REPORT: Secret Service Agent Told Trump Juneteenth Rally Was Offensive

More details regarding the how and why behind the cancelation of Trump’s June 19 rally in Tulsa, OK, were published by the Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender this week.

This time last year, stories were circulating that a black Secret Service agent had informed Trump of the real meaning of the holiday.

However, the new revelation was that the Secret Service agent also told Trump that the date and location of the rally were offensive to him.

The Rally

As most of you know, Juneteenth was the date when Texas recognized that slavery was officially over.

The name comes from the combination of June and the 19th, which is when General Granger made the announcement in Galveston, Texas.

Trump had planned a campaign rally on June 19, 2020, which drew immediate outrage.

The outrage was over both the site and date.

Between the date and Tulsa being the site of the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921, Trump had two big strikes against him.

So, apparently, Trump reached out to a black member of his protection detail for a quick education on the true meaning of Juneteenth to see why everyone was so upset.

When Trump asked the agent about the day, according to Bender, he replied, “Yes, I know what it is, and it’s very offensive to me that you’re having this rally on Juneteenth.”

As well all now know, Trump postponed the rally so as not to offend anyone regarding Juneteenth and/or the site of the massacre.

It was also revealed that the Tulsa date and location were the brainchild of former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.

Bender wrote, “No one on Parscale’s team flagged that day—or that combination of time and place—as potentially problematic.”

At the time, many in the media and on the left thought that Trump was purposely thumbing his nose at the black community for choosing the date and location of this rally.

While still not necessarily a flattering report for Trump, it does belie the idea that he was doing this purposely to create waves and outrage.

At the same time, the report is not exactly helping the image of Brad Parscale.

Source: The Hill

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10 Responses

  1. My hat is off to the member who stood up for his fellow black constituents. Notice the end result. I applaud both the Agent and President.

  2. Good that Trump looked into it and changed it democrats are just right no matter what!

  3. I think Trump may need to have a heart to heart with Parscale. Looks like a lot more attention needs to be paid to what is going on and why. Of course, the Left is sitting in wait at all times for an opportunity to throw stones at Trump. Those on the Left remind you of a bunch of spoiled brats that are pouting because they can not get every thing they want. These people are wearing on my last nerve. I think these spoiled brats need to be put in a long time out. Grow up.

  4. So what would be offensive about Trump having a rally on June 19th? I don’t understand. He is not going to be talking against black people so what’s the big deal. This agent is just trying to make something out of nothing.

  5. First Juneteenth should NOT be a national holiday because there were still 5 other states that held slaves until December 6th that year. It was ONLY TEXAS the slaves there learned they were freed. So in truth that day is a slap in the face of thousands still held in slavery in southern states that did not know they had been freed. June 19th should only be a holiday for Texas not the entire nation. December 6th they well know most in congress as well as a good many black people know December 6th was the freedom finally of all slaves in all states. What a joke and signed into law by a president who has more than once been heard to use the “N” Word and so has his son with no apology and a Democrat at that. Don’t people realize the KKK was Democratic. Wake up people you being played again and again. Educate yourselves.

  6. Well said! And stop renaming holidays. Columbus Day will never be Indigenous People’s Day. People may not like the history, but we all need to know it. Or we will end up repeating it.

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