Mark Cuban Rescinds Vaccine Mandates for Dallas Mavericks Games

When the NBA season started, fans in Dallas, TX, were shocked to find out they would have to provide vaccine information to attend a Mavericks game.

The options were to have proof of a negative test or a vaccination card.

Beginning November 15, that will no longer be the case, and the liberal horde did not take the news very well.

No Need

When Mark Cuban made the initial announcement, I was actually a bit stunned.

I am a season ticket holder for the Dallas Stars, who share American Airlines Arena with the Mavericks, and no such mandate was in place for the Stars.

You do have to wear a mask to get into the arena, but no proof of vaccine and no more health checks as there were during last season.

However, Cuban has bent the knee in that regard to the point he even threatened employees who did not want to get the jab.

Texas has pretty much passed through its “flu” season, and COVID numbers are now waning, so Cuban sees no need to continue the policy.

When he announced it on Twitter, well, let’s just say the pushback was significant…

Cuban was accused of being a fraud, folding for the sake of money, and disregarding the science, but he is actually following the science here.

Texas was one of the hardest-hit states in the country in terms of infections, yet it still ranks among the lowest in vaccination rates.

Even so, states like California, Pennsylvania, and New York are now far higher than Texas in terms of new cases, which go to the state of natural immunity Texans are now experiencing, something the government fails to consider.

As far as money over science, that is far from the case, as the Mavericks have had a full house just about every night, so Cuban does not need to lift the mandate to get more people into the stands.

Source: Breitbart

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10 Responses

  1. FINALLY !!!! I never actually cared for Mark, but this time he has got it right, Now if more people would follow his lead, without using those health stealing masks, maybe we can get back to business as usual and Biden’s IDIOTIC government can suck it !!!! # “LETS GO BRANDON” !!! # FJB !!!!

  2. The ones who keep forcing the jab are the ones who are frauds and also the ones who are helping the radical leftists bankrupt and destroy our country!!!!!!

  3. Is it because people said Let’s Go Brandon , or FJB ? Or Joe said Ok !
    Cuban is a Democrat ! A never Trumper!
    Like all Democrats he hates Trump it is jealousy they hate his base too !
    I don’t care anything about this turd !
    Another Cheney or Romney !

  4. I watch college floorball and college basketball games on TV. I am amazed at the number without masks.
    The football season is now in its ninth or tenth week. I estimate probably 3 -4 million people have collectively,
    watched all the games live and in person.. Close proximity, no social distancing apparent. Yet no upturn in Covid infections or deaths. Perhaps something else is protecting those 3-4 million people who have attended those games in person and live. Perhaps Mark Cuban is observing the same thing and has thought turn that masks and social distancing aren’t the answer.

  5. Cuban appears to make all his business decisions on money. The fact that his mandate happens to coincide, with lowered covid infection rate has nothing to do with the science or health. He does not want bleed any more money on his team, and plays to the paying public. Personally, I think he is a douche, alas, I also recognize his business move.

  6. Good glad to hear the dropping of the stupid requirement to show that you have gotten the shots

  7. The SHOTS are not keeping people from getting the VIRUS! Look at All the people who have got the shots. They are still getting the VIRUS or DEAD. The shots are KILLING AMERICANS! That is why BIDEN mandated the shots for Americans and not ALL THE ALIENS coming in. There are people who can not take the shots due to health issues. I am HAPPY to see those who oppose the shots. That is not Biden`s call. That is privacy between a Dr. and the patient. GOD BLESS THE USA!

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