Russian Official Threatens Nuclear Missile Attack Against United States

Russia is not taking kindly to the United States keeping Ukraine and President Zelensky flush with military supplies.

Between that and some comments made by Joe Biden, the trigger finger of some Russian officials seems to be twitching.

To that point, a member of Russia’s Parliament is now laying down the gauntlet, openly threatening a strike against the United States.

Take You Out

Alexei Zhuravlev is now touting the idea of taking out the east and west coast with a missile strike.

Putin’s thug stated, “I will tell you absolutely competently that to destroy the entire the East Coast of the United States, two Sarmat missiles are needed.

“And the same goes for the West Coast.

“Four missiles, and there will be nothing left.”

This may all seem like bravado on his part to some, but there is some real concern about his statements.

The problem as I see it right now is that Russia simply cannot afford to be involved in a dual-front war.

The conflict with Ukraine has drained much of Russia’s military assets and it is widely believed that Russia is very vulnerable right now.

If Putin did feel threatened by NATO and the United States, nukes are his only real option, as he simply cannot afford to get into a ground, sea, or air battle with anyone because of Ukraine.

With concern for Putin’s health and mental state, it is a scary thought that he has members of his parliament so open to a nuclear strike.

Source: New York Post

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18 Responses

  1. Biden, Obama, & Soros created this problem in order to destroy America. These people need to face a firing squad for the Treason they committed, meaning the three names I just mentioned.

  2. If the radical Russian Communist think they can take out our East and West Coast with two missiles they are in fantasy land . We can take out incoming threat and launch our missiles to turn Moscow and other Russian military targets into a smoking hole. As Clint Eastwood said “Do you feel lucky punk”!

    1. Not if these traitors, O’Biden, Obama, Clinton, Piglosi and the rest of the non Americans are helping them

  3. On the other hand, would losing California and New York, while keeping the flyover states intact, really be that bad? Just thinking.

  4. Dumb idiots in charge , the reality is when you let a thief , criminal run your country into the ground

    what do you expect

    the ones running stupid joe are the ones taking us to the brink of destruction

    JUDGEMENT is War , and all out distruction

    if you dont believe and dont trust , then just wait , you will live in the holocast to come

    1/4 to distruction
    1/3 in kaos

    Prophecy is to come

    keep on going the way you are and this will happen


  5. Americans believe NATO will be their savior but we will have few Allies because no one respects the USA any longer.
    We will be like the Jews in nazi Germany,
    For years they were systematically eradicated from existence.
    The Squad would endorse this action against white people. GO RACIST GIRLS

  6. 86 seconds is the amount of time we have to access a viable threat and act accordingly.
    My guess is it takes more time to wake Joe up and explain who he is , where he’s at , what day it is and WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THE INCOMING NUCLEAR MISSILES…..sir ????…….BOOM

  7. Putin wants to be a “Smoking Hole in the Ground”. . . KNOCK YOUR SELF OUT ! ! !. With our “New” FULL STEALTH CRUSE missiles, we can “Hit”, every Russian missile silo, BEFORE he even knows hes under attack !.

  8. We should worry about bidons mental health. He has the codes to start a war. He wants a war it’s big business. Obamo the one telling the old senile what to do and say wants our country destroyed.

  9. Make My Day. Come on Putin. We belong to NATO and NATO will turn Russia in to a big hole in the ground. China is loving it and will push Russia to start WW-III. When the smokes clears, China will step in and take over the world.

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