Ted Cruz Links Biden To Russian Invasion

Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas, recently made an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

While there, he made his position on Biden’s handling of both the American economy and the Russian invasion on Ukraine very clear:

Ted Cruz is NOT happy.

For starters, Biden keeps using the war in Ukraine as an excuse for why he’s been unable to give Americans relief at the pump.

Cruz believes that if Biden’s assessment is correct, then the prices are still his fault anyway.

According to Ted, what led to the war in Ukraine was Joe’s “appeasement and weakness to Russia.”

“The Putin price hike — as you pointed out — that’s the White House’s latest talking point on inflation. Let’s be clear — gasoline prices had risen 48% before Putin invaded Ukraine,” Cruz said. “The reason Putin invaded Ukraine is because Joe Biden made the indefensible decision to waive sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline — sanctions that I had authored, sanctions that had stopped that pipeline, that had stopped Putin from invading Ukraine, and Biden instead decided to try appeasement and weakness to Russia. That caused the invasion.”

“It’s important to understand a huge part of the gasoline price hike has nothing to do with Putin,” Cruz concluded. “What it has to do with is the relentless war on U.S. oil and gas production domestically. And … to be clear, this is what Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail. On the campaign trail, he told the American people, ‘If you elect me, we’ll stop drilling.'”

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