Obama-era Education Secretary May Run Against Lightfoot

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been under the gun virtually her entire administration.

Lightfoot has led her city deeper into the rabbit hole of violent crime and homicides.

While it was assumed Dems would allow to run unopposed, that may no longer be the case.

We Need Change

Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education, sounds like he is ready to throw his hat into the ring.

Be it the violent crime in the city or the fact Chicago’s schools are closing again, Duncan seems to have seen about all he can handle out of Lightfoot.

When Duncan was asked about facing off against Lightfoot, he stated, “I will absolutely look at this as we go forward long-term.

“If I think I can make a bigger difference in another seat, I’ll absolutely look at that.”

He clarified, “I’m not running for anything right now.

“But I am deeply concerned about where we are as a city.

“Nobody feels like we’re in a good place. … Our city’s in a really tough spot.

“I’ve lived here all my life. I love this city.

“As I talk to folks, they’re probably more concerned now than at any time that I can remember.”

It is hard to imagine Lightfoot being able to fend off any credible candidate, especially if that individual has ties to Obama.

I would love to see a conservative get a crack at this city to see what could be done, but regardless, Lightfoot has to go.

Do you think Lightfoot can beat a challenge in the primary?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. There hasn’t been a Republican mayor in Chicago for over 90 years, so the odds of getting a conservative there are near zero.

    1. Too bad because that is exactly what the city needs! If someone got up and told the general population how this place went downhill for the past 90 years, they would have a good chance of getting in.

  2. Surely there is a good Republican, certainly NOT Kinzinger, who could run against the demented dem Lightfoot. That is exactly what Chicago needs, a honest, fair, law & order Republican to put the city in a good place and make it safe to live there and keep the kids in school. I know there must be one that is willing to fight for Chicago and the citizens there and surely Chicaagoans are sick and tired of the lies and corruption of the democrat party.

  3. I think that Chicago needs a great change, a Republican that can straighten things out, once and for all. Lightfoot is a racism, and a failure to the city. It is time that Chicago wakes up and decide that the Rats are no good for their city. At least let the Republicans give it a try. The city cannot end up any worse than it is!

  4. Let’s hope that she is unseated. It’s what is best for that poor city and all the crime. She is too stubborn to admit that defunding the police was a very, very bad idea and now wants the government to help her out.

  5. Littlefoot should of been out. She has destroyed chicago. She is racism. She denies it. She a liar. Everything she doing is wrong. And she can not not make it good. She defunds the police .and its wrong cause everyone needs police they are there for us . If i were police i would not protect her home. And now she crying for help.when she turn it down befor. I would not help her she destroy chicago so bad. People dont want to go there now because the way everything is. This is all her fault.i dont even go chicago now since she been in office. It is diffently time for her to go. Get her out. Its about time for republicans to come in and take over csuse they can do the job better .

  6. you might have noticed many of the demoncrats who were loudly demanding “defund the police” had private security details. when they realized they had screwed up they claimed it was the republicans who defunded the police. people get the government they deserve. chicago voted for lightweight and they can live with the consequences.

  7. Lightfoot is an incompetent fool but that doesn’t seem to matter historically in Democrat run cities. Ghetto voters have more trust for someone they perceive to be like themselves as we saw years ago with Marion Barry in DC. Despite his moral flaws and criminal behavior he resonated with the majority of DC voters.

  8. Arne Duncan was one of the architects of this debacle. As head of public schools, during the Rahm Emanual debacle. He would lower the academic bar, every year, and then proclaim that the kids did better than the previous year. Now he wants to complain at the results of his handiwork? No. The problem with Chicago, and a bunch of Democrat cities, is that we, as a country, are voting for cult of personality instead of qualifications. Check this box and this box and this box and we’ll elect you. Instead of, what are your qualifications? What else have you successfully led? Stop the “woke” b.s. It’s actually killing cities and the denizens within. The Teacher’s Union is a true menace. I’m not against unions, as a whole, but this one is insidious and needs to be put down with extreme prejudice. That I have to say I am not advocating violence is also the problem. Our kids future and the future of America is what is at stake. What’s infuriating is that the City of Chicago and the County of Cook complain voiciferously but always elect Democrats. They are the definition of insanity.

  9. Lightfoot needs to go she has done nothing for Chicago except defund the police, then ask for federal help to control the raising crime rate in that city vote he out folks

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