Republican Governors Dominating Approval Polls

As if Joe Biden needed more bad news…

Nine out of the top 10 governors in the country are Republicans.

Even worse news for Biden is that in some cases, Democrats are fueling the popularity of these governors, which is a direct rebuke against Joe Biden and his radical agenda.

Sorry, Joe

One of the more impressive showings among Republican governors was Vermont’s Phil Scott.

Scott had a 79 percent approval rating, with 88 percent of Democrats giving him the thumbs up…

The first Democrat does not even appear in the poll until spot number seven, which was Connecticut’s Ned Lamont.

Now, while it is clearly good news for the GOP, it is not all good news.

The majority of the governors on that list at the top of the ratings are more moderate Republicans that have leaned into some of these mandates.

Two governors that we associate with the resistance to Biden are Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

Both are hovering in the bottom third of the poll.

My opinion on that is that they need to do a better job of messaging, especially in the case of DeSantis.

Florida currently has the lowest per capita COVID rate in the country, yet most people still accuse DeSantis of killing people.

Most of the governors in the south, be it Democrat or Republican, are holding up the rest of the field.

The worst governor on the list… the Democrat governor of Oregon, Kate Brown.

The good news for Brown is that even at 43 percent, she is still polling better than Biden.

If you saw that last poll, Biden is now underwater in all but five states, so he has a massive hole to dig himself out of.

This comes after his best jobs report and getting one-half of his legislation passed.

One more problem for Biden is that Republican candidates held a 10-point lead in a recent congressional poll, which hints at some massive turnover in the House come 2022.

If Biden manages to turn this around, it will be the most remarkable comeback of any administration in history, but I just don’t see it happening.

Source: The Blaze

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13 Responses

  1. Big deal that Phil Scott leads in Vt. A total rino. In Vt, Putin, Stalin, or Hitler can win if the have a d next their name. Vt is a lost forever cause.

  2. There sould not be a Democrat in control of an seat in goverment till they get rid of the racists and these islamic aoc, Omar’s pelosis, waters,schiff so many to list . in the dem party and that surly be decades.

  3. The only way communist Joe Biden could win re election is if they cheated AGAIN…….and believe me….THEY WILL CHEAT AGAIN! If they win again by cheating, there must be another revolution!

  4. You really aren’t allowed to post on this site, the things you want to say, even when they are within the guidelines.
    If what you’re saying hits too close to home, zip, zero, nada, is going to get through!

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