Rubio Legislation Would Block Funding for Allowing Non-Citizens Voting Rights

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) just made a big move against Democrats.

The new trend in Democrat cities and states is to allow non-citizens voting rights.

The latest being New York City, extending voting rights to some 800,000 non-citizens.

If Rubio has his way, they will all pay a dear price for tainting our voting process.

Citizen’s Right

The right to vote in this country has always been a constitutionally protected right of citizens.

However, about two dozen locales in the country allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

With the announcement of New York City allowing 800,000 non-citizens to vote, Rubio hopes to stop it.

Rubio stated, “No city which allows non-U.S. citizens to vote should receive U.S. government funds.

“Next week I am going to file a bill to make that the law.”

His bill, which will be difficult to pass in both chambers, would prevent any U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to cities that allow non-citizens to vote.

This would be a crushing blow, especially to major cities like New York, which rely on federal funding to remain operational.

Democrats keep doing everything they can to cheapen our citizenship, which must be stopped.

What I do not think most people understand is that allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections is just as devastating, if not more, than national elections.

Local elections are what control city and state legislatures, which is where all the significant changes are handled.

If Democrats can pack these ballot boxes, they get to take over every local legislature, which means gerrymandering will be in overdrive.

This must be stopped. I doubt we will be able to do much about it with Democrats in charge, but that all stops next year, then we can make our move.

Source: Newsmax

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11 Responses

  1. New York city is a disgrace and shouldn’t get any of our tax dollars. Let them live on their own tax dollars, of which the 800,000 will contribute nothing.

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  2. I live in NY and I totally agree I don’t think any state that allows illegals to vote should get any funding at all across the board. I will be calling SCHUMERS office and the Governors office

  3. This is way the dems want open borders! These are our replacements! They are being brain washed onto thinking that voting for dems is a good thing. How disappointed they will be in a few years when they find out that they are living under another dictator. Sad time for America. Thank God for senator Rubio.

  4. Letting non-citizens the right to vote in local elections is another slap in the face to all legal citizens

  5. Nothing will happen untill Republican are in charge.Impeach Biden Harris and fire all the devils now in charge.The courts should step in and stop this nonsense

  6. well trump couldnt stop the fed dollors from flowing to ca illegals have been voting local for the last couple of yrars

  7. Any city that allows non citizens to vote in elections in this country should NOT receive any Federal funding. The more that is given to non citizens, the more of them will sneak across our borders.

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