Clinton Campaign Manager Rolls Over on Hillary

Durham’s endgame has finally been revealed.

The target at the top of the food chain appears to be Hillary Clinton.

Michael Sussmann is just one small breadcrumb that must be gobbled up to find out where that loaf of bread is stashed.

First Crack

When the Durham probe was first launched, I openly questioned if it would lead anywhere.

It had all the makings of a big nothing burger and until the last few weeks, I thought I was right.

I hope I am not being overly optimistic in achange of heart while I take a few forks of crow, but I think I see what he is doing now.

Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook, was called to the stand on Friday.

Mook testified that Hillary was directly involved in the decision to push the Russian collusion angle against Trump.

This did three things for prosecutors:

First, it was another nail in the coffin to show that Sussman was working for Hillary when he went to the FBI to push the information on them.

Secondly, it allows the prosecutors to reintroduce this tweet below back into evidence…

That tweet had been dismissed as hearsay initially, but Mook’s testimony changed that, and the judge is now allowing it.

Third, it establishes a direct link to Hillary Clinton that we have yet to be able to prove.

We all knew it was there, but nobody had come forward until Mook uttered the words, “I discussed it with Hillary as well.”

What would be nice now is if it creates a link that has Hillary ordering Sussmann to send the information to the FBI.

Will we get there? Well, that will depend on this Democrat jury and this Democrat judge.

If prosecutors are able to get a guilty verdict, and make no mistake about it, that is the only verdict there should be, it will fall to the sentencing issued by Judge Cooper, an Obama appointee.

If Cooper gives a slap on the wrist, it is game over.

If, however, Cooper decides to throw the book at Sussmann, I believe Sussmann will start to sing and implicate Hillary to get a deal for himself.

That, my friends, is John Durham’s endgame.

Source: Fox News


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