Rittenhouse Murder Trial Takes Ugly Turn… for Prosecution

Over the last couple of days, the case against Kyle Rittenhouse has completely fallen apart right before the prosecution.

Ironically, one of the most damning statements came from a prosecution witness, a so-called “victim” of Rittenhouse.

Gaige Grosskreutz openly admitted that Rittenhouse only shot him after he pursued Rittenhouse and drew a weapon on him.

One Strike, Two Strike…

To be very blunt here, this situation never should have happened, let alone this specific case getting to this point.

Had the police controlled these riots, the so-called militia would not have been needed to protect local businesses and property.

In this case, Rittenhouse, who lives full-time in Illinois, was working in Wisconsin as a lifeguard.

During the BLM rioting, he joined other volunteers to help protect businesses from looting.

We have all seen the videos, and I would challenge anyone to show where Rittenhouse was the aggressor.

In fact, when Kenosha Police Department Detective Ben Antaramian was on the stand, he testified that the only time Rittenhouse ever discharged his weapon was when he was in danger.

That is strike one.

Strike two should have resulted in the judge dismissing the case on the spot.

Gaige Grosskreutz, an alleged shooting victim of Rittenhouse’s, gave up the tapes that pretty much sealed the outcome of this case.

Rittenhouse’s attorney, Corey Chirafisi, showed Grosskreutz a still picture of the shooting, which had him with a gun in hand, aimed at Rittenhouse.

Chirafisi then asked, “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun — now your hand’s down — pointed at him, that — that he fired, correct?”

Grosskreutz replied, “Correct.”

That statement makes it self-defense, period.

Here is the exchange, but note in the bottom half of the tweet how the leftist media framed the key parts of the testimony…

This entire case has been a sham and railroading from the outset.

Anyone that watched the videos of the shooting from beginning to end knows he acted in self-defense.

Furthermore, this never would have happened if the local police were doing their job instead of being ordered to sit on the sidelines by local officials.

Source: Breitbart

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7 Responses

  1. When did “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” stop being our belief? 27 states, and many other entities, have filed suit against BIDEN for the unconstitutional “VAX MANDATE” yet our SCOTUS seems oblivious to the damage it is doing to our citizens, our military and our police and firemen and REFUSE TO ACT! BIDEN urges the jury to “do the right thing” in the Floyd trial, and then the defendant is not allowed public defender access to file an appeal. The Jan 6th demonstrators attorneys are denied access to evidence that could provide proof of their innocence by a DC court, while they linger in inhuman detention. BIDEN and the radical Communists who have taken over our country is intent on destroying our economy, removing our rights, demoralizing our military, and making our REPUBLIC A FEDERALIST GOVERNMENT! THIS IS OBVIOUS SELF DEFENSE! THE JUDGE NEEDS TO BE DEBARRED! WE ALL NEED TO ENSURE THE POLITICAL LEAN OF EVERY JUDGE WE VOTE FOR AS SOME ARE OBVIOUS LEFTIST RADICALS WHO WILL NOT PROVIDE EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW!

  2. There needs to be charges charging these communist democrat pedophile cult party members for creating these riots and looting and the releasing of known criminals to the street creating all this turmoil!

  3. “Furthermore, this never would have happened if the local police were doing their job instead of being ordered to sit on the sidelines by local officials.”

    Local officials can order police to violate their oath as a police officer to control a violent crowd which is placing people and property in danger?
    Looks like, to me, these local officials are co-conpiitors to looting and burning, etc..

  4. The Far Left Fake news Media needs to stop being puppets to the Left and Start Reporting The Injustices that have Been Happening to the Legal Tax Paying American Citizens since before the Biden/Harris Admin took over. Also every Local Mayor or Governor that had Police stand Down and Allowed the Rioting, Looting and Millions in Damages to Happen are All Guilty of Failing to Up Hold Their Oaths of Office to Protect Their Constituents and Responsible For the Injustices that LAW ABIDING LEGAL TAX PAYING AMERICAN CITIZENS Have had to deal with Because of Their Incompetence and Disregard for Public Safety!

  5. Good Shooting Kyle !!!!
    Congratulations 3 for 3
    If you had a automatic shotgun you’re chances go way up !
    HUNTER FOR VP !! Brandon jr.
    TRUMP 24/28/32/36
    Never Democrat

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