Rittenhouse Wants a Sit Down with Joe Biden

Kyle Rittenhouse is making the most of his time in the limelight.

He now has a special message for Joe Biden.

Rittenhouse is requesting a sit down to discuss the characterizations that Joe Biden cast on him after the shooting.

Hey, Joe, Let’s Talk

As we all know, Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges in his murder trial.

Prior to that, however, Joe Biden had hit Rittenhouse with the label of being a white supremacist.

Biden even used his image in a campaign video for white supremacy to take a shot at Trump.

Rittenhouse is not a white supremacist. There is no such proof and Biden and the media should be sued for defamation.

However, Rittenhouse does not appear to be ready to take on such a case, stating that he just wants to move forward and enjoy the next chapter of his life.

That being said, Rittenhouse, while talking to Glenn Beck, had a direct message for Joe Biden.

Beck asked Rittenhouse if Joe Biden has reached out to him yet to apologize for what he said about him.

He responded, “He hasn’t.

“I would like to sit down with the president and have a conversation with him and tell him the facts of what happened.”

Beck also asked him about his future plans, especially regarding attending school.

When word got out that Rittenhouse wanted to attend Arizona State University, student groups protested to have him blocked from attending the school in person.

To the school’s credit, it has not buckled to the student demands.

Rittenhouse stated, “That’s where I wanna go. I don’t want people to control what I do and where I go to school.”

“I have as much of a right as anybody else to get an education and go to a school I want to go to.”

Source: New York Post

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14 Responses

    1. They are the greatest enemy of the US in our history. makes the taliban , carter, nixon look like double saints. get them out of our taxpayers white house any way possible. they are the most dangerous enemy we have had in years and years. Make 9/11 look good besides the communist white house

  1. I hope, if he gets a meeting with the liar joe, he has his lawyers with him or the liar joe will spin the meeting like none other.

  2. Who are the snowflakes that don’t want Rittenhouse at Arizona State? Why should they have ANY say about who attends the University? Again it is the minority getting their way over the majority. Why is this? Who are the snowflakes afraid of and why?

      1. Yes a great post Carbine. Seems you have some vested in this country by serving in the military. Keep the strong comments coming. I have a feeling that a lot more people agree with you than you think,

  3. Joe will never agree to talk to Kyle. Biden has lost his mind and probably doesn’t even know who Kyle is. This meeting will never happen.

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