RNC Says It Will Sue Joe Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden crossed a line this week that he never should have crossed.

Biden issued vaccine mandates that are clearly overreaching federal authority.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is fighting back, announcing the RNC will be suing the Biden administration to block the mandates.

Too Far

This is a very pivotal time in this country that will decide just how far Americans are willing to allow the government to go.

When Biden announced his mandates on Thursday, most people reading this article right now believe he went too far.

This is a power grab in the small business sector, and we simply cannot allow it to happen.

McDaniel is taking up the fight, stating, “Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate.

“Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden’s unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees, but when his decree goes into effect, the RNC will sue the administration to protect Americans and their liberties.”

I would suspect this will be the first of many lawsuits that Joe Biden and his administration will face on this front.

Liberals may be willing to let Joe Biden take over their lives and limit their freedoms, but I strongly doubt conservatives will stand for this.

I honestly don’t think Biden has a clue as to the hornet’s nest he just poked.

Source: Fox News

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39 Responses

  1. I don’t feel like goverment has the right to force people or companies to force Experimenal Vaccines on any American Citizen…this is suppose to be land of the free!

    1. What can you expect from the party who brought you slavery, the confederacy, the kkk, Jim crow laws and fought against all civil rights. That’s right folks the dems have always thought themselves so superior that they should be able to own you. That has never changed and never will. This is exactly how the nazis thought as well and they had no problem experimenting on people so it’s no surprise now that the current nazi party thinks they get to experiment on us. We cant afford to wait another year. The nazis killed millions in that kind of time how many will this new version be responsible for?

      1. To put it plainly, the democrat party has never been anything other than communist thinking. They are using this “covid” as a political weapon to to shut everything down. There is no covid threat any more than there is a “flu” threat. Covid has a shadowy name and that is Communism.

    2. You are so right. We are suppose to be in a free country not Russia. Why doesn’t Biden go to Hitler country! And why are so many people easily brain washed. Oh yeah, I forgot Hitler did the same thing and killed millions

  2. He crossed the line as a felony charge in Ukraine also. How can we have a felon President and protect our security with someone like that? Are we what kind of country now?


  4. Biden doesn’t have a clue and he is not doing it. Identify the person or persons behind the curtain and you will have answers to many of Baden’s decisions.
    If you remember on his first day in the White House he signed many executive orders, which means that they were already drawn up and printed. Could this have been planned before he took office, could he have lied to the American People??
    Think about it.

    1. canam884 Biden isn’t saying things on line. Someone else is doing this. He is a puppet on a string and when they have to jerk the string, he has to stop talking and walk off. He has Dementia and he about gone in his mind. No telling what he will do next. He could shoot a bunch of people. He needs to be gone as President and now. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can spit. If he has sent money to a different Country. Then the whole Administration needs to go and I mean all of them. Fancy Nancy will be run out of Washington and so will Schumer. The Dems better be finding hiding places. The will tear down the fence an shut her up.

    2. This is so true. But beware this mandate is a coverup for a lot deeper garbage. Like giving all these afghanistan refugees plenty to live on for years on our taxpayers, besides half of them were not vetted properly and on purpose, and already China has taken over a base in Afghanistan. Just watch China in this Administration. This is all very scary to me, I hope more will check it out.

      1. Very scary In deed . Everything was planned many years In advance, just like Fauci’s man made virus . And we paid for it !!!!

    1. Cant wait till college football this sat. If Biden thought they were disrespectful to him then just wait! F- BIDEN SHOULD BE HEATD LOUD AND CLEAR!

  5. We, the people have the right to accept or reject this shot (which is not a vaccine) If this mandate goes through, we are definitely on our way to carnage., It must not be allowed to be mandated…FREE Choice on innoculations.

    betty cook

  6. Biden needs to go! He has the bllod of Americans and thousands of Afghans on his hands! He is a tyrant and dictator!

  7. Still here ……
    It’s time to arrest Biden.
    Try him for fraud, lies, insurrection, treason.
    When found guilty, shoot this lieing hypocrite

    1. When you arrest Biden, make sure you arrest his puppeteers also (Obama and crew). Biden is only the puppet – he doesn’t even know where he is half of the time!

  8. The Biden administration is a total lie and an abomination we all know president Trump won but these lying worthless liberals stole the election they are not to be trusted, they are responsible for the pandemic, fauchy and the chinese gov. created the covid now they want to stick you with a needle full of who knows what, they designed this covid to take out 75% of the people on the world, you people who took the needle, you really trust these lying liberals, not me.

  9. nail that piece of crap he has no right to be in that office or out in public he needs to be in a home for the mentally imparied

  10. To make it a law how people conduct their lives, vaccines, abortions, etc. is only not the American way, it is not constitutional. This is not comunist Russia or Nazi Germany. We are not sheep being led to the farm so that we can be controlled! It is about time this SOB we call a president better be relieved of command and put in a home for old demented people who have lost most of their mind.

  11. I call for a RECOUNT on the last election —- MINUS all of the fake and invalid ballots!! Trump was definitely robbed in a highly organized fashion….. S C A R Y !!!

    1. And, it was against our laws! Biden is NOT capable of running our country! His shadow government (Obama and crew) are actually the ones determining policy. And, Obama is known to have Middle Eastern ties that aren’t friendly to America! And, when our election was stolen, there should have been an immediate investigation into the theft. It is only due to Conservative State Representatives that we are able to now prove that the elections in several states were corrupted (i.e. Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, etc.). The Democrats illegally tampered with our election and American citizens should not let them get away with it! Our voting laws need to be more stringent so that this never happens again. We are the laughing stock of the world with Biden in office – he should have never been there in the first place!

  12. It is LONG past time for “RESIDENT” Biden & his 1st Slut to get the hell out of OUR White House! The ENTIRE demonRAT party needs to go the way of the Tories, the Whigs & the Dodo… extinct! The Mafia has NOTHING on the Biden crime family! Or how Biden is OWNED by the CCP!!! How long are the American people going to put up with that rat bastard playing the dead son card?? If you’re old enough you’ll remember that’s how he got into office in the 1st place! Playing the dead wife & daughter card. He’s been USELESS for the last 50 years!!! EVERYTHING he’s put his hand to has gone wrong. On EVERY issue, he’s been on the WRONG side!!! To ANYONE & EVERYONE who voted democrat last November, I have only one thing to say…..THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! Still like the choice you made!?

  13. Just saw a photo of soros and Pelosi, nazi commies, they want to kill us all. The VACCINATED are making the variants, DEADLIER variants. Ust read an article about it. That’s why they want every single person to have it, they want us DEAD!

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