Schumer Demands ‘Immediate relief’ from Biden on Gas Prices

With every passing day, gasoline prices rise higher and higher.

The average price of gasoline today nationwide is $3.411, with California boasting the highest price in the country at $4.687 for regular gasoline and $4.997 for premium.

This will hit people hard, and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) finally seems to understand that if Biden does not do something about this soon, it will be devastating for the Democrat Party.

Do Something, Joe

When Donald Trump was president, gasoline prices were about half of what they are right now.

And believe me, Biden can tout all the freebies he wants, but when people are pulling $160 out of their wallet to fill up their tanks rather than $80, they notice that far more.

Biden’s policy to curtail domestic drilling is largely the problem here, as we are now completely reliant on OPEC to set the market.

To make matters worse, stories are now breaking that Biden is set to unveil yet another oil drilling restriction, which will only drive prices higher…

Ironically, it could be Donald Trump that saves Joe Biden from complete and utter failure on this front.

When oil prices had bottomed out, Donald Trump ordered the reserve to be topped off.

The reserve is meant for true times of crisis, but Schumer wants Biden to tap into it now to score some political points.

Schumer stated, “Let’s get the price of gas down right now, and this will do it.

“We’re here today because we need immediate relief at the gas pump and the place to look is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.”

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm responded, “The president is all over this.

“He really is very concerned about inflation, obviously, and the price of gasoline because that’s the most obvious manifestation of it.

“And as you know, no president controls the price of gas. Oil is sold on a global market. It is, as we see — as everybody’s coming out of COVID there is a huge increase in demand.

“The supply has not caught up.

“So, the president is looking at the limited tools that he has.

“I have nothing to announce on this, but know he is looking and evaluating all of his options, limited though they may be in the United States.”

She also hinted that Biden is looking at possibly tapping into the reserve, but that could be a critical mistake if Biden were to do that this early in the season.

As bad as the situation is, if we tap into and empty our reserve, what happens if supply has still not caught up to demand at the height of the winter?

What happens when there is no oil supply to heat homes or the cost is even higher and we have no means to offset it?

The answer is really simple… lift the restrictions on domestic drilling and this problem goes away by the new year.

Once again, Joe Biden has painted himself into a no-win corner.

The green initiatives of this administration have ensured that regardless of the path he takes from here, he takes yet another loss.

The worst path, politically speaking, is the move to tap into the reserve, as it will immediately gives Trump something to take credit for.

You better believe that if Joe Biden hits the reserve and tries to take credit for lowering prices, it will be Donald Trump and his allies that are front and center reminding everyone who topped off the reserve when prices were at rock bottom.

Source: Newsmax

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22 Responses

    1. Using the reserves will have an impact on the military and, if needed, war materials production, and with China ratteling the saber, America had damn well keep oil reserves handy.

  1. Democrats are NOT worried about inflation, their goal is to make the economy so bad, knowing they will not be re-elected, that the country will never emerge from bankruptcy and whoever is the next president will not be able to turn things around….. It’s the communist way!


  3. Biden administration is a nightmare on crack. He has screwed this country up so badly it will be 10 years to get it back! I bet a lot of people have buyer’s remorse! #Let’s go Brandon!

  4. Whether you want to admit the TRUTH or not; O’Biden is NOT in charge !!!!!!!!!!! He never has been, and he NEVER will be !!!!!!!!! His PUPPETEERS (Obama, Soros, Rice, and company) make ALL of the decisions and just tell HIM what to read, or mumble off of his cards or teleprompter !!!!!!!!! In MY opinion, this pretend government is destroying our country to help prepare us for the “GREAT RESET” that the GLOBALISTS want to shove down our throats !!!!!!!!
    High gas ,food, and product prices, along with empty shelves, are all THEIR fault !!!!!!!!!!! And CHINA helped them along with their Wu-Han Flu !!!!!!!!!!! This whole agenda is all about CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The sad part is that NO-ONE has the balls to stop it !!!

    1. It is up to we the sheeple to become we the people again and take our country back. Just waiting for the militias or any organization to start the ball rolling as I know many patriots are doing the same.

