REPORT: Pelosi Uninvited to Obama’s Party, Spotted Near Martha’s Vineyard

Former President Barack Obama was forced to scale back his birthday celebration after word got out he was pushing 700 people between guests and staff.

Obama chose to surround himself with A-list stars rather than the people that helped him get into the White House.

Among those allegedly snubbed for the party was none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

What Are You Doing Here?

How scaled back Obama’s party was remains to be seen.

From the reports I have heard and seen, there were still hundreds of people in attendance.

However, Nancy Pelosi was not one of them.

Rather than staying in DC and working on legislation to address the eviction moratorium, Pelosi still headed to the area, perhaps before she realized she did not make the cut.

Pelosi was spotted in nearby Edgartown having lunch at the Winnetu Resort.

The question now remains as to exactly what Pelosi was doing at Martha’s Vineyard if she had been taken off the guest list.

Her office has not yet responded to inquiries to clarify why she was lounging around with her fellow millionaires instead of doing her job.

Source: Fox News

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20 Responses

    1. Hey postpartum how does it feel to be played obumer. We all are laughing at you now!!!! You are no longer needed by obumer. We the people got the last laugh, your not worthy of obumer party. You are a nothing burger. Ha ha ha. You lied for him all those years and your scrambling to protect him and he knows you are all used up and no longer needed.

  1. Biden, Harris and his whole cabinet need to go and lets not forget Pelosi, She will sneak right in to take over presidency. That would be going from disaster to nuclear. This country is in deep doodoo.

  2. I think almost all of the Washington élite will find they are no longer on the list, maybe even including Biden and Harris.
    None of them can do anything for Obama anymore, so he uninvited them. He will only invite people who can still do things for him.
    That’s the Obama way….

  3. Not doing her job??? When has she? She needs to go along with the rest of the swamp rats!!! November is looming and can’t wait for the senate runoffs.hey piglosi: karma is coming for you & is pissed off!!! Can’t wait to sing the song” ding dong the witch is dead

  4. Who cares about the COVID birthday party Obama had. We need to concentrate on what is at hand like the bias infrastructure bill and it’s 3.5 ATTACHMENT. Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Harris and the rest of these dingbats have to go. We have to take back the House and the Senate

  5. Not invited?? The Pig was not invited? The top communist of the senate was not invited? Obamainski and all his commie/muslum friends were there I am sure but not the Pig. Why I thought they were connected at the hip. I guess he couldn’t stand her Vodka breath being that close. Here is a good lesson for the Pig. When you kiss the king commie a$$ as much as you did and you get NOTHING in return except maybe, a tube of chapstick, not even an invite to the crowning of the king of liar’s 60th reign of lie’s, it shows just where you stand in the world. You are NOT LOVED at all miss piggy,,,

  6. Oh how the media must miss Trump – can you imagine the field day they would have if Trump and/other family members did the same. I am amazed how this poor kid came to own a multi million property on the Vineyard and he only had to be President for 8 yrs at a salary of $400K a year. Now I know how they spent our taxes and it wasn’t on the under privileged or veterans and homeless. Someday there is such a thing as karma!!!

  7. Obama wanted a fresh crowd, he probably could not stand the fake face Pelosi puts on everyday.
    She looks so phony.
    I can certainly understand him removing her from the list, that is, if she was ever on the list.
    Also, a lot of democrats do not believe Pelosi is a queen or an emperor.

  8. Remember the song? “Make new friends, Keep the old.
    One is silver, the other (well in Obama’s case it turns to) mold.”

    The Q-Tip only cherishes himself.

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