WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Does 180, Says White House Got It Wrong with Garland at AG

When Joe Biden picked Merrick Garland as his attorney general, the left, including most media outlets, applauded the decision.

If they could not have Garland on the Supreme Court, the next best thing was for Biden to appoint him as the Attorney General.

The praise included the Washington Post’s opinion writer Jennifer Rubin, praise she is now taking back.

Praise to Condemnation

During Garland’s confirmation hearings, Rubin slobbered all over her column with a headline, “Merrick Garland shows why he was the right pick to be attorney general.”

She wrote, “Merrick Garland, appearing for his confirmation hearing to lead the Justice Department on Monday, was the model of judicial deportment, precision and character.

“Two dozen years as a federal appeals court judge provided him with an aura of authority that largely silenced Republican partisans looking for a gotcha question or wedge to create controversy.”

Rubin has now done a complete 180 on Garland. Why has this happened? Because he has not made it his sole mission in life to put Trump behind bars, perhaps because there is nothing there to go after Trump.

Here are the two headlines, only months apart…

She explained, writing, “Attorneys who did their jobs professionally would have nothing to worry about in a top-to-bottom review of the department’s conduct.

“Investigating wrongdoing, rooting out unethical behavior and getting to the bottom of the politicization of the department are central to restoring the Justice Department’s reputation.

“In allowing miscreants to escape accountability (unless Horowitz snares them in his inquiries), Garland has effectively told his department that there are no consequences for unethical or even illegal conduct.”

Her column continued, “Garland does the department and the legal profession no favors by allowing former Justice Department political appointees to escape consequences for their conduct.

“To the contrary, he is encouraging future political appointees to do the bidding of the White House rather than upholding the independence of the department.”

She added, “It seems Garland is not the right person for his job, which requires determination to clean house and reestablish the highest standards for the department. That requires the ability to absorb political attacks from those who object to his mission to root out misbehavior.

“If he cannot explain to critics that a thorough investigation is not partisan, but an essential part of reasserting legal norms, he is not up to the challenge before him.”

This now pits both the left and right against Garland, not a good sign for the new Attorney General and surely not a good sign for Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

  1. Gee… If I didn’t know who and what Rubin is, I’d think she was talking about fraudulent FISA warrants and Holders merry band of empty-suited thugs.

  2. Wel, well, we’ll! Someone woke up! We all know Garland was a bad choice, but “ boss man Obama” wanted him, so there he is! Any questions who is running this sham presidency?

  3. Merrick Garland as his Attorney General, the left, including most media outlets, applauded the decision.
    until November 2024.
    If they could not have Garland on the Supreme Court for Life

  4. Jennifer Rubin is another babbling, brainless leftist selling the narrative of the day without the forethought needed to have any consistency. She is typically wrong about everything she writes and wrong about everything wrong. The Amazon Washington Post has become a poorly written hack leftist yellow sheet hardly worth bird cage liner.

  5. It should be very obvious who is really calling the shots destroying our country, as we all know O’biden couldn’t change his own diaper let alone make an important decision. Osama got his 3rd term by orchestrating the theft of the 2020 election to continue taking America down.

  6. Their was never any doubt in my mind that Obama was running this country. Please America wake up and take back your country. Resist before it is to late.

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