More Polls, Same Story… Biden Underwater

This week, Biden suffered his lowest approval rating in a Quinnipiac poll.

At 38 percent, he was only two points away from tying Jimmy Carter for the lowest approval rating of a sitting president.

Democrats hoped that was an outlier, but the new Yahoo! News/YouGov survey has delivered yet another devastating blow to Biden.

The Ship is Sinking

One really bad poll creates concern, but polls can be outliers, as we have seen many times.

I always take the stance that we need to see a trend, and this trend has Democrats hitting the panic button big league.

Even though Biden had been underwater in recent polls, there were still polls where he was still hanging around 50 percent.

That is no longer the case. In fact, Joe Biden does not have a single major poll dated from September 29 and beyond that is any higher than a 48 percent approval rating.

Biden is now only above water, barely, with a +1 and +4 rating in two of those polls.

On the RealClear Politics polling data, Biden has an average rating of -6.9, with two polls showing him with a double-digit red figure.

In the latest Yahoo! News/YouGov poll, where Biden has been hanging tough, he is now at 42/50 approval/disapproval, putting him underwater yet again by eight points.

Even Biden’s biggest allies in the mainstream media are shocked at how bad he is polling right now…

We are about 13 months away from mid-term elections, so Democrats cannot afford to have Biden losing ground like this.

History tells us Dems will lose about 25 House seats in this upcoming mid-term, but those numbers go up significantly when you have a president this far underwater.

This will kick up the urgency for Democrats on passing legislation to have any type of win that will help give Biden a boost.

Ironically, while this massive reconciliation package may help them with their base, it will more than likely chase more moderate Republicans and Independents away from Biden.

The death blow for Biden will be any surge whatsoever in COVID during the winter. If that happens, it is truly game over for Democrats.

Source: Breitbart & RealClear Politics

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12 Responses

  1. None of my “comments” get approved, I guess?!
    So I just need to say if this site will let me that:
    I cannot believe that there is one veteran of our armed forces that respects this nimble weak frail liar!
    To allow a COURT MARSHALL for anyone except for Biden, Milley, McWhoever, Kirby, and all the elite CIA, FBI, Congress, basically every greedy person who has had influence to do SO MUCH HARM to our great country to continue without Accor’s incompressible! Period!

  2. I would like to know why someone can’t get this mob of idiots out of the white house before they completely ruin this great country, what good is congress and senate we the people pay them a fortune not to mention their lifetime benefits while they sit on their butts and let this mob ruin this country biden is issuing one order after another and another to rule and they do nothing, I thought congress and senate voted to make new laws, NOT this sorry bunch they just sit back and let biden conjure up any old thing call it a law and draw their pay. I say fire their butts every dern one and start over is anybody with me?? time somebody does something.

    1. Remove them all and let’s start over with a clean slate. Why do those folks in CA keep putting those same old crows back into office? I just can’t understand that at all. So if that happens again, we automacticly take the next person in line and the old crows are not allowed back into office.

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