Sanders Scores Wave of Endorsements in Gubernatorial Race

The Republican field for the primary gubernatorial race in Arkansas has diminished to clear-cut favorite Sarah Sanders.

After the state’s Attorney General decided to pull out and run for Lt. Governor, the road to the governor’s mansion seems paved for Sanders.

That road had a few more gold flakes painted on it by the slew of endorsements that have come Sanders way in the last few days.

Should Be a Big Win

Donald Trump backed Sarah Sanders before she had even announced, but some saw that as a roadblock just as much as a possible asset.

There are many establishment Republicans that would look the other way simply because Trump was involved in the race.

Sanders has seemed to dodge that bullet after landing the endorsement of current Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, in throwing his support behind Sanders, stated, “I’ve known Sarah Huckabee Sanders most of her life and know firsthand her love for our state and her heart for public service.

“Sarah has earned the Republican nomination and I’m delighted today to endorse her for governor.”

Hutchinson would definitely be more associated with the establishment than a MAGA Republican, so this endorsement was seen as a uniting endorsement within the party.

Sanders has also received the endorsement of both Senators and every Republican House member in the party.

This gives her a clean sweep, including that of her former opponents in the primary.

Sanders, if she wins, and she should, will have a big job ahead of her.

The infrastructure in Arkansas is probably one of the top issues in the state for voters right now, but there are numerous challenges she will also have to overcome on the crime front.

Hutchinson, at least in my eyes, proved to be a very weak governor, and if Republicans expect to keep this as a red state, Sanders is going to have to make a significant impact during her first term.

Source: New York Post

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12 Responses

    1. So happy for you
      Love you for the person you are
      Truthful,loving, and GOD fearing
      GOD Bless you
      You truly are what America needs

  1. Sarah Sanders is a true Patriot and will be a great leader in the Republican Party . Conservative Republicans still have to work to get rid of ALL the RINOS in the Party . Especially the 13 RINOS that voted FOR Perv Bidens 1.8 trillion dollar WELFARE bill !!!

    1. The RNC should not provide one penny of support to those 13 RINOs. If the RNC funds any RINO, they will never receive another donation from me! I encourage other potential doners to do the same. I will be watching the RNC closely!

  2. Sarah is a great person and will be a great Arkansas governor. Leslie Rutledge has been a great Arkansas Attorney General and also would have been a great Arkansas governor. In my opinion, Leslie should not run for Lt. Governor, but should be appointed soonest by Sarah to serve in her cabinet, and later run for congress (Senate or House).

    It is good that Governor Hutchinson has endorsed Sarah. He has done a good job as Arkansas governor, but has also made some big mistakes involving hate legislation and Islam. He also has relatives who have or are serving in the state legislature. One will probably be sent to prison and the other just decided to be an Independent instead of a Republican.

  3. Sarah Sanders will be the greatest GOVERNOR, she has it all……..Don’t believe the New York Post, they promoted Senile JOE, Now look at this Country. For great news watch HANNITY, TUCKER,LAURA, WATTERS, etc.

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