Schiff Confronted on House Floor Over Russia and Hunter Biden

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is arguably one of the most despised members of the House by the right.

Schiff regularly spreads misinformation and blatantly lied on more occasions than I can count.

Some of that came back to haunt him this week on the floor.

Calling Out Adam

We can go all the way back to Rep. Nunes (D-CA) publishing a memo regarding the FISA warrants used in the Russian collusion investigation.

Schiff countered the memo with one of his own, calling Nunes a conspiracy theorist and fully supporting the FISA warrants.

As we all know now, Schiff was wrong and everything that Nunes has put in his memo was 100 percent accurate.

Schiff has also regularly dismissed the Hunter Biden stories, even going so far as to say the laptop was Russian disinformation, which is another lie.

This week, it all came to a head on the House floor after a top Republican openly challenged him.

Rep. John Comer (R-KY) stated, “Every time Chairman Schiff rises to speak on a bill about intelligence and security and holding the president accountable, I get excited hoping we’re going to hear about that evidence of collusion and all the other investigations that were conducted in the House.”

Schiff jumped in, stating, “Are you aware that the president’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort [secretly] met with an agent of Russian intelligence and provided Russian intelligence with internal campaign polling data, as well as strategic insights about their intelligence in key battleground states? Are you aware of that?”

The back and forth continued in a very tense exchange between the two men for several minutes…

Schiff looked like a madman every time he talked.

I found it rather ironic that Schiff dared to bring Donald Trump Jr. into the conversation when he refused to investigate anything regarding Hunter Biden.

Toward the end of the exchange, Comer actually brought Hunter into the conversation.

The majority of Schiff’s claims have been debunked, yet he continues his obsession with Trump.

This will not stop until they find something, anything, that will prevent Trump from running for office again.

If Trump gets the nod and wins, the country better get ready for four more years of this.

Source: Washington Examiner

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34 Responses

  1. Shifty Schiff is a madman. He is a crazy lying radical. He has no tolerance for the truth that is put before him. He is part of the Deep Swamp out to destroy America. You know he is lying when his lips move. Look at those eyes, they scare the bejeebers out of me.

    1. He claimed time and again that he had damning evidence that Trump was in collusion with Russia and not once did he present any such evidence, so why wasn’t he charged with with obstruction of a Congressional Investigation like the democRATS always want to charge a Republican/Conservative?

    2. AB-SO-LUTELY!!! Why in Heaven’s name would ANYONE, not brainwashed, vote for this liar? It doesn’t matter anyway, unless the right is able to overturn the midterm election which will again be stolen, we are doomed to a Chinese take over via the left! You have to question all those trips Joe and Hunter took to China pre-election. BTW. . . most of you probably already know that “left” in Latin, translates as “sinister”. This makes sense! Satan has his plans too.

  2. Why is it congress can lie to the American citizens and have no consequences? But if anyone lies to congress they will go to prison. Aren’t our laws for all of us?

  3. Sir if a person 5 years old and not a 100% liar at 5 years old, how can a person be a pol-a-tick????

  4. I see the Democrat disrupter agents are peddling their false money making schemes to interfere with this site. Conservative sites need to find a good program to filter out these false claims by disrupters and people of ill repute.

  5. I wish whoever squeezed Shiff’s head to make his Eye Balls pop out would have squeezed a little bit harder so that pea he uses for a Brain would have popped out too.

    1. Nice thought. I was always under the impression his bug eyes were caused by a horse size “toy” being shoved far up from behind him though.

  6. I’m looking forward to someone that is called before bunch of Democrats looking to put them in jail, when asked, do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And the one being grilled would say, NO, I will not tell the truth, it’s a trap to swear to something like that in front of you criminals.

  7. There are many comments that I would love to say about Schiff however I’ll be nice and keep it to the very truth of the matter. He is the most “REPULSIVE” individual that has walked on this earth! His day will come soon!!

  8. Adam Schiff has set the low standard for ethics and honesty for the Democrat party is the most immoral corrupt political party in US history. The level of dishonesty that is evident in everything Schiff says whether on the floor of the House or in front of TV cameras is appalling. He is also known for the numerous leaks from the House Intelligence Committee during the Trump administration. He’s the kind of sleazy lawyer no one should ever trust. Typical California Democrat.

    1. He should perform a post birth self-abortion. I can think of a few more democrats that would apply to as well.

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