REPORT: Diesel Fuel Supplies Running Low Across United States

This administration has proven that it is reactionary instead of being proactive.

We saw that with COVID testing, baby formula, and gasoline, and now we have another problem.

Diesel fuel supplies are dwindling and we have yet to hear a plan from this administration on how it will deal with the upcoming crisis.

By the Time You React…

The best presidential administrations see what the future holds and act to prevent a crisis.

We stock up on supplies when the cost is cheap, we top off oil reserves when prices bottom out, and we replenish our military supplies before they are needed.

Joe Biden and company need to get a new crystal ball because they are failing on this front rather miserably.

For instance, the administration knew there would be a formula crisis back in February.

Did it encourage women to breastfeed or offer breast milk kits for lower-income families to stock up on breast milk knowing this crisis would hit us?

Breast milk is good for about six months in the freezer, which would have given families plenty of time.

Did Joe Biden start importing more formula? Of course not.

Well, now the key to our transportation is about to run out… diesel fuel.

According to the latest reports, the stockpile of diesel fuel is at a 20-year low, triggering higher prices and putting everyone on warning that supply chain prices could go even higher.

John Catsimatidis, the CEO of United Refining Co., stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see diesel being rationed on the East Coast this summer.

“Right now, inventories are low and we may see a shortage in coming months.”

Diesel is already going for $5.56/gallon, the highest it has EVER been.

You want to know why airfare prices are soaring and the costs of goods are soaring? Because the cost to get them from point A to point B has more than doubled since Joe Biden has been in office.

Yet, we have yet to hear a plan from Biden on how he will address this and I would say we probably won’t until they are turning the tanks upside down to drain the last drop.

Source: Daily Caller

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18 Responses

      1. We sure were, and these traitors should be grabbed and put on trial today. We certainly know who they are.

  1. The problem is Joe BIDEN does NOT know how to do anything right. All he’s good at is CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES he just doesn’t know anything about how to do the RIGHT thing again he shuts down drilling in Alaska and southern California coast jut yesterday

    1. He is sending all the baby formula to the border to be given to illegal immigrants depriving Americans of the ability to feed their babies.

      1. Their idea of getting more votes. This administration is American haters and are working to tire our country into a communism regime. Vote red if we are to have any hope.

  2. The fuel shortage is how BRAIN ROT BIDEN AND HIS CABAL plan on the final destruction of AMERICA as we know it. BRAIN ROT knows if there is no fuel nothing moves and when there is nothing on store shelves what do people do ?. They RIOT, LOOT, TURN ON EACH OTHER it will literally be war in the streets. BRAIN ROT does not care because this is what he wants. He has no worries because he is surrounded by armed security 24/7.He and others tried to decrease the population with covid that failed now abortion is about to end so why not have the people actually kill each other for food? This way BRAIN ROT’S HANDS ARE NOT BLOODY IT WAS THE PEOPLE.! Read between the lines look at the whole picture see what is happening and why.!

  3. Strategic move to bankrupt america , die off america , replace with invasion force and enslave those left to comply or starve





  4. Face it my friends this is ALL “according to the nefarious plans” of the communist “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” (and their “enforcers”…..Mentally-ill CRIMINAL, dementia-joe biden does not know wjere he is, WHO he is or what office he was fraudulently shoved into. He, and the “anchor baby HO” “heels-up-harris” are merely CONTROLLABLE “puppets” of the chinese communists, and carrying out their orders for the destruction of our country and the depopulation of LEGAL citizens by the “new world order”, Great reset” “death jabs” and continual “boosters”.
    FRAUDULENT “deep state” “elections” have consequences, and NOW you are seeing the “results” of allowing the communists and radical muslims to take over. All because the “deep state PAID, “media propaganda ministers” convinced you brainwashed gullible , controlled, SHEEP , that the “orange man” (PRESIDENT TRUMP) was bad , posted “mean tweets” (although they were TRUTHFUL, and he had to be removed, as the SCUMBAGS SAID “by any means necessary”.
    I would rather see ‘mean tweets”, lower gas prices, food prices, and a WORKING “supply chain” than the communist bought and owned fraud POS we have NOW doing the bidding of their “deep state MASTERS”

  5. If my “comment” needs to be “moderated , this site is apparently controlled by COMMUNISTS.

  6. This administration does not care. Those pulling Biden’s strings and giving the orders want the US to totally collapse. All these shortages are part of the plan along with the high inflation (around 15% not the 7-8% “official” number).

  7. And really, is anyone surprised?
    The “current Administration” spots
    a problem early on and tells Joey BOY. Then, collectively, THE WHOLE
    HEAD IN THE SAND! Or transfers
    the problem from department to department until the PRESS catches
    wind of it and it’s too late to do anything about it! TYPICAL BRANDON!

  8. You may be forgetting it’s really not Joe Biden. It’s the radical DEMS behind him pulling the strings & he tries to talk. That’s why they made their play so he’d be the winner. Re Baby formula, I read there are pallets of cans of formula for the immigrants’ use. It’s my belief, all these shortages mean less food on the shelves, gas prices will rob from our other expenses leading to more problems. The rich will get richer while the rest become poverty stricken, all part of their big plan that has been in the works for years, maybe decades. Let the illegals in, they’re crooks, members of drug cartel, even sick people. Looks like there’s designs that they are granted what we no longer have. Could be the vote, Soc. Sec. is mentioned, there’s no end to it. America, for many of us, will be a toilet!

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