REPORT: Taliban Captures Key Afghan-Iran Border Crossing

The way the withdraw from Afghanistan was managed will forever mar the legacy of Joe Biden’s presidency.

After railing against the plan by the Trump administration, Biden allowed our troops to literally sneak out in the middle of the night without any apparent notice given to Afghan military leaders.

Now, only days after the troops have left the area, outlets are reporting that the Taliban have captured a strategic stronghold at the Afghan-Iran border.

Taliban Victory = Biden Loss

The critique against Joe Biden was not necessarily for pulling troops out of Afghanistan.

There was both support and resistance on both sides of the aisle on that front.

The problem was there seemed to be absolutely no real plan in place to ensure that Afghanistan was ready to take over the defense of its own country.

Biden will not be able to blame Donald Trump for that and he will have to own this.

He will also have to own the fact that the Taliban was lurking, waiting for the right opportunity, and the terrorists have already been able to claim a massive victory.

Multiple outlets are now claiming that the Taliban has captured the Afghanistan flag that flew above the Islam Qala border crossing, a very strategic spot along the Iran-Afghan border.

Several senior Afghanistan government officials reportedly confirmed the report to Reuters, stating, “the Islam Qala border crossing with Iran … had fallen to the Taliban and that Afghan security and customs officials had fled across the border.”

However, Tariq Arian, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s interior ministry, stated this was a false report.

Arian stated, “All Afghan security forces including the border units are present in the area [of Islam Qala], and efforts are underway to recapture the site.”

Along with this border takeover, it has also been reported that Taliban forces have overtaken roughly 85 percent of Afghan territory since Biden has taken office.

It would now appear that all the progress made over the last 20 years has been lost in less than six months with Joe Biden at the helm.

Source: Breitbart

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32 Responses

  1. Get ready for another 911 event and the DemonRats are responsible! they know it!!

    1. no because George Bush is no longer in power. and 9/11 was a total inside job to get us into decades long wars.

  2. Yet again …. biden the bumbling fool. Plus, we leave a stockpile of weapons and supplies there … for that the Taliban says “thank you very much …” UNBELIEVABLE.

    Obama warned us about this years ago, when off the cuff he said that biden would usually find a way to F— things up, no matter what …

    1. Obama was right about hair-sniffing Biden. Aside from being a creep, Biden’s nothing but a brain dead baboon wearing a shirt and tie.

    2. Hey,
      Biden was his VP for 8 years, so Obama KNEW he’d F— things up, since he did NOTHING to show he could do things properly as VP & for that matter, he mumbled & fumbled & F— ed things up for his 40+ years in Congress.
      At least ONCE Obama spoke the truth.

  3. Look what he doing to this Country it’s a shame when he stole the election and the Supreme Court sit back and did nothing and yet their all for the Constitution.What’s rely a shame is the number of life’s that were lost for what and leaving all the equipment for the Taliban, but then you have to wonder who running this country it’s not Biden

    1. Leaving equipment that’s nothing waite till they get to our boarders only to be invited in by the USA bafoons

  4. Hey, everyone who voted for this ‘person’, how do you like him now?? How much longer do we have to put up with this?? The guy (or better yet, his ‘handlers’) have in less than six months made America the laughingstock of the world, good job guys!!

    1. Hardly anyone voted for Biden. Most of his “votes” were machine-generated. I doubt even Biden was together enough to cast a vote for himself.

  5. That is what happens when you allow a “ stooge” to be installed as a fake president! This is all obama’s Doing, he wants us under islam’s Thumb. Biden is too stupid to see he is bieng used by Obama to bring our country down. Get him, harris, Piglosi and Schumer OUT!!’

  6. When you’re my age you develop the ability to see probable outcomes very well. There isn’t one thing that has happened since Creepy Joe stole office that I did not expect, and this is one of them. Bumbling Biden is NOT THE PRESIDENT – it’s a group of radicals headed by Ron Klain – THEY are the President. And they are implementing the wishes of every far-left elite in the world. The systematic dismantling of the United States as we know her.

  7. This administration is nothing but a disgrace and to the morons who put them in I hope you all remember when our country is no more its because of A holes like you,F n nitwits

  8. WELL WELL DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN has turned AFGHANISTAN into another VIET NAM where we fought and died for twenty years just to lose everything gained in 6 months. How is DEMENTIA JOE going to explain his actions to those who lost loved ones and family members in AFGHANISTAN FOR NOTHING ? 20 years of fighting and dying for NOTHING thanks to a BRAIN DEAD BIDEN !

  9. Good Let them work it out, those bastards have been fighting amongst themselves for 2000 years. who gives a damn about any of them.

  10. So, now we have the second major war that our country has lost! Yet another advance to the rear. This once great country, where I was fortunate enough to be born in, is doomed. RIP, USA!

  11. When are people going to wake up and put all these worthless scumbag demonRAT clowns that are in our USA Whitehouse out of their misery, like six feet under?

  12. all the sacrifices our sons and daughters made there have been for not. Unreal! This sounds like the end of the Veit Nam was only there we at least told the south govt we where leaving. But we lost alot of equiptment then too, nothing like now days however.

  13. Remember Benghazi, Joe Biden was part of the cover up. Pay attention to what Joe Biden orders our military to do next.

  14. He stopped the pipeline-gas went up 1$ a gallon. he opened the border-crime is going rampant, he wants to do free abortion-Catholic Church says no, he wants to control all voting-multiple states are suing him, He can’t even answer a simple question without looking at his notes. Way to go Joe, your making the country into disaster!

  15. what else did you expect, this was or is another Vietnam … the generals in charge never were given a chance to really bring the USA might against the terrorist Taliban. why else did this war go on for twenty years, just so our defense contractors had a testing ground and made more money for new weapons platform designs.

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