Rittenhouse Judge Says Men Shot Can Be Called ‘Rioters’ and ‘Looters’

Last year, during the rioting and looting in Kenosha, WI, Kyle Rittenhouse was among many citizens that took it upon themselves to protect local property and businesses.

We have all seen the video of Rittenhouse getting into a struggle, then shooting a man that clearly appeared to be attacking him.

His case is now before a judge, and the judge handed down a decision that is going to have liberals needing some safe spaces very quickly.

You Can Call Them…

Rittenhouse’s lawyers caught a significant break in the case when Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder overturned a motion by the prosecution.

Prosecutors in the murder case against Rittenhouse did not want the defense to refer to the men who were shot by Rittenhouse in a negative light.

Judge Schroeder, however, ruled the defense can characterize them as “rioters” and “looters” rather than victims.

This may sound like something small, but it will definitely influence how jurors perceive the men who were shot by Rittenhouse in what appeared to be self-defense.

The judge stated if Rittenhouse can be portrayed as a “cold-blooded killer” by the prosecution, then the defense can “call someone a rioter.”

The judge only cautioned the defense not to use such terms until closing arguments, after all the facts have been presented and the defense has provided proof the men were part of the rioting and looting, which will be quite easy for them to do.

There is plenty of video that will tell the tale of what happened that night, so it is just a matter of perception by the jury.

Rittenhouse is facing a grocery cart full of charges, which includes first-degree homicide and reckless homicide.

The trial is slated to begin on Monday.

Source: New York Post

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12 Responses

    1. Rittenhouse is a hero. I have seen the tapes many times and he was defending himself from scumbags who wanted to do him great bodily harm or even kill him. Why charges were even brought against him just goes to show how corrupt our legal system is.

  1. goes back to old addage, you loot we shoot, or if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

  2. I saw the clip and this man was about to get smashed as he shot the thugs !
    This is the Big guys front line !
    A political moron who justifies burning America for power . The President !!!

  3. This has got to be the ONLY actually honest Judge in the United States !!!! Now if somebody would do something about the totally Liberal prosecutors that are behind ALL of this idiotic BULLSNOT and covering for the REAL CRIMINALS that are causing ALL of the problems, like the two THUGS that Kyle was forced to defended himself against, maybe our society actually has half a chance !!! #F**K JOE BUDEN !!!

  4. The judge made the right call. If they don’t like it drop the case against him and move on with their life.

  5. BRAVO to Rittenhouse !!!! He showed a few of the tree swinging , bannana eating TERRORIST of black TRASH matters , what is going to happen if the rest of the Patriots come looking for them . The inbred bannana eaters better hope there isn’t a civil war , because most of the crosshairs are going to be on the degenerates of black TRASH matters !!!

  6. This kid should never of been charged because he would be dead if he hadn’t of defended himself .Totally justifiable. These democrats are destroying America. I never seen such hate filled mean lawbreakers, constitution breakers, indangering America with these illegals . Except maybe 2 whole democrats in power should be charged with treason. They want to make these dangerous illegals citizens. That’s insanity. They want Americans gone I think unless your a criminal or illegal

  7. Shortly after this tragedy , there were PLENTY OF VIDEOS OF THIS EVENT on the internet. They showed Kyle Rittenhouse fleeing for his life while being chased by three ,or four thugs- I don’t recall exact number. Kyle had what I estimate to be about a forty foot lead . However , the lead pursuer , call him skate board guy , was very fast. Kyle under the handicap of a back pack and gun , was caught and knocked flat on his face by skate board guy . Skate board guy then turned, and was back at him and prepared (Past TENSE ) to kick Kyle’s head for a field goal. Kyle had managed to roll over and sit up when Skate-Board-Field-Kicker was about to send Kyle’s head down field about forty yards when he was shot .The other two had closed and were in attack mode.I believe another one of them was shot . A pistol was found , whose unknown It was a travesty that Kyle was charged . His lawyer must have been deaf, dumb, blind and stupid. Exonerating evidence was everywhere.

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