Rittenhouse Says His Former Attorneys ‘Set Him Up’

Up until about a year ago, Kyle Rittenhouse was a typical 17-year-old kid.

He was just someone working through the summer when the George Floyd riots hit, then everything changed.

Rittenhouse decided to help protect local businesses from rioters, and his life will never be the same because of that and his original attorneys.

He Set Me Up

After the shooting, the media jumped all over the narrative that Rittenhouse was a racist.

Even Joe Biden used his image in a video about white supremacists.

Things only got worse when a picture of Rittenhouse showed up online with alleged Proud Boys members making the “OK” sign with their hands.

That gesture has suddenly become synonymous with white supremacy, and the media crushed him for it.

According to Rittenhouse, his former attorneys, Lin Wood and John Pierce, set up that entire scene.

Rittenhouse stated, “I didn’t know that the OK hand sign was a symbol for white supremacy just as I didn’t know those people in the bar were Proud Boys.

“They were set up by my former attorney (Pierce) who was fired because of that, for putting me in situations like that with people I don’t agree with.”

According to Rittenhouse, Pierce had planned on using the Proud Boys for security.

He further stated, “I definitely don’t think it looked good to hang out with people who are now known to be Proud Boys.

“I definitely wouldn’t do that again.

“I found out they were Proud Boys when I saw the headlines.

“I thought they were just a bunch of, like, construction dudes based on how they looked.”

Based on everything I have read on Rittenhouse and his interviews and what I know about Wood, I will take Rittenshoue at his word on this one.

I would think he would have had to be a complete moron to pose with those guys and make that symbol considering the charges and what he was facing and already being accused of.

He might be a bit of a bumpkin, but I don’t think the kid is stupid.

The next question is if Rittenhouse has a case against Biden for defamation.

Biden was a private citizen when those comments were made, so he will not be able to hide behind his office.

My guess is that we are going to find out very soon.

Source: New York Post

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17 Responses

    1. For a guy who is always quick to point the finger of blame and demand that people take responsibility for their actions he never chooses that path for himself or his pitiful clan. Great role model for cowards and dimwits.

  1. Given the same circumstances as rittenhouse faced, I would have done the exact same thing only would not regret doing it. He ought to sue the pants off of biden and the lawyer(s) that set him up.
    Fredo cuomo should resign in shame for condemning a good law regarding self defense!

  2. Rocky, just because white people were shot does not make anyone a racist! It’s people calling other people racist are the real racists. We all need to live together and except each other for who we are. If you conduct yourself in a respectful manner and treat others the same then you will be able to get along with people. I love my neighbors, we live in a subdivision that has many different ethnics. We all treat each other like we’d like to be treated and we all get along and love our subdivision. I honestly don’t believe that any of us feel we are better or less than the other because of our colors.

  3. If I want to make the A-OK sign or the Ballentine beer 3 Ring Sign I will do it, this proves nothing. So, don’t tell me that I am what I am not. I will just say I am an American I am a FREE Man.


  5. Jimmy Carter 2.0 and the HO will never be brought to justice, just like Killery was never brought to justice for her major indiscretions that she’s guilty of (ie: her private server with no security on it…), all the people that have “disappeared mysteriously of the planet without a trace”, her pay-to-f**k over this country by the highest foreign bidders…and so on. Plus, like FART-attack Joe…she has the power of the communist press behind her…REAL JUSTICE will never prevail…

  6. From the very beginning i did not believe Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, racist, or guilty of anything but defunding himself, but I do believe he was very naive, put himself in a dangerous situation he never should have been in. Guilty; no. Stupid; yes. I think he needs to keep his mouth shut,forget about search for a claim to fame, and get on with his life in obscurity.

  7. Biden never should have opened his mouth about this hope he gets slammed because of it but I doubt it

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