REPORT: Opposition Leader Rohullah Azizi Killed by Taliban

Even though the Taliban has rolled through Afghanistan like a hot knife through butter, there are still small pockets of resistance.

One of those groups has been led by Rohullah Azizi.

Azizi, however, is now dead, reportedly shot and killed at a checkpoint by the Taliban.

Cold-blooded Murder

Azizi is the brother of former Afghan vice president Amrullah Saleh.

He had been leading the resistance in the Panjshir Province.

That, however, recently fell to the Taliban.

Azizi was reportedly trying to get through a checkpoint when he was spotted by the Taliban and killed.

His driver was also reportedly killed by the Taliban.

Summary execution… that is how the Taliban carries out justice.

Yet, these are the people that Biden continues to trust will allow Americans to pass through without resistance.

Source: New York Post

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45 Responses

  1. Biden says Americans stayed in Kabul. Afghanistan by choice. Biden must be insane. Why would Americans and Afghans who fought the Taliban want to stay behind? A third grader has more sense and can choose right over wrong. Biden and the next 4 under him needs to resign or be impeached and removed from office.

    1. I agree, I still don’t understand if Biden was bad with Obama who thought it would be a good idea to have him as president!

      1. I recall reading (Reuters or WSJ??) and watching on one of the conservative news tv channels, that no one else could be found who was willing to run against Trump. As soon as Biden was convinced he would win via help from outside sources, he jumped at the chance to fulfill a childhood dream (isn’t that special?). The sources were willing to do anything to keep Trump out, so Biden decided to run, knowing the dirty work was being left to others. So he hid in his basement, did as he was told when he was told and *voila*…….he won. Now look at the mess this country is in.

    2. Yes, it is true. I had family members over there on business. They were there by choice making money. They also have other international interests in the Middle East & China
      I wouldnt want to be there but they sure did.


    1. happens to me all the time…I wouldn’t be surprised that the bottom feeding democrats are keeping an eye on us here and making a list of whom they are going to round up and disappear..they will never take me alive and I’ll take down as many of them as I can in the process! for he who smite thee , smash him down , smash him hip and thigh for self preservation is of the highest order!!!

      1. I also agree, but there’s a good thing that at least we’ll be with Conservative like minded people instead of Dems….that would be punishment.

  2. Joe says they are conducting themselves in a Business like manner. The man occupying our White House is an absolute moron. 50 + years a fool.

  3. I am so happy Biden got us out of Afghanastan! Now those trillions of dollars should be spent on our Veterans health & welfare! We tried for 20 years to help those people & what happened? They ran away! It was a scam all along. They were taking our money with no intentions of defending themselves even though we tried to teach their military. Biden saw it & got us out! Thank God for Biden!!

    1. I think your missing something, we were there to secure the region for most middle eastern countries! So couldn’t get another 9/11 those are the countries they’ll do it from.

    2. What you just said was idiotic & totally uninformed. Yes, it was time to get out, as even Trump said, but not this way! You don’t pull out all your military & abandon Bagram Airbase before getting Americans & Afghans who helped us out. And the reason the Afghan army crumbled was, Biden stupidly pulled out all their support – there was no Intelligence left, no one to maintain the aircraft, HumVees, etc. We left in the dead of night, basically just abandoning everything – we didn’t even inform our NATO Allies (Britain, France, Germany, etc.) so they were suddenly left to scramble to get their OWN people out. They are NOT happy & are now saying the US can no longer be trusted as an ally, they can no longer trust us to keep our word. Great job, Joe. The blood is on YOUR hands…

    3. You’re an idiot. Yes we should get out but not the way Biden did it and leaving 80+ billion dollars worth of military exquipment plus American citizens.

    4. You are a fool. This is the biggest thing wrong are gullible people who believe anything the Demos put out with the sugar coating lies. People need to look further than theirDemo controlled TV

    5. OMG Alexis are you ever delusioned.

      OMG are you ever delusional. I guess you just drank to much of the kool aide left over from the Obama fiasco. Thanks to Biden & crews miss handling of the departure from Afghanastan we lost 13 hero’s & countless other Americans & allies. We are now a disgrace to the world. thanks to Joey & crew.

    6. are you sitting on your brain…did you ever have one and if you do..please start using it! and are you feeling safe now with all the unknown potential terrorists being unleased into our country and throughout the world…when you get out of your chair check to make sure you didn’t leave any grey matter behind!

    7. REALLY: THANK GOD FOR BIDEN? YOU MUST BE KIDDING? The man isn”t even here sometimes! He forgets where he is, and if it were not for the teleprompter he would not know what to say! There should have been more Television Debates way before the ELECTION! He would have been CRUSHED by PRESIDENT TRUMP. Keeping him off camera just shows the DEMOCRATIC PARTY KNEW THIS AND REFUSED ANY MORE DEBATES!

    1. Possible that she does. Probably hates Trump so bad she would rather see America destroyed then to have him as President. What should have been done years ago when Obama was in office instead of releasing 5 Taliban terrorist for Bergdahl, plus giving them back all the money that we had frozen in their bank accounts, they should have been wiped off the face of the earth.

  4. I think he does live under a rock. How do you get the military out 1st then let Americans out then think all of our milItary weapons , helicopters, tanks…will follow? Biden did it all backwards because he needs mental help!

    1. I think he’s beyond help, I cared for my mom who had Dementia theirs 4 stages your bed ridden in stage 4 death follows in months. I believe caring for my mom Biden is in Stage 3. Notice how thin He is? In stage 3 and 4 the brain no longer can use calories they just flush out of the body, it’s his wife who has to of known this and her wanting to be a President’s wife is more important than He is to her….Sad!

      1. Samantha I agree. My Father in law had Alzheimer’s and I don’t believe it’s much different as to what it does to the brain. He would say thing that were not right and it was easier to agree, but of course he not the president. He lost weight and was a normal size man. In the last stages of life everything had to be done for him. I see it in Biden. I didn’t vote for him, I think it’s disgrace that his family lets him continue to make our Country look like a fool.

    1. Please check the Constitution. There ARE term limits for presidents. There are NO term limits for Representatives or Senators, although I wish there were. The Speaker’s name is spelled Pelosi and she violated the Logan Act, or worse, during the Bush Jr. Administration. Neither Clinton is in the administration despite their corrupt Foundation. Also, Governors have no say over foreign policy. There is no firing of any of them except through the impeachment process for presidents and governors and at the ballot box.

      But I do believe that this Afghan debacle alone is grounds for impeachment as you imply, just as Obama, Panetta, and Clinton should have been impeached over Benghazi. I believe the latter may well have involved treason as well.

    2. You forget the instigator, Hussein Obama. He is behind the scenes running the fool Biden to do what he didn’t finish when he was in office.

  5. Are you joking??? Biden did it all arse backwards!!! He left billions of dollars in equipment!! There’s nothing good about Joe B!!! He’s a liar and a fraud! See you in the bread line that’s coming for us!

  6. I can stop the Taliban in 5 minutes but to do that takes guts. We have 4 or 5 B52 on Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Load up 2 bombers and then tell the Taliban to watch a clear area in the Afgan airfield that we build tell them to clear it of all people. Then carpet bomb the area with 2 B52. Let them look at what carpet bombing looks like. Then say unless you do exactly what we tell you. Give us a safe return of all Americans or you will be next. You will call out the area and we will totally destroy you.

  7. It’s Obama the Muslim running the country, not Biden. He just does what he’s told to do. I blame Dr. Jill whose not a real doctor. She wanted to be First Lady so badly she sacrificed her own husband to get the title. What a phony.

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