Reporter Shows New Video of Border ‘Incident’

Over the last few days, all we have heard about it is how horribly our Border Patrol agents treated Haitian migrants coming into the country illegally.

I have watched several videos myself, and I have yet to see anyone actually hit anyone with anything.

Some were grabbed, some were pushed back when they rushed the horses, but these were defensive measures by the agents, not strikes against the migrants, as we have been told.

Now, yet another video from a reporter standing the stream has been published, and it is not good for Joe Biden and Democrats.

New Video

The latest video posted was by Sarah Blake Morgan, an AP reporter who was literally standing in the middle of the river.

She put out this video on Twitter today…

Now, if you can find the shot where a border agent hit someone with a rein, please point it out to me.

Keep in mind, that sequence of events is where the original photographs came from that caused all the outrage.

This should put the issue to rest, at least in our eyes.

The question now is if Mayorkas and company will still go after the agents to pacify the narrative that Joe Biden has been pushing.

Source: Daily Caller

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27 Responses

    1. Lowell – it is their M. O. and it shows up EVERY time they say, do, write or have the media “explain” anything to us….
      “lie until they believe it” is their motto…

    2. Because they have nothing better to tell or to do to keep their heads above the water!!!
      The Demo-c-Rats!!!

    3. It’s the only way they know! Lie after lie! Time to get rid if every last demoncrat in this country….wake up Americans!!!

  1. Demrats know nothing but to lie and cover up the truth.change the subject and have their fake news push their lies on the public.

    1. Constance…did you VOTE for him? Too many people who voted for him did NOT review his past behaviors…

  2. Fact: The Democrats and their followers… Don’t believe facts, Don’t believe science and they Don’t believe what they just saw with their own eyes.

  3. The people that want open borders should LIVE in one of the border towns that have been devastated by the influx. Why did we stop using Ellis Island? Because liberals wanted it to be EASIER for people to get here…
    The ones that come across the border illegally, if you haven’t noticed or seen for yourselves, are the very ones that disobey EVERY OTHER LAW…they drive without a license, they abuse the “welfare” system, they abscond with our jobs by complaining and pushing the rest of us out…it happened to me in FL – a Hispanic man came in, got a management job (not in my department but another) asked me to do something for him which I did then under the guise of a “thank you” he took me to lunch….to tell me that I needed to look for another job because he was going to see to it that MANY more Hispanics would be hired for my and others jobs…and sure enough six weeks later it happened…then I heard several other of us in the Administration were replaced with “hand picked”…I will NEVER trust again!

  4. It is shameful that these democrats who voted for Biden made a grave mistake. Everything he is doing and will do in the future will further hurt the American name. For nine months what Biden did in Afghanistan and at the border is an indelible stain for our country The democrats should hang their heads in shame. Hopefully President Trump will turn our country around and keep America great again.

    1. Pat, When we STOP calling them DEMOCRATS they will lose HUNDREDS of THOUSNDS VOTES. This 3rd generation AMERICAN DEMOCRAT refers to them as FASCISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That reign in the air is just that the rider let go of it and if a person of 5th grade intellegence (which leaves out demorats) looks closely they will see that the BP officer has the man by the shirt with his loose hand. Yup, one hand on the left reign not let go and the right hand holding that man’s shirt, which in all probability is to take him into custody……. biden is a loser, that is the real crime!

  6. Hey JOE, it is really AMAZING, Back in the THIRTIES and FORTIES a prosecuting Lawyer feared an I WITNESS more than anything. Today a POLITICAL HACK and his second in command 2,000 miles away using their Jaundice Political Eyesight believes they can see in a Photo an action the photographer who took the picture on the SPOT did not see. Being a horseman who RIDES AMERICAN WESTERN i could not see any WHIPS or action using the reins on any person. WHAT I DID SEE, was a GROUP of CRIMINAL INVADERS BREAKING OUR BOUNDRY and IMMAGRATION LAWS trying to sneak into our SOVEREIGN NATION. JOE, you have it UPSIDE DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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