REPORT: Vaccine Data Not What Researchers Had Hoped

A new report has been published by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The report seems like a blueprint to use gain-of-function research to create a pandemic.

To quote The Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz, “if one didn’t know better, might make readers think the authors were involved in the gain-of-function research that likely created this virus.”

Shocking Information

The report is titled “Technologies to Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks.”

It examines “whether naturally emerging or reemerging, deliberately created and released, or laboratory engineered and escaped—that could lead to sudden, extraordinary, widespread disaster beyond the collective capability of national and international organizations and the private sector to control.”

Within the report it explains “self-spreading vaccines,” and it is eerily similar to what we have seen with COVID, especially with the spread of the Delta variant.

When looking at the report and comparing it to the latest data from the Public Health England report, it creates significant concern regarding the long-term efficacy of the vaccine.

Horowitz writes that in England, “the only country with granular weekly data, the COVID-19 case rates are higher per capita among the vaccinated in every age group over 30. Among those in their 40s, the case rate is nearly double among the vaccinated, for a vaccine efficacy – at least against infection – of a stunning -86%.”

There was also disturbing information from Singapore on this front…

He pointed to two other tweets with information that literally left me with my jaw on the floor…

I am not a science expert, so I do want to risk misrepresenting the information in any of these reports, so I highly encourage you to read Horowitz’s full report on The Blaze as well as the entire study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

You can also refer to the Public Health England report.

From what I was able to digest, it appears as though we are far from being done with COVID.

If you read BND regularly, you know I have made that stance for quite some time, stating that I believed COVID would take over for the flu, just on steroids.

My point was that rather than the seasonal flu and surge of deaths we saw every year, it would now be COVID, only with higher seasonal numbers than the flu.

Sources: The Blaze, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, & Public Health England.

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27 Responses

    1. Dumbocraps old mantra was DON’T LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE. The new mantra is CREATE a new crisis to replace the old CRISIS.

      1. People seem to have forgotten Nancy Pelosi’s Statement from back in October 2019. Right after the Democrats is the house had drafted the article of Impeachment on Pres. Trump ( the first fake one ), before turning them over to the Senate she stated ” That if the Impeachment fails to remove Trump from office, yhe only way to defeat him in 2020 will be if the Economy fails” in early November it was known that the reason for impeachment ( Russian Collusion ) was fake. With in weeks the first case of Covid was found in the country. NOW LETS SEE IF THEY ALLOW THIS TO BE PRINTED AS EVERY OTHER POST IS NEGATED TO A INTERNET BLACK HOLE

        1. Nailed it. It is/was a bioweapon utilized to defeat Trump. Fauci stated that Trump would be hit by a pandemic in 2017. Why is anyone surprised? The only thing that surprises most people – is how many ignorant people continue to fall for the farce. Natural immunity is the answer. Following the lead of the Uttar Pradesh province in India is the best solution – and at $3 Us per person – it is CHEAP.

    2. to reduce the population, now, i was watching a movie the other night, (CONTAGION), channel searching, at the end of this movie a guy was pushing over tree’s, out of the tree’s came bats, one bat went into the rafters of a pig pig, drop a piece of fruit, one pig ate it, went to the butcher shop, man did his job, wiped his hands all over his apron, went to meet a lady, long story short, she died, , many died, now wasn’t that obama and fauci sent WUHAN money back in 2012?

  1. Well, LET ME PUT ON MY SHOCK FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone with a working brain already knows that !!!!!!!!!!! But of course; King Fauci, or the WHO doesn’t have anything to do with it, or any knowledge about it !!!!!!! RIGHT !!!!!!!!

  2. Thieves , and Villiage idiots running our Country
    Money buying off the justice system
    and JUDGEMENT is coming

    YOU will see , God is Just and Killing babies deserves Death

    America YOU have signed YOUR own judgement card , JUST like pharoah in old days

    God lets you sign your own death program

    if you disobey God and choose wrong , your own actions will come back to byte you

  3. And we still have not sanction China or stopped these viral labs all together in China. Why?? Who against finding out the real truth about this covid19 lock them up they are protecting China.

  4. So with vaccinated people dying by the thousands, our population is dropping like flies – who will be left to pay the taxes that are needed to carry out Biden’s trillions of dollars programs for the illegal immigrants.?

  5. all this is a De Population program that’s been in the works for MANY years, the virus is nothing more than a FLU Variety the Shot is what will Kill you if not today it will tomorrow. this is designed to Depopulate the planet so the Elite will have 100% control of the few that remain. a world of slaves for the Rich to do with as they please.

    1. Bill Gates said a while back that the way to de-populate the world is through a vaccine. But how can the elites decide that they won’t get it? Anyone can get the virus.

      1. That’s because the Elite were given a antidote that was made along with the virus. Only the Elite got the antidote as well as many they deemed necessary to pull. it off

  6. Wife and I were talked in to getting vaccinated by her doctor before she went in for surgery. She has had it twice once in February 2020 before being vaccinated and October 6, 2021 7 months after been vaccinated being vaccinated. We were vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

  7. There needs to be a nuremberg type trials and hold ALL (Fauci, all heads of national health organizations and all others) responsible for crimes against humanity and planned genocide!

  8. I’m very sure that years from now we’ll find out the real cause of this virus. I believe from the beginning that it was a biological war. As soon as Trump applied tariffs to China, they unleashed this virus from Wuhan. If this government allied with other governments in the world are giving the people the wrong information just to intimidate and control, it’s just for their own interests, the vaccine is just an experiment where thousands of people are benefiting economically, the biggest business in the last decades, there’s abundant money to pay off corrupted politicians, and if we want to look at it differently, will see in a few years the real reason of this “virus”
    Wake up America 🇺🇸 wake up world 🌎

  9. Sounds to me like it is “THE VAXERS” that are the ones catching/spreading it!

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