Portland PD Riot Squad Resigns After Charging of Officer

The city of Portland is about to have a real problem on its hands.

The city has been awash in rioting for months, and now it has lost one of its best defensive measures against the rioting.

After a police officer was indicted regarding an incident from Aug 18, 2020, the entire riot squad has tendered its resignation.

The Incident

According to reports at the time, Officer Corey Budworth hit an activist/journalist with a baton while police were clearing rioters from the area.

At the time, it was the height of the George Floyd protests, where police saw violence in the streets every day of the week.

The police union stated that Officer Budworth “was forcefully knocked to the ground,” with the journalist, Teri Jacobs, also going to the ground.

The union continued, “Reasonably believing that she was getting back up to re-engage in her unlawful activities, Officer Budworth employed one last baton push to try to keep her on the ground, which accidentally struck Ms. Jacobs in the head.”

Jacobs’ attorney stated that the journalist “was brutally beaten in the head, neck, back, and face.”

With Officer Budworth now facing charges, roughly 50 members of the unit, all volunteers, have resigned from the squad (they will remain on the force serving their usual duties).

This leaves the city of Portland without a riot squad to respond to the violence that is ongoing in the city.

The Portland Police Association, in defending Budworth, stated, “Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system.”

The city has agreed to pay Jacobs $50,000 to settle the civil suit against the city and now Budworth is awaiting trial in the “criminal” matter.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

  1. Democrat run city right? They can take care of it right?
    We don’t need Portland anymore. Those people will destroy it. But hey that is what the dems want right?

  2. Is it just me, or is the entire west coast filled with police haters? The rioter deserved whatever she got. She shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Stupid people do stupid things, and you can’t fix stupid!!!

  3. BRAVO ,, to the Portland riot squad . The LIBERAL Governor and the LIBERAL Mayor has allowed Portland to go to sh!t !!! They let black TRASH matters destroy thier city for a year , they condemn and don’t back the police dept. , and they protect the criminals and persecute the police !! It would be interesting , if the WHOLE police force quit in LIBERAL Portland , to watch how quick the LIBERALS would change thier tune about the police .

  4. Portland, Take the hint.
    The next time it will be the whole Department.
    These people can get better jobs in Texas where it doesn’t rain every day.

  5. The government’s very first duty is to protect its citizens so I am of the opinion that everyone of the government there should be arrested for dereliction of Duty

  6. The government’s very first duty is to protect its citizens so I am of the opinion that everyone of the government there should be arrested for dereliction of Duty and it must be the same clowns controlling this recapta

  7. It’s unfortunate that men and women that place their lives on the line are now considered that “BAD GUYS” and the law breakers good. I for one support those in law enforcement and the job they do. If one bad apple spoils the bunch, then why aren’t they punished instead of being released or not charge with the offenses they have committed. Those who insight the riots and burn down businesses? If the DA and Attorny General would do their jobs in support of those working to keep the peace, then Portland and other cities would be restored to how it was in the past. Follow the law as we should and things like this would not happen.


  9. The riot squad should have left the force in total. We all know its a difficult job and yes, some one has to do it.
    But that’s why they do what they do. Today’s living dynamics has been in radical change for years now, an people that want to protect and serve should know this. (((( The that Officer Budworth “was forcefully knocked to the ground,” with the journalist, Teri Jacobs, also going to the ground. The comment buy the police union ” with the journalist ” speaks volumes. }}}}}
    Now I wasn’t there, but I can tell you this. If you are going to stand on principle, Then do so. Don’t screw around with it. That’s like spitting into the wind. You dam well know your going to get wet.

  10. A foolish man you should have beat the crap out of him so he wont return he does not deserve any money I hope the officer is ok to hell with foolish man .The officer does have the right to beat the hell out of him Im for it

    1. I’m with the police. They have done the right thing. Stay home an let them kill each other an we will be better off . Hope you can get the entire police to stay home . Let’s see what happens. With the police all the way. Soomtimes a mule has to b nocked in the Head

  11. Most important for most Cities is the safety of the public. Who handles safety of the public. Helloooo, THE POLICE!!! Time to wake up America and these WOKE folks their walking papers.

  12. I am 80 years old. In my life time law enforcement and I have not seen “Eye to Eye” on many occasions. POLICE ARE A NECESSARY EVIL. Let the “Village Idiots” who run Portland find this out the hard way.

  13. NO CAPTCHA button visible… The VOTERS of Portland decided and told everyone what THEY wanted…now they GET WHAT THEY VOTED FOR…”leaders” who don’t care about the citizens…

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