REPORT: Sinema Ready to Make Deal on Spending Bill

Reports are breaking all over the place and it is not good for Republicans and conservatives.

Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) is telling outlets that Senator Sinema (D-AZ) is ready to talk.

According to Neal, Sinema conceded that allowing Biden’s deal to fail is no longer an option.

Getting On Board

Neal claims to have spoken directly to Sinema on this front.

He stated, “I started the conversation with that. I said, ‘Kyrsten, this has got to pass.’ She said, ‘I couldn’t agree more.'”

According to recent reports, Sinema’s biggest stick point, at least for now, is the excessive taxes in the legislation aimed at corporations.

Neal, on this front, stated, “I made the argument for efficiency in tax policy, and the way you do that is simplicity of corporate increases, and pointed out that not only are they efficient, but they weren’t punitive — [that] this was still good pro-growth economics.”

Regarding limiting offshore tax havens, he stated, “I think that what the Ways and Means Committee accomplished on the international side makes a great deal of sense.

“And 15 percent was a reasonable level.

“I made the argument for it again in terms of efficiency, harmonization and the fact that 146 nations around the world have agreed to our proposal.”

The other piece to this puzzle is obviously Senator Manchin (D-W.V.), who seems to disagree that a deal is about to be put in place.

Manchin, on Thursday, stated, “This is not going to happen anytime soon, guys.”

He added, “There’s a lot of details.

“Until you see the text and the fine print, it’s pretty hard to make final decisions.”

Once this hurdle is passed, the only thing left for Democrats to do is get progressives on board with the legislation.

There is still some back and forth regarding fewer programs for more time or more programs with less time with that faction of the party.

The clock is ticking here, however, as Pelosi put a self-imposed deadline of October 31.

If they fail to meet that deadline, more stop-gap measures will have to be passed to avoid shutdowns.

If Dems can all get on the same page, unfortunately, there is nothing Republicans can do to stop them.

Just as bad as Democrats being able to pass this legislation is that it could give Biden a swing in the polls and see him shoot up dramatically, which could significantly impact the 2022 elections.

Sources: The Hill & Newsmax

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21 Responses

    1. BRAVO!! of them!!
      Suggest a tax-payers revolt!
      Don’t wait for a refund!

      Increase exemptions
      File estimated taxes – but always under-pay
      Why should they have your money while you twiddle your thumbs waiting for that refund????

  1. I called it ! The Democrats stick together like wet [email protected] !!!
    Bank on America being last again !
    The full power of the US government is attacking Trump and republicans
    China is watching intently .
    With their brand new hypersonic missiles ICBM NUCLEAR WEAPONS

  2. Do not believe a word from the Biden administration! These are fools !
    Joe Biden wants you believe China is our friend and they don’t want to own America . The CCP they’re good guys !
    China will claim America without firing a shot ! COMMUNISM / Biden America. !
    I wouldn’t want to die or fight for Biden
    He is a disgrace ! So WHO WOULD ??

  3. Too bad, so sad. I really hoped she would have the backbone to hold on. But like the rest of the Dems and Reps, there is no balls, no guts, no honesty, no conscience. They grab our tax dollars – put it in their pocket and run. Maybe independent is the place to go. I have never looks into that party. Are they any stronger, more hones, whatever. I feel that we have already lost our country. No future for our grandchildren until we all become crooked politicians. We need another Civil War.,

  4. If This Artice Is True I Have Lost All Faith In Senator Sinema (D-AZ) I Strongly Believed Her To Honest And Sincere This Just Proves That A Leopard Does Not Change Their Spots PLEASE Prove Me Wrond And Do Not Vote A Yes

  5. They need to all go to hell the Demos none of them are any good get them out of there and put the Republicans in the White House where the belong and put our rightful leader in charge of our country again

  6. Let’s hope Sinema doesn’t cave infinity she does we are in a world of S—t
    Sinema, please reconsider…..

  7. I seriously wonder who is informing these Congressmen and Senators, because they don’t seem to realize… once you CREATE A New Gov’t Program… IT NEVER GOES AWAY. Why can’t these fools write a simple bill… fund the Gov’t with minimum funding, and then realize to get more money… CREATE BETTER CONDITIONS FOR PROSPERITY to fill not just the coffers of Gov’t, but fill the pockets of Americans who will SPEND MONEY and pay the hundreds of taxes that are overt and sometimes hidden? We elect people to represent us, but once they get to Washington D.C. they are so involved in wheeling and dealing… they don’t read the bills, they don’t realize even the most basic thrift for Gov’t Spending… THE PEOPLE PAY THE BILLS, the People’s Money funds the Gov’t….

  8. Pity those DemoRats. They have sold their souls to the Devil. May God have mercy on them. Sinema, Manchin may you rest in peace, BUT. You will be left to suffer your consequences; as will your children and grandchildren

  9. I really believed that Sinema would not cave. Shame on her!! If she were worried about her seat and if she would get relected she won’t if she votes for this bill. If she holds out even the Republicans would put her back in office because one would know that she was truly there for the people of her state. Too bad if she votes with the current Dems. She will kiss her career goodbye along with several other Dems. Time will tell!

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