RNC: White House Fixes Biden’s Gaffe’s for Good Reason

This week, there have been plenty of whispers that Joe Biden is fed up with his staffers telling the media what he meant to say.

Apparently, in Joe’s eyes, all those gaffes his staff is trying to explain away were not gaffes at all.

RNC spokesperson Paris Dennard thinks he has it all figured out, and I guarantee you Joe will not be happy with this.


So, the rumors around DC are that Joe Biden is getting frustrated.

So frustrated, in fact, that we could see a massive shakeup in the White House sooner rather than later.

If Joe can keep his cool, I would suspect the turnover will be under control until after the mid-term election cycle.

Regardless of how bad Joe is doing, a massive turnover right before the election would be a sign of panic and hurt the party even more than he is already.

Realistically, though, if Joe’s staff were not cleaning up his mess, we would probably already be at war with Russia.

Dennard breaks it all down…

Do you think Biden is an incompetent buffoon or do you think he is doing an okay job?

While I believe I know the answer, I sure am looking forward to your comments on this one!

Remember, say what you want, but no profanity, please, because we want all the comments to be posted!

Source: Fox News

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40 Responses

  1. Biden will go down in history as THE WORST American President ever. He and the Democrat politicians have abandoned the American people. They are doing every thing they can to turn America into a 3rd world country. It is DISGUSTING

    1. I agree 100%. He is an incompetent buffoon, but also has increasingly severe dementia and he has “saddled” himself with a VP who is as close to being completely incompetent as I have ever seen.

  2. Of course he’s always been an idiot and now Dementia has taken over his febbly mind. DR Jill SHOULD arrested and charged with SR ABUSE

  3. We can only hope this clown is let go very soon. We all know the 2020 election was stolen and this clown got 81 votes if he was lucky. He got NO where close to 81 million votes, unless you count all the illegal votes across this entire nation. If anyone is an illegal president, this clown fits the bill.

  4. Since he got into office the USA is in big trouble. He doesn’t care about the American people. He has distorted this country. It was great when Trump was our president and Biden has messed everything up.

  5. If biden would watch Fox News or newsmax instead of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC OR CBS that are as crooked and far left as he is, then he would find out the TRUE facts about what is going on in this country and what Americans really think of him. How can his ratings be so low and he doesn’t know about it. He needs to become an adult and admit what an awful job he is doing Instead of blaming the kid next door.

    1. With Alzheimer patients they have no thought process and he never did in the first place so he is hit twice as hard. Folks meet your brainless illegal president, Joey Boy Biden.

  6. I give up. Everything that is the truth about this imposter is censored when I am only writing the truth. I won’t be following this site anymore.

  7. He has just about destroyed our country and I don’t understand how we have elected people that can just sit by and let him do what he is doing. I feel like too many are telling him what to do as he has something to go by each time he speaks and they are the ones that are helping him bring our country down. Why don’t the American people speak up and do something or our elected people in congress what are they there for. I just pray we can make it through the next election for if we don’t get someone else in there in 2020 we can’t survive 2 more years of the Democrates and Joe Biden.

  8. He is an example of things to come. Remember be careful what, ( yes what) you vote into power. Clintons, Joey B, Obama, Pelosi, AOCie, Schumer, and the list goes on and on. Oh yea Lightfoot.

  9. Democrats under Joe Biden and his polices will be causing this country decades of dismay. I’m glad I am in my final years and won’t see how bad this country has become. Democrats are a real joke!

  10. Biden is totally incompetent decision are made by him it borders on crimes. If he continues the USA will be totally destroyed. Please have Congress decide and take on immediate action to have him resign due to Inability , to lead the USA and due to Mental Disability, Dementia

    1. Joe makes no decisions, his handlers do it all and they are all communists and will be identified soon.

    2. The only problem is who will take his place – isn’t that what the VP position is all about? It is sad to say, but
      I believe that Kamala Harris would be an even worse nightmare than Biden!

  11. The ONLY reason this bumbling poser has not been impeached (or worse) is because NOBODY wants Harris or Pelosi to replace him.

  12. The shining leader of the Democrat Party. The US Political Party of, by and for CRIMINALS. He also leads the Biden Family money laundering enterprise.

  13. Biden needs to clean house ASAP, including himself, being sure to close and lock the door behind him.

  14. Biden is a total mess, I can’t believe anyone voted for this arrogan, ignorant man. He is totally destroying our country, on purpose. Whoever is pulling his strings hates the USA .

  15. Ask Why ?
    meets thier agenda

    Research Hitler and the Brown shirts
    then you realize what is going on

    the villiage idiot is the biggest moron in history

    like judas in the bible , he does not know he is being used for a purpose

    when done he will be cast into the lake of fire , like all who hate God and reject truth for the lie

  16. This is the most incompetent and destructive administration in my lifetime. I don’t know whether Biden s a baffoon or an outright liar!

  17. There was definitely a theft of the office of president. Had Biden computer was exposed prior to voting, there would have been no Biden as president. This was a conspiracy and it continues. We cannot have a president that doesn’t even believe in our CONSTITUTION. It is not a living document. It is Solid as Stone. WE THE PEOPLE.

  18. After the midterms, OBRIBEM will have the distinct honor of being a 2 year lame duck!!!!!!
    As he, the illegitimate KENYAN, has been quoted “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up”.
    BEND OVER BIDEN was a FOOL for entering into the agreement to let the kenyan run the country in exchange for getting him elected, but then again, BEND OVER BIDEN has
    NEVER been the brightest crayon in the box!!!!!!

  19. He’s a buffoon. When we get a Republican house and senate they can impeach Joe and Kamala and it would be a republican speaker of the house that would take over for 2 years. There’s plenty of ammo for impeachment. Can’t afford 2 more years of Joe.

  20. If the Republicans do not get off their a– and fix the voting process in the several Dimwit states we will have more stolen elections. The Democrats in several states send mail in or drop off ballets to everyone on the registered Democrat list, not once, but several times. What do you think happens to all those ballets? Do they get harvested, filled out and dropped off in stacks by one individual at the drop off boxes? We keep seeing videos of one person dropping off stacks of ballets, and some individuals are recorded dropping off stacks at several different drop sites. See how easy it was for Biden to get so many votes. If not fixed we will not win the next Presidential election and may not gain a majority in Congress at the midterm. Voter ID. and not drop off stacks of illegal ballets, or we keep loosing to the Democrat crooks.

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