REPORT: Murder Surging in 12 Democrat States… All Democrat-Run

A mainstream outlet finally ran an in-depth story on the rising crime rates in major cities around the country.

ABC News found that 12 cities in the country are on a record-setting pace for violent crime.

What the report failed to examine in detail is that every city in the report is run by a Democrat mayor.

Surging Crime

So far, in 2021, 12 cities in this country have already set annual homicide records… and there are still three weeks left in the year.

Of those cities, five of them are going to break records that were only set last year.

Among those cities are Philadelphia, PA, Austin, TX, Portland, OR, and Indianapolis, IN.

This year, Chicago is a legitimate war zone, already experiencing 739 homicides (and that has probably increased since I wrote this report).

The city is already up three percent from last year and closing in on the 1970 record of 974 homicides.

Philadelphia is one of the cities that is just obliterating records.

The city has a population of about 1.5 million, yet it has more murders, 521, than New York and Los Angeles.

Philadelphia is ahead of the 2020 pace by 13 percent.

Last year, we should note that Philadelphia broke a homicide record that had stood for three decades.

Philadelphia is important to study here, as its mayor has fully embraced the far left.

Kenney has turned the city into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and the liberal DA lets off more criminals than he prosecutes, yet he goes on TV to tell the city residents there is no crisis regarding violent crime in the city.

Even with these horrible numbers, I would bet dollars to donuts that the next mayor and DA elected in the city will be Democrats again.

We cannot change this country if voters blindly pull handles for candidates because they have their preferred letter after their name on the ballot.

This will sound harsh, but I have no pity for these cities if voters continue to elect these people to office.

If you want change, stop electing people who openly tout these radical policies that turn major American cities into war zones that make the cities look like the Middle East.

Source: Breitbart


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12 Responses

  1. They are also the TOP 12 in the surge of Covid Cases rising…FCKbidenandhispissantadminofpedophilesvotersincluded!!

  2. Why do the people of these cities keep electing these people. Maybe they don’t because election fraud is rampant.

    1. SO TRUE! And the addition of illegals running amok in our country is aiding and abetting! Biden and his administration are the most irresponsible leaders we’ve ever seen! We Patriots need to take back our country once and for all, or risk losing it altogether!

  3. OK Folks, all the blue states have to turn red, or we will be living under a communist regime. If Biden and his crew doesn’t depopulate the Country, Antifa and BLM and George Soros will with the murders, crimes against innocent people etc. The media has to be shot down until we can get fair and intelligent journalists who will report both sides of the spectrum not just praise a failing President and his Administration and the crucifixion of the American people. Enough is enough, this Country is suffering under Biden and his cronies. Let’s get them out of office in 2022, providing we last that long with China and Russia staring us down.

  4. Elect a Democrat and watch your city burn. Biden wants to take away guns from law-abiding citizens to make us defenseless from the criminals who will never give up their guns. The police will not even go into those neighborhoods who have gangs in them.

  5. Fund raising , For more ammo !
    Free Bullets !!!!
    Clean the streets of trash !
    Whiny , sniveling , selfish and lazy !
    We just call them Democrats !
    Brandon’s bunch The BLM thugs the 2021 glimpse of the Democrat party .
    PIGS IN A BLANKET, fry em like bacon !
    Defund the police ??? DEMOCRAT Plot
    Who will Brandon kill this week ??
    COVID is crossing our borders NOW !
    Brandon is vulnerable but sleepy !
    Does little Joe have enough CRACK ??
    Has anyone seen the Toe ? Creepy uncle Joe said the Toe has got to go !
    Election officials charged in Wi . FRAUD
    Democrats are underhanded !!!

  6. Brandon is leading from a place called Hate ! Hate for Trump and Republicans!
    But mainly for white people ! Joe is a reverse Uncle Tom ! Why didn’t Joe marry a woman of color ? Because Joe is a closet racist or white is right ?
    Brandon could care less about Americans dying ! Election fraud 20
    COVID released March 19
    Funded by Fauci and Democrats !
    NEVER DEMOCRAT! Fauci lied !!
    The DOJ is Democrat owned !
    The FBI is the new CCP baby !
    Comey was Hillary’s dirty cop !
    Hillary is above the law ! Lock her up !

  7. Gee isn’t that a surprise the raise in crime in cities that have defunded the police what did they expect all of the criminals to just leave

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