Republicans Use Filibuster to Block Democrat Voting Reform Bill

Thank God for the filibuster.

If we did not have it, Democrats would have just been able to pass a bill that would have opened up elections to our pets voting.

The Freedom to Vote Act was defeated by a vote of 49-51, with Schumer changing his vote to “nay” at the last second so he could table the bill for another vote at a later time.

Major Loss for Democrats

We saw what happened in 2020 when Democrats were able to open up the voting process to untried and untrue methods.

While every Secretary of State in the country will tell you their election was free of any problems, we simply know that not to be true.

Look at Georgia as a perfect example… in one breath, the Secretary of State says it was on the up and up, then in the very next breath, he says there have been decades of corruption.

Democrats are trying to use the narrative of “voter suppression” for the changes the Republicans want to make, but Dems want anyone to be able to walk into a polling station, given their name, no ID, no signature, and pull the handle.

To that point, after the bill failed, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated that Republicans, by failing to pass this bill, were giving their “implicit endorsement of the horrid new voter suppression and election subversion laws pushed in conservative states across the country.”

Senator McConnell (R-KY) responded that the bill is “only a compromise in the sense that the left and the far left argued among themselves about exactly how much power to grab in which areas.

“This latest bill still subjects popular, commonsense state election integrity protections like voter ID to the whims of federal bureaucrats.

“It still sends government money to political campaigns, for goodness sakes.

“It still puts Washington in the middle of the states’ redistricting decisions. And on and on. The same rotten core is all there.”

Republicans want to secure the integrity of elections, but Democrats want them to be as open as our borders are right now.

We can absolutely make sure everyone has access to voting, but we also need to make certain people are who they say they are, and I simply do not understand the failure of Democrats to understand that.

Source: New York Post

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9 Responses

  1. Keep your eyes open, Republicans! You were voted to use your voice in this type of situation. Make your conservative constituents glad they chose you! Wake up, step up, be the person you were chosen to be!!

  2. Good work Democrats. ! You’re close !
    Joe is standing tall for America ! NO !
    His neck is on the block ! Not for that fact Joe don’t side with Republicans. !
    Joe voted to Impeach twice !
    He is a Democrat ! He stands with the Make America Last Again crowd .
    The baby killers and election thieves .
    Joe will give false hope and cave !

  3. In every country in the world, legally, only citizens of that country can vote in its elections. Do not understand why the Democrats wish to allow foreigners (not legal citizens of the USA) to vote in our elections. Only reason I can see is that the want to use your tax dollars to buy the votes of poor illegal immigrants using social welfare programs. SHAME on them for bringing this country into unprecedented inflation, civil unrest, and shame on our founding fathers.

    1. This is so true DRK. Joe and all his idiots will ruin this country by 2022. Why can’t the Democrats see this. They are doing nothing but ruining our beautiful country. they are all working for the CCP. He doesn’t have one person in his cabinet that isn’t a puppet, including him.

      1. Well said both of you! Wake up Americans we need to stick together and get these idiots out of office!

  4. I wonder how Joe feels about Election integrity ? About open borders
    Drug and human trafficking ?
    Defunding The Police ?
    Abandoning US citizens in Afghanistan
    Or Hunter CRACK ROCK BIDEN ?
    It is a mistake to count on Democrats !

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