Rogan Unloads on CNN’s Don Lemon for Pushing Debunked Lie

Last week, Joe Rogan had CNN’s medical analyst Sanjay Gupta on his show.

Rogan had no problem calling out Gupta for his shortcomings or the outright lies being pushed by people like Don Lemon regarding his medical care.

After Lemon again pushed the debunked narrative, well, Rogan went off.

You Dumb…

When Joe Rogan had Gupta on the show, they discussed his medical treatment after testing positive for COVID.

His doctor threw the kitchen sink at it, including Ivermectin, a drug with both a human and equine formulation.

While the drug has not been officially approved for COVID treatments, many doctors have successfully used it to treat their patients, including Rogan’s.

This was Rogan and Gupta discussing it…

Gupta then went on with Don Lemon, where they had some fun at Rogan’s expense, not to mention Lemon again trying to make it sound as though Rogan took the equine rather than the human version of the drug…

Rogan responded, in part, saying, “This is what’s so funny about that. They don’t understand that when they say things that are absolutely untrue, it diminishes their authority. They’re not even aware of what they’re doing.

“When Don Lemon goes on with Sanjay Gupta and says, ‘Actually, it really is a veterinary medicine. It really is horse dewormer.'”

Michael Malice, Rogan’s guest on the show, stated, “This was the lie- he goes, ‘It’s not a lie to say it’s also used as horse medicine.’ But that’s not what you said.

“You didn’t you say ‘this drug, which also is used for horses.’ Of what relevance is that?”

Rogan responded, “It doesn’t have any relevance.

“It’s exactly what you’re talking about with penicillin and with a gigantic number of medicines that also have veterinary applications. But by doing that, you just, you just proved my point.

“They don’t even understand what they just did. You think no one’s, like, it’s going to end with you? Because it used to be that way. They would say something and no one would have recourse.

“But when you’re saying something, and then the person you’re saying it about has literally tens times the audience you do, you dumb motherf—–. Do you know what you did? You just proved my point.”

It will be interesting to see how Lemon feels about that. Perhaps he will offer to take Rogan into the ring to settle this once and for all (but we all know Lemon is too much of a coward to do that).

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses

      1. Rogan should have brought up to Gupta that Ivermectin won the Nobel prize for use in humans just a few years ago and is responsible for saving hundreds of thousands of human lives.

  1. CNN? Only people listen to CNN are the uninform and stupid sheep. CNN has never told the truth. Their boss hate President Trump so he lies to the people. But the sheep are really that stupid because they don’t research anything. Stupid does as stupid say. Lazy people won’t survive joe Biden reign of terror. Better wake your stupidity will kill you.

  2. ivermectin is bad for CNN only because they’re a load of parasites ,with brains like amoebas

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