  5. By shutting down the drilling and fracking, this is is nothing more than FORCING the COMMUNIST “green new deal” down the throats of the American people that will in turn bankrupt the country more than it is NOW, and institute more CONTROL and POWER over the citizens of this country in an attempt to to FORCE them to purchase UNAFFORDABLE USELESS, “electric vehicles”. WISE UP AMERICA, We are being “ruled” by COMMUNISTS, and if the LEGAL citizens do not stand up, and fight to REMOVE the FRAUDULENTLY “DEEP STATE elected” chinese communist bought and owned “puppets”, we will become the next Venezuela, as your jobs and homes are “taken” by the hordes of illegal aliens that mentally-ill, dementia-Joe, the “HO” and their communist “handlers are allowing to INVADE to turn this country into a third-world communist-controlled banana republic CESSPOOL,and the citizens into controlled “subjects” of the communist party to be used, abused, TAXED and REGULATED to death, “DEATH JABBED with “new world order”, Great reset” depopulation, poison so-called “vaccinations”, OR if all do not kowtow, the fema “reeducation” camps are being activated on military bases around the country, in preparation to send “dissenters “for “reprogramming” or EXECUTION. WAKE UP!

    1. Don’t tell me Joe Biden had nothing to do with it it is his fault ,he shouldn’t shut down everything, he said it down so we’d have to get our gas some foreign countries so we’d have to pay more for it he’s a communist bastard

  6. Gas prices here are up 48%. Hundreds of tanker cars run through Fargo daily from western North Dakota. Where is that oil going? Biden’s obsessions’ with hating Trump are destroying our economy

  7. The liars network of DC is trying to bankrupt america , this no more than JUDAS the Thief , Selling out you america ]
    by the time you see what happened
    your money will dry up
    your water shut off
    your electricity shut off
    you will be walking the streets in poverty and REGRET
    because you did nothing and turned on each other instead of the Democrats , Demon RATs , Hell bent Dark house

    thier agenda is total failure , nothing more

    biden will die an go to hell where he and fauci belong with the evil devil who owns him

    He has made his choice , MONEY , LUST , SELF over God , fake side shows to throw you off

    But he has make his choice

    All who Reject Jesus Christ as lord , savior , True God will perish

    Bible : states Clearly John 14: Romans 1-3 , Act s 4

    i am not going to force anyone , it is your choice , FREEWILL , choose you this day whom you will follow, serve, put your trust in , believe, confess with your mouth

    that is right you get to choose , you have to choose

    God or Money
    God or self
    God or Death to all who choose the liars networks of lies and deception

  8. It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure this out. Restart the pipe lines and stop relying on OPEC. That’s what Trump did and it worked. However, if Biden and his “Greenies” refuse to acknowledge that Trump knew what he was doing then I pray they suffer the consequences and soon!!!

  9. No one is talking about the cost of diesel that most trucks run on. It is even higher than gas. Is it any wonder that they cannot get trucks to haul freight off the docks when it costs anywhere from $800 to $1000 for these trucks to move anywhere? Stupid is as stupid does and Biden sure will not do the right thing.

    1. The price of diesel doesn’t affect the number of trucks available as much as it causes increased freight rates and thus higher prices.

  10. Nothing but lies from the left on the oil shortage they created….with hundreds of thousands being forced out of their jobs by the messaging from biden on covid shot mandates, the consumption of gas is actually down, NOT a demand of being up……..lies, lies, lies……..It all started with the Keystone pipeline cancellation on day one Joe, continued with the ban on federal lands of exploration, and his listening to those nitwit squad members he is even looking at shutting down an existing pipeline from Canada…..boy, that will really help the supply Joe !!! Schumer wanting to tap into oil reserves that Trump topped off is a very temporary fix and leaves us even more open to fighting two major wars like the upcoming invasion of Ukrane by Russia, or the invation of Taiwan by the Communist Chinese when you would need those oil reserves……..dumb, dumb, dumb, but thats all you get from the leftwing extremists !!!

  11. Schumer the febel old prick demands Biden open the reserves
    Who the hell are we kiddindg OBAMA is the one givining the orders

  12. This administration is so stupid. Why would anybody shutdown pipelines BEFORE the alternative is up and ready to go. That is putting the cart before the horse, as the saying goes. He is t re dying to fix what was not broken just because of his dislike of Trump. I am so frustrated wit these stupid liberals. The fast is just the start. I have a.long list as does everybody else. Come on 2022 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. I don’t HAVE to write anymore about our AMERICAN FREEDOM…IT IS GONE!! Sold down the tubes by our so-called Democratic Party …by that “so-called” President & his cronies!! All done to prove HE WILL SHOW THEM (TRUMP)- First …the gas line…etc…just like a jealous little kid…So, HERE WE ARE! THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT US, BIDEN/HARRIS!! I might not be here for the next election…but Dear Lord…Forgive them for they know “what they do” just for spite! Can hardly wait for this “game” to cease…WHAT A SHAME!!

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