Senator Rubio Torches Biden Over Alleged List

Over the last few days, reports have been breaking regarding an alleged list given to the Taliban.

The list, according to reports, featured the names of Americans and Afghans trying to get to the airport.

Some Republicans have taken to calling this a “kill list,” and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) obliterated Biden on this front.

What Were You Thinking?

As rumors of the list were flying around, Joe Biden did not even deny this was a possibility.

It is as though it does not even register with him that handing the names of Americans and/or Afghan nationals to terrorists could have negative repercussions.

Rubio penned a letter to Biden, slamming him for such idiocy.

Rubio stated, “I am greatly distressed by your admission that your administration may have provided a list of American citizens, legal permanent residents and vulnerable Afghans to the Taliban.

“Regardless of the assurances your administration may have received from the Taliban, your decision to believe them was nothing less than irresponsible and naïve.”

Rubio’s letter was sent after Biden’s Friday presser when he stunned the nation with the admission.

Biden, at the time, stated, “I can’t tell you with any certainty that there’s actually been a list of names.

“There may have been, but I know of no circumstances. Doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

“It could very well have happened.”

The reports surfaced after anonymous administration officials leaked the report to the media out of utter outrage that such a measure would even be entertained by our State Department.

Rubio, in his letter, also took aim at any and all administration officials tied to this disastrous withdrawal.

He stated, “This action has endangered Americans, and our allies, who have been unable to leave Afghanistan and seriously calls into question your administration’s decision making.”

The words sound great, Senator Rubio, but now we all want to see action.

Source: The Hill

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24 Responses

  1. He appears not to use the word TREASON.

    Here are a particle list of criminals that aided and abetted the enemy.

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken
    Nations Security Adviser Jake Sullivan
    Secretary of Defense Gen Lloyd Austin
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Markk Milley
    Commander U.S. Central Command General Kenneth F. McKenzie
    Mr. Joseph Biden Acting Commander and Chief

    Their treason was well planned, well coordinated, willful and intentional.
    They were very competent at supporting our enemy and weakening our nation.

    1. If a Terrorist attack should happen I hope it is at the WH while all those people are having a meeting.

      1. I agree 💯 that everyone needs to see the list and that Treason was committed against the US. This was a purposeful surrendering of Americans and Afghan people who helped us out. Also surrendering of military equipment to our enemy. It weakens America and makes it shameful

    2. Excellent and concise statement. Old Schmo Joe and his Son (the smartest man he knows) should be in a Dungeon to rot like the Beast He is!!!!

    3. It is 100% treason. All of these must be taken out. Last time I read TREASON is a crime in the United States. But wait these men are trying to change our America. Get rid of them all for helping and abetting the enemy. They are the enemy!

    4. I believe Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, & Joe Schumer need to be added to the partial list and all need to be brought up on charges in Congress for Treason.
      Congress needs to act now!

    5. All those mentioned by Mac Kean need to be prosecuted for treason and many more. In what world are there actions right or moral?

      The military leaders on site are also guilty of aiding the enemy as they left $83 million in equipment and munitions for the enemy. Even if Traitor Joe gave orders to evacuate, in what world was it not right and moral to at the very least destroy all that was left behind? Already there are pictures and video’s of Taliban soldiers armed with American battle rifles as they search for and murder Afghanistan citizens who supported our mission in their country. People whose names were provided to the Taliban by Traitor Joe. Traitor Jie that not only admitted to providing the list, he even bragged about it. As Comander in Chief of our armed forces he should already be arrested by military police as anyone else that aided the enemy. It is a national disgrace that he remains free.

    1. They are all in the swamp hole together. I don’t understand how a congress that claims they have the best interest of American Citizens, can Impeach President Trump twice on bogus charges won’t Impeach this POS Biden. WHY CONGRESS??? Please tell us.

      1. I agree with you 100% and I think they should be charged with treason! They should do what we used to do with traitors!

  2. The more stranded Americans, the fewer Republican voters at the next election(s)!!!!

  3. We have the capability and majority americans demand to physically take back what Biden and company gave to terrorists so DO it!
    Can not forget those who died this past week because of these political slugs but Joece gave terrorists a hit list of innocent Americans and Afghanistans to torture and execute.
    Why are we not demanding removal of ALL responsible for what has happened in Afghanistan, why are we tolerating destruction of the USA by fraud and fraudulent elected self serving freaking idiots. If you are not against what is happening then you are for it.

  4. I think there’s more than dementia joe doing all this don’t forget the squad led by AOC their all Muslims and if their behind any of getting Americans killed then they all need to be tried for treason and either jail them for life or for murder and execute them !!

  5. This administration is out of control this is the first time in my life. And I’m 80 years old that I feel we don’t have a commander in chief for the last 8 months. This is a joke of a ministration I hope and pray that it’s not to late to reverse this situation but if they stay in command we as a nation ARE F- – -ED. May GOD BLESS AMERICA

  6. Why is the scarecrow and crew still walking around, free? By now they should have been arrested, charged with treason and put in prison waiting their punishment. When will this take place? All of the United States and most tof the free world is waiting.

  7. If you’re not religious it does matter but do you suppose this is Gods great plan to expose how evil democrats really are.

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