Schumer Fails to Get Even 50 Votes on Abortion Bill

Senator Chuck Schumer wants a “show” vote on the abortion bill passed by the House earlier this year.

His intent was to get all Republicans on record as pro-life to create a rallying call for the mid-term elections.

All he did was expose one of his own, Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.).

Epic Fail

With no filibuster in place, Democrats would have needed 60 voters to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Schumer was counting on getting all 50 Democrats to vote in favor of the bill to both call out Republicans and push for the filibuster.

This is what is known as a show vote…

Well, as it turns out, even if the filibuster were in place, the legislation would have failed.

Schumer managed to get only 49 votes, with Senator Manchin siding with Republicans.

After the vote took place, Biden ripped into Republicans, stating, “Republicans in Congress — not one of whom voted for this bill — have chosen to stand in the way of Americans’ rights to make the most personal decisions about their own bodies, families and lives.

“To protect the right to choose, voters need to elect more pro-choice senators this November, and return a pro-choice majority to the House.

“If they do, Congress can pass this bill in January, and put it on my desk, so I can sign it into law.”

Biden seemingly neglected to call out Senator Manchin, a member of the Democrat Party, for proving this bill had no chance whatsoever of passing.

Schumer also pushed the latest talking point for Democrats in slapping the MAGA label on all Republicans.

He stated, “For MAGA Republicans, this has always been about making abortion illegal everywhere.”

This has nothing to do with Donald Trump, MAGA, or anything other than protecting the unborn who cannot speak for themselves.

Manchin slammed the legislation, stating, “Make no mistake. It is not Roe v. Wade codification. It’s an expansion.

“It expands abortion. … We should not be dividing this country further than we’re already divided.”

Pro-lifers need to take note that two Republican senators, Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Lisa Murkowski, stated they would support a narrower abortion bill that would put restrictions in place.

According to recent polling, a mere 19 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be legalized with no restrictions, so clearly, the Democrat bill here is way off base.

During his floor speech on Wednesday, Senator McConnell (R-KY) touched on this, stating, “Our Democrat colleagues want to vote for abortion on demand through all nine months, until the moment before the baby is born — a failed show vote that will only prove their own extremism.”

Source: NBC News


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