, and there was yet another bombshell in there for Milley.

As Trump questioned whether rioters were “burning America down, Milley allegedly responded, “Mr. President, they are not burning it down.

He added, “They used spray paint, Mr. President, that’s not an insurrection.”

Milley additionally told him, according to the book, “We’re a country of 330 million people. You’ve got these penny packet protests.”

The timing of the conversation was not made clear in the report, but we all saw how quickly those riots got out of control right out of the gate.

And, don’t forget, Milley also made this statement regarding Lafayette Park…

Milley’s tune completely changed when it came to conservative protesters on January 6, stating that the breach at the Capitol “was indeed a coup attempt and nothing less than ‘treason.’”

During that time, Milley felt Trump had crossed over to the dark side, believing he was looking for his “Reichstag moment.”

If you watched the video above, you heard Milley talking about not mixing politics with the military, yet his actions and words sound very much like Democrat talking points.

To me, Milley clearly had an agenda, seemingly one that he worked out with House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) toward the end of Trump’s term.

Source: New York Post

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35 Responses

  1. He should be put into Leavenworth with the rest of the Joint Chiefs and Pelosi – RIGHT NOW! Determination of execution would be then made through military courts martial. I found guilty he should be hubg.

  2. What is Milley’s military record? Did he ever lead troops in battle. He is no warrior. He got to the top by kissing axx, And he is a crypto-communist.

  3. Milley was just an all around worthless , LIBERAL piece of SH!T !!! It’s a disgrace to see such a degenerate snake wearing that uniform .

    1. I am on YOUR side, Bob. The entire nation should think the same way you do……do not hire a leftist to do anything but eat, drink, and whine, not to mention trying to destroy the USA.

      1. You are so right!! I cannot believe anyone is stupid enough to support this administration. They do nothing but lie about everything. Why do you Liberals not see this??? Our country is being mandated right into Communism.

  4. What about Nancy Pelosi? She’s the one that called Milley in the 1st place. Talk about treason, she’s high on the list.

    1. Milley: “They used spray paint, NANCY, that’s not an insurrection.”
      They should have had this conversation after the Jan. 6 protest.

  5. He states that Jan 6th riot was a coup to take over the government but yet, the only riots that affected the way our government operates are BLM and Antifa. The riots did property damage, hurt people, and bullied our police force to the point of eliminating protections in communities everywhere. Especially promoting violence against police officers. I would think this would be of concern to our politicians if they want law and order to prevail. Milley is like most Democrats leaders concerned with foreign relations instead of American interest. If he made this phone call then it was out of his delusional perception of the situation. So, now we all know the man is the delusional adviser to Biden and that is why we see this horrible decision made on the withdrawal of Afghanistan.

  6. Google never allows truth to be posted. Who ever is looking at Milley actions need only to look at what he said about Trump, what he told Trump and his actions about Jan. 6. He projected what he was – a trader, lier, and a real treat to our great nation. He and Nancy have their own insurrection and need to be put in Federal Prison treated like all these poor people there now because of Jan. 6. They do not deserve trial or justice just like the rest of our country seem to be treated today. When time comes for their trial then so be it but prison for now!!

  7. Treason, Treason, Treason. There is no other word for Miley. Will he be held accountable? He should. The military should court martial him. If they don’t they also loose credibility.

  8. MILLEY GAVE IT AWAY WHEN HE SAID, “They used spray paint, Mr. President, that’s not an insurrection.” The DEMS have reserected the term “INSURRECTION” from the draft bill THEY HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN, that will bring back a CIVIL WAR ERA BILL WHICH BARRED CONFEDERATES FROM HOLDING OFFICE! They will, of course, find that TRUMP SECRETLY ORGANIZED THE J6 DEMONSTRATIONS, SO HE MUST BE BARRED FROM RUNNING FOR OFFICE! They will further attempt to label all TRUMP supporters as “INSURRECTIONISTS” and label us as “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS”. The FLOYD RIOTS, like those which led to the SIMPSON trial verdict, blackmailed the jury, the local government, and EVEN BIDEN, WHEN HE SAID “I HOPE THEY DO THE “RIGHT THING”! The FACT that MILLEY and PELOSI met to discuss how to take over the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of our government, and our ELECTED PRESIDENT IS SEDITION, PURE AND SIMPLE! He admits to doing it! OUR CONGRESS MUST ACT NOW!

